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Corvera Airport Passenger Forecast Revised

Sat 13th Feb 2016
Corvera Airport Passenger Forecast Revised

The regional government of Murcia this week revised their forecast for passenger numbers at the yet to be opened Corvera Airport to 'between 2.5 and 3.5 Million by the year 2025'.

In December the same Ministry put the figure at a definitive 3.5 Million, indicating a "slippage" of 1 Million passengers per year - more than one-third !

Is this subtle 'revision' an indication that the Government has finally realised that the facility is not as attractive to as many would-be passengers as they would have liked ?

At the same time, the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, Francisco Barnabas, responded to a question put to him by Ciudadanos, where he also confirmed that of the 20 parties approached to operate the airport 7 have expressed an interest, 8 have declined to participate and 5 have not yet responded.

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Comment on this Story

Oops, in the last message I meant Bristol not Brighton! The last few winters both Bristol and London (gatwick and Stansted) have been the only places in the UK to have had flights. It will now be Dublin and Manchester -ad let more follow.
James Scobb - Thu, 18th Feb 2016
I gather that these figures assume Murcia-San Javier being closed and ALL of its traffic going to Corvera -which is not going to happen (as a good number will choose Alicante instead). 2.5 million by 2025 may well be achived by San Javier if it stays open. We have good news as Ryanair is extending its route with Dublin into the Winter months with 2 weekly flights, and now Manchester 3 times a week! So now Ireland and The North of England will have winter flights, as last Winters has only been London (STN / LGW) and Brighton. I hope that others follow. EMA?
James Scobb - Thu, 18th Feb 2016
I seem to remember the original forecasted figures were 3-5million passengers and that was based on the Paramount visitors each year plus MJV visitors. I do hope they keep MJV open if Corvera does open, but with probably no Paramaount opening, they will need as many passengers for Corvera to justify the cost of building and running so sadly I see it closing if and when Corvera goes "live"
Carl - Mon, 15th Feb 2016
I would be interested to know what formular they have used to arrive at the 3.5 million figure in the first place - this is way in excess of the figures that San Javier used to get in the busiest of years.
Thomas Moss - Sun, 14th Feb 2016

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