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Murcia's Corvera Airport to take off in 2017 ?

Thu 26th Jan 2017
Murcia's Corvera Airport to take off in 2017 ?

The Regional Government has begun the process to finally bring Corvera Airport into operation - almost 5 years after the works being completed and an investment of around EU270 Mln.

Up until now the deal has hung on the cessation of commercial flights into the Region's older San Javier Airport. This was made all the more contentious following AENA's recent investment of some EU70 Mln in creating a second runway at the existing facility.

This has resulted in lengthy compensation and eventual closure agreement between the Regional and National Governments and AENA.

However, an unnamed Government source has told the press that AENA has now agreed to accept EU45 Mln in compensation in return for ceasing commercial operations at San Javier Airport - a move which would essentially pave the way for Corvera Airport to finally open.

Although completed in 2012, the concept of a second airport in Murcia was originally conceived in July 2001 by the Sociedad Aeropuertos de Murcia (Aeromur). In May 2003 the Ministry of Environment approved the environmental impact study and the Ministry of Public Works approved the declaration of general interest.

Moving forwards, the final plan airport for the Airport was presented by the Regional Government in September 2005, to be approved 6 months later.

Aeromur then won their application to become the concessionaire for construction and operation over a period of 40 years in April 2007.

The Region then approved the financing of the works at EU200 Mln through La Caixa and Espirito Santo, among others.

Then in 2013 - after construction at the airport had been finalized - the Regional Government ended the Concession agreement with Aeromur due to their inability to bring the facility into operation.

Following a number of unsuccessful appeals, mid-2016 saw the Supreme Court force Aeromur to hand the Keys of Corvera Airport back to Region.

Is 2017 going to be 'an interesting year' for Corvera, or yet another 12 months of mis-placed hope and broken deadlines ?

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Comment on this Story

Roads with no cars, airports with no planes, houses with no people. They Know how to spend our money over there. Now Corvera, how to get to err...err , well anywhere from there really. Integrated transport also a word dead in the water now in the UK. There is a train station a few miles away, do not think they would put an extension on though would they. Most people arriving will have massive taxi fares to pay to anywhere. It will open then close down . Then what. Great organising boys.
Mike - Fri, 30th Jun 2017
Approaching halfway through 2017 : Who's betting the next statement by the Regional Government will be "Corvera to open 2018" ?
Robster - Tue, 16th May 2017
Would be good ,but again ,unnamed government source could mean absolute nothing another red herring .
Eric Drinkwater - Sat, 28th Jan 2017
Actually this is worrying. Was not AENA one of the potential bidders for Covera when the new tender was released 2016/2017 ? If AENA get compensation then it means they can effectively offset the compensation against operating costs which other bidders will not be able to compete with.
Lucindacastiles - Fri, 27th Jan 2017
San Javier will NOT close and Corvera will NOT Open !! - When will the powers that be finally realise that Corvera Airport was NOT needed and NOT wanted ? - Scandalous that they local Taxpayers are being forced to pay for what is nothing more than Regional Vanity !!
Miriam Hynes - Fri, 27th Jan 2017

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