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Rajoy : “2015 will be the year that the economy definitively takes off”

Source: El Pais - Sat 27th Dec 2014
Rajoy : “2015 will be the year that the economy definitively takes off”

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy made a televised address on Boxing Day in which he stated that his current priority is to "recover the standard of living for Spaniards that was lost during the crisis." During a press conference in La Moncloa prime ministerial palace, the PM offered his assessment of the past 12 months and set out his priorities for 2015, which will be the last year of his current term in office.

After 7 years of crisis, he said on Friday, "in 2014 net employment has grown, which marks a before and after." Rajoy went on to state that in order to guarantee that 2015 be "the year [that the economy] takes off," stability is needed, in an apparent reference to emerging political alternatives in Spain, such as new party Podemos.

Rajoy added that this is the Christmas season "of recovery," and that 2015 "would mark the definitive takeoff of the economy. Now is the time to overcome the effects of the crisis," he said. "A year ago I predicted that 2014 would be better, and that expectation has been exceeded."

For the recovery to continue, he said, stability was needed – stability that is guaranteed by the Spanish Constitution. "I regret the fact that some have abandoned the priorities of any government, which is to solve the problems of citizens," he said, in reference to the current drive for independence in Catalonia. "We will continue to look out for the citizens of Catalonia, so that there is a recovery there and to foster concord and understanding among citizens."

The PM also alluded to King Juan Carlos' abdication earlier this year, and the handover of the throne to King Felipe VI. "I want to recognize the work that Don Juan Carlos did for the Spanish people and to congratulate Don Felipe for his excellent performance with regard to his duties," he said.

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