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Consumer Group Which? Criticises Ryanair Cash Passport

Wed 21st Sep 2011
Consumer Group Which? Criticises Ryanair Cash Passport

Following Ryanair's announcement last week that they would be making severe changes to their online credit card charges, a number of Consumer groups have criticised the move as it now means that a family of four could be forced into paying as much as £48 on credit card fees alone when booking a return trip with the airline.

Ryanair advised consumers that such charges could be avoided altogether when purchasing a 'Cash Passport' issued by the company, which is essentially a self-branded pre-paid credit card. However teh card itself costs £6 to purchase before charging up, and a charge of 50p is levied on on any non-Ryanair purchases.

However, consumer group 'Which?' has criticised the latest measure, pointing out that people who go ahead and purchse flights using the new card may not get the same level of protection under the Consumer Credit Act that they would by using a traditional credit card.

Which? Executive director Richard Lloyd noted: "With this change Ryanair has made it even more difficult for customers to avoid a surcharge when they pay for their flights.

"With most airlines yet to drop card surcharges and some introducing new fees, it's time for the government to put a stop to this."

Airlines are obliged to offer one accepted form of payment that does not carry a booking charge - otherwise they would have to quote an 'all in one' final price when passengers come to book their tickets. However, what the regulators do not say, is what form this 'free' alternative must take, and how it should be applied.

Click HERE to compare online credit card charges across other airlines.

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