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Mr Grumpy and Spain v the USA

By Mr Grumpy - Tue 29th Oct 2013

To be honest, this week’s news has divided my opinion.

On one hand I am outraged that the USA has the temerity to think that they have the right to snoop on 60 plus million phone calls being made in Spain.

However, on the other hand I am guessing that it has yielded nothing more than countless wasted hours listening in on 59’999’999 phone calls from deaf mothers complaining to their sons that they never hear from them from one day to the next. Knock yourself out Uncle Sam...

But if the truth be told there are three issues surrounding this recent news that I find truly disturbing.

The first is this : The sheer god-damned volume of so-called “News” stories endlessly regurgitating the same details again and again. Despite the actual news breaking about a week ago now, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the free newspapers - used for nothing more than polluting the many supermarket carparks up and down the Costas - is still squeezing mileage out of this one on a few more weeks’ time. For God’s sake, give it a rest.

Secondly, why in the name of the sweet baby Jesus do America’s National Security Agency believe that Spain represents a bigger threat than any other country. Also – shouldn’t they be calling themselves the “International” Security Agency ? Nobody seems to have thought about referring them under the auspices of the Trades Description Act.

Thirdly, how much of a threat to American security do Uncle Hank and Aunty Myrtle actually think that Spain represents ‘Nationally’. Perhaps their time would be better spent directing their high powered lens and microphones to themselves ?

Number of Spanish Terrorists active in the USA during the last 12 Months : Probably zero.

Number of American Teenagers shooting themselves and their Schoolmates in the last 12 Months : 640 (out of a total of 9’960 Firearm related deaths).

Why not use your fancy resources to get your own house in order first ?

Comment on this Blog

The US could very quickly and easily justify this if they were prepared to make the successes public. Or perhaps there haven't been any ?
Cyberfreak - Sat, 28th Jun 2014

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