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Things that have annoyed me this week

By Mr Grumpy - Mon 21st Apr 2014

I know what you are thinking, and you are correct : Yes, usually I am a cheerful and happy-go-lucky chappy and usually let things ride over me, but this week I seem to have had my fill of things.

As usual, it it is often the trivial and pointless frippery that swings on my rope the most of all :

* I am sick and tired of having to trim the crusts off a slice of bread so it can fit into a toaster. Whatever bread I buy, and whenever I change my toaster the result is always the same : a stripe of raw toast (isn't 'raw toast' just bread anyway ?)

* If is see the chav family in the local Supermarket eating their purchases halfway down the isles (whilst screaming at their multitude of unwashed offspring) I am likely to punch them : Please have the patience to wait 5 minutes to pass through the check-out before stuffing your face on Pringles, Gypsy family.

* Why is it that every Bar / Pub I seem to frequent assume that I am fanatical about Football / Horse Racing / F1 / Random Soap Operas : I am not - Please leave me alone to have a pint - I can get all that crap at home and come here to escape from all that guff anyway, thanks.

* Prosecco is just fizzy, overpriced pretentious plonk. Is there even a point to it ?

* I am Sick of Newsreaders 'warning me' about flash Photography, and TV announcers 'warning me' about Gratuitous Violence, Strong language, Adult Content and Unsolicited Football Results. This can only lead to being warned against Presenters having inappropriate dress sense, or excessively regional dialects.

* I am totally, utterly, completely, absolutely peed off with the over-use of tautology with presenters on British TV.

Comment on this Blog

May I add my favourite Brit-pub in Spain hate? The bar staff going outside for a smoke, leaving the bar unmanned and me with an empty glass.
Mick Costa Blanca - Wed, 23rd Jul 2014
I hope you are not pouring cold water on my aspirations in getting a Pulitzer nomination this year, Ken ?
Mr Grumpy - Sat, 26th Apr 2014
Well, well... never thought I would read something like this from Mr Grumpy, so very unlike his usual intelligent blogs.
Ken - Fri, 25th Apr 2014
Agree on the pubs having the TV blasting all day, I want to go for a drink and have a chat and laugh with my mates without herds of yobs screaming at the Telly.
Ian - Tue, 22nd Apr 2014