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The Vegetarian Barbeque and the Unholy Sex

By Mr Grumpy - Tue 8th Apr 2014

Most level headed individuals would not so much as consider asking a Vegetarian for advice on how to prepare the perfect barbeque, so why on earth would a [celebate] Catholic Priest assume the right to lecture the Spanish public on the deeply personal and highly emotive issue of abortion ?

.... A man (as the female of the sex are clearly too unholy to hold the office of Catholic Priest) who has zero knowledge of issues matrimonial or sexual, but who has instead read plenty of church-sponsored fairytales around each matter enough to consider themselves an authority.

But still Spain's ruling Partido Popular seems to be set on allowing the Catholic Church to influence political matters, such as same-sex marriage and abortion.

Like most people, I'm no expert (and to be honest, have little interest in either) on political or religious issues, but I do know that like flames and petrol, they should be kept well apart.

Over the past 20 plus years Spain has managed to cultivate a society where the two have kept a respectful distance from each other, however recently it seems that they are morphing into one and the same entity, which surely can't be a good thing.

A fanatical religious state.

Remind you of any other country, often criticised by the Civilsed West ?

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