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Unexplained "Procedural" behaviour on Ryanair flight

Thu 23rd Aug 2012
Unexplained 'Procedural' behaviour on Ryanair flight

A Ryanair flight from Alicante, Spain bound for the UK caused alarm and stirred fear amongst it's passengers following an unusual and unexplained procedure by its cabin crew.

Ryanair flight FR8297 on 9th August 2012 heading to Bristol in the South West of the UK was boarded by passengers without incident after passing security control.

However, after finding their seats and becoming comfortable, passengers onboard were then subjected to a prolonged and nail biting situation which was only explained as "procedural" by flight crew.

Crew members opened storage bins and began pulling each suitcase out one by one and shouting "Who's case is this". Once a row of passengers were identified with their luggage they were frog marched from their seats at which point the crew checked under the seat they were sat in, the seat in front, dropped down each of the tray tables then removed the seat cushions to check underneath.

"They're looking for something" said one passenger whilst others began to stir with fear as it became obvious something was not right. When the crew were quizzed over what was going on, their only response was "Procedural" which became more and more frustrating for passengers simply seeking reassurance everything was ok and there was nothing to fear.

One passenger commented "Thats no procedure i've ever heard of or seen before!" whilst several others remarked "This isn't very reassuring!"

A member of the flight crew even stormed through the cabin muttering under her breath "F##KING PASSENGERS!" during the "procedure".

The unexplained procedure comes in the wake of 3 emergency landings by the Irish airline in which may-day calls were made by the pilots because of a serious lack of fuel onboard after the flights were diverted from a scheduled landing at Madrid to Valencia.

Tumbit attempted to contact Ryanair for a comment, however the airline did not respond.

We would like to invite passengers on this, or any other flight to contact us about their experiences with Ryanair.

Comment on this Story

For such a 'Non-Event' this story appears to have attracted quite a bit of interest. For those that are interested, we have spoken to the Passenger in question for a follow-up, which you can read by clicking > HERE <
Tumbit - Admin - Thu, 30th Aug 2012
... So why the secrecy ?
Gob Smacked - Wed, 29th Aug 2012
Most common reason a pax boarded and was on wrong flight. If pax are offloaded, then it is standard procedure to security check 3 rows in front a nd behind where the pad was seated. Nothing alarming about this, happens on every airline if a securi breach has taken pace
Flaps Forty - Wed, 29th Aug 2012
I am a HUGE Ryanair fan - I have flown with them literally hundreds of times. (In total I have flown 500 times over 40 years) You get what you pay for and I am happy with what I get. For those who want to pay more I am sure they will be delighted that BA is once again trying an Alicante/Heathrow service. I bet it will fail because those who moan about Ryanair will not pay BA charges, Life is about choices - I choose to pay less on short-haul flights, Steve
Steve Hall - Sat, 25th Aug 2012
Both valid points, but why the lack of communication ? Surely a brief cabin crew announcement to that effect couldn't hurt ? No need to cause unrest amongst passengers - especially just days after all the 'emergency landings' news ?
Tyler - Fri, 24th Aug 2012
I expect one of the previous passengers reported they had left a bag on the aircraft and the crew were trying to identify it.
Xxxxxxxxx - Fri, 24th Aug 2012
Could not have been that serious otherwise all passengers would have been put off the plane by airport security and the Bomb squad would have searched the plane.
Fred Pegman - Fri, 24th Aug 2012

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