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Iberdrola's 'compulsory' smart meters cause further problems

Source: Sparkes in Spain - Sun 9th Nov 2014
Iberdrola's 'compulsory' smart meters cause further problems

Iberdrola are writing to inform their customers that they are currently replacing electricity meters with smart meters, as part of a ministerial order to replace the traditional electric meters with state of the art electricity measuring equipment.

However, Sparkes in Spain reports that properties on a low tariff, such as 3.3 kW or 3.45 kW or lower, may experience power cuts after the smart meter is fitted due to overloading the ICP, that means tripping out when too many electrical appliances are switch on at the same time. In some cases this involves a trip to the meter cupboard to reset the power control switch (ICP).

A smart meter limits the consumer to the amount on their contract, which is stated on the electricity bill ., contract of supply. Consumers are recommended to check their contracted amount to ensure it is sufficient for their need.

Properties with illegal upgrades will be reduced back to their original state once a smart meter is fitted. An illegal upgrade is one where a boletin was not issued by the installer, and where a new contract was never arranged with Iberdrola.

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Comment on this Story

Iam being charged 9.000 euros to have a new electric pole and smart meter fitted, but the price does not include getting the new cable to where the original electric box is....
Delia Farrow - Fri, 3rd Apr 2015
Sounds about right for Iberdrola !
Tyler - Sat, 15th Nov 2014

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