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Are You Paying Too Much For Your Telephone Line Rental ?

By Neil Harrodine - Fri 10th Dec 2010

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new line rental service. Apart from only receiving one monthly bill, you will not have do deal with Telefónica any longer!

In the current economic climate, everybody is looking to save money, which is why we are offering our clients what we genuinely believe to be the lowest cost line rental in Spain.

...every little helps!

Our line rental costs just 12.99 € per month, and includes all the services that Telefónica charge extra for:

Voicemail - Caller ID - Call Waiting - Divert on Busy

Call us now on 902 88 90 70 or fill in the form on the right for more information!

Any Questions ?

How do I change my landline from Telefónica to Telitec? - All it takes is 1 simple call to get things going. Then send us a copy of your Telefónica ‘phone bill. We’ll do it all from there.


What additional services are included? - The Line rental service includes caller ID, voicemail, call waiting and divert on busy.


Does it cost anything to transfer my line to Telitec? - There is a one-time admin fee of 10€ which is to be paid upfront by credit or debit card.


How long does it take to transfer to Telitec? - In normal circumstances, the whole process takes between 6 and 8 weeks.


Am I tied into a lengthy contract with Telitec line rental? - No. In fact there is no minimum contract term with Telitec landline rental.


Will I have to change my phone number? - No. You keep your existing Telefónica phone number.


Do I have to tell Telefónica if I’m going to change? - No. We take care of transferring your line over. However, should you be charged for additional services or products (i.e. Telefónica Domo phone) then you will need to cancel this directly with Telefónica by calling 1004.


I’m worried about being cut off, will I lose my service during the process? - In most cases you’ll remain connected throughout the whole process.


What happens with my current Telitec ADSL connection? - Should you wish to switch to our new landline package then the connection will also be ported over which will result in a drop (length of time to be confirmed). Please note that our wireless Broadband will not be affected.  

Do I have to give my existing phone handset back to Telefónica? - If you rent your handset from Telefónica, you should return it or they will still charge you for it! If you need a new handset, we can supply one from only 29,99€


Who do I call in the event of a problem after I’ve transferred to Telitec? - In the unlikely event of a problem, call Telitec on 902 88 90 70. We’ll sort out any issues, and all in your language!


Will I be notified once the line has been transferred to Telitec? - As soon as the transfer has taken place, we’ll contact you to let you know.


Can I change my answerphone message into English? - Yes. Simply pick up your handset and listen to any outstanding messages. Then press 1 (for options), 4 (to change language), enter 0000, press 3 (for other languages) and then 1 (for English). Then just hang up and it’s done!

Any further questions ? - Why not contact us by either clicking the link through to our own page (above), or by posting your comments in the box below ...

Comment on this Blog

some 5 years ago I cancelled my telefonica line (965329xxx). Would I be able to reinstate this line/number with yourselves? My address is : calle pluton 19, baja A/45, orihuela costa, 03189. regards
Allan Gardner - Sun, 18th Nov 2018
Hello, I've recently moved from Malaga City to Benalmadena and I'd like to get a fijo and ADSL. The place I've moved to is wired up for telephone - and had a telephone previously - but I cannot get Telefonica to come and install so I'm giving up on them. Can you help?
Noel Falvey - Fri, 18th Nov 2011
I have recently changed from Telefonica to Vodaphone, its much cheaper, and the connection is great, I was so cheesed off with Telefonica, NO connection for my internet for sometimes 3 days a week, since changing its been perfect. BUT I was still paying for the actual tlephone - my query is where do you return them I was told Barcelona, but surely in the Malaga area there is a drop off place, its costs 15 euros for each phone to be returned, my pal and I wish to return both ours to stop the charge!
Hilary Grainger - Thu, 27th Oct 2011
I still don't see any advantage in changing from Telefonica although I would like to do so. If you have adsl through Telefonica all your telephone calls within Spain are free. Further, Telefonica control all the lines so regardless of what is said, if your phone goes down there is much reliance on Telefonica to fix it. They are not the easiest of people to deal with but they hold all the cards and having tried virtually all there are to try for adsl and telephone since I have been in Spain I have to grudgingly admit that Telefonica provide the best out of many miserable and expensive services. Mentioned elsewhere is Arrakis they are probably the overall best provider, matching telefonica in everything they do but unlike telelfonica they provide an excellent in English support. Telefonica provides higher adsl speeds with 10 or 20mb available in many areas. Arrakis in many areas cannot match this speed.
Jonte - Tue, 12th Jul 2011
Jeff, if you can make contact with us (By clicking the Telitec logo thru to our page, above) we can take a few of your details down and then call you back to advise you of the packages that we have available which may best suit your requirements.
Telitec - Mon, 11th Jul 2011
We just bought a house in Balcon de Mar, Javea, and need wifi and a television connection. What would that cost? What kind of speed can I expect?
Jeff Lee - Mon, 11th Jul 2011
Carole, we would be delighted to discuss how we can help with you, if you could click Here you wil be directed to our page where you can leave us details of the best time and way that we can get in touch with you.
Telitec - Tue, 26th Apr 2011
I rent my line and receive my ADSL broadband from Arrakis BT Would there be a benefit in changing to Telttec? I am delighted with my Hits mobile service and believe this is part of your company - is this correct? Like Jonte (below) I would require a much fuller explanation of the broadband service you supply Can you help me with more information?
Carole Macintyre - Tue, 26th Apr 2011
I must have missed the point with this article. What benefit is there in changing from Telefonica for any Brit? The situation in regard to broadband is not explained at all well.
Jonte - Sat, 11th Dec 2010