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Benidorm writer announces 6th series

Source: Benidormallyearround - Fri 14th Sep 2012
Benidorm writer announces 6th series

Earlier today the Ayuntamiento of Benidorm held an offical ceremony to honor Derren Litten, writer of the hit TV series for his contribution to Tourism in the Town.

The Mayor, Agustin Navarro, unveiled a commemorative plaque (worded in both English and Spanish) between Morgan's Tavern and the Sol Pelicanos Hotel at 12.00 o'clock today in front of a crowd of well wishers. Cast members and dignitaries from the British Embassy in Alicante were also invited to attend the event.

It was here that Derren Litten awarded the Mayor with a box set of the entrie Benidorm series and announced that a sixth series had been commissioned, with filming due to commence in March 2013.

The mayor also expressed his gratitude to all of the British people who choose Benidorm as their holiday destination and hoped that they will continue to do so.

Thanks to Irena from Benidormallyearround .

Comment on this Story

No, no. You're doing a great job. If it's only two of you then even more so. I am producing an English radio programme with an associated website in another country. Imagine my anger when an email arrived from someone who had trawled through every dot and comma for errors! We all suffer for our art. If you don't mind, I'll be looking at your own work for inspiration.
Lord Noze - Mon, 26th Nov 2012
Thanks your Lordship, much appreciated. We often shudder to think what anybody with a better understanding of English Grammar would make of our feeble attempts. Which, to be fair, could possibly be the majority of our visitors.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun, 25th Nov 2012
Sorry, it wasn't aimed at you. In any case I wouldn't normally correct someone's English. Goodness, I make enough mistakes myself despite having been a journalist! I am sure you work very hard on your website (which is excellent by the way). It was actually a clarification for the earlier posting.
Lord Noze - Sun, 25th Nov 2012
Of course, you are correct your Lordship : However as a "Two man band" if we gave in to such pendantry and obsessed over every word we plagiarised we would never get anything done.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun, 25th Nov 2012
Spelling is more to do with where the intended audience for the website is rather than Darren Litten's nationality. Since the tv series is for Britain we can assume that most reading this will be...British. So it most definitely should be honour - spell checker or not. Back to the news, and what excellent news. I can't wait for the next series.
Lord Noze - Sun, 25th Nov 2012
Cursed American Spellchecker ! - I will leave your comment to stand Keith (as opposed to hurriedly correct and sweep under the carpet) as a reminder of my inadequacies as a wannabe journo !
Tumbit - Admin - Sat, 15th Sep 2012
As Derren is English surely it should be honour him as opposed to honor......
Keith Lynwood - Sitges - Sat, 15th Sep 2012

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