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AENA v Corvera Airport

Source: La Verdad - Sat 16th Feb 2013
AENA v Corvera Airport

What exactly is it that the Spanish Airport Authority - AENA - is not telling us about the whole San Javier Airport / Corvera Airport situation ?

Further to Tweeting last November that they had no intention to close San Javier Airport in favour of Corvera. This was taken one step further in December when the older airport was included in basket of airports where the operation of the Duty Free stores was put out to tender .

Strange behaviour for the owners of an airport that was 'about to close' ?

However on Friday 1st of February the Regional President of Murcia, Ramon Luis Valcarcel, confirmed that San Javier airport will close once the newer airport had opened.

Things escalated last week, with AENA also including the older airport as 1 of 32 facilities where the Car Parking operation has also been put to tender, covering a 5 year period.

It seems that one of 5 things is happening here :

1.) AENA are deliberately sending a message to the owners of Corvera Airport that no compensation package for the closure of San Javier has yet been reached. But surely, if this is the case, it means that Millions will be wasted on tendering for, and awarding contracts that are unlikely ever to come to fruition ? Surely an enhanced compensation package between 2 publically owned entities can only be of detriment to the taxpayer ?

2.) That AENA really do have no intention to close San Javier airport to commercial flights - regardless of whether Corvera ever opens or not.

3.) AENA are party to information that gives them confidence that Corvera Airport will never open. Ever.

4.) President Valcarcel is trying to find the right moment to admit that they 'have messed up'.

5.) Nobody has a clue what is going on, everybody is pulling in different directions and, as expected, there is zero communication going on here.

Comment on this Story

Orihuela Costa residents will never use Corvera airport, impossible to reach without transport and too far away. Neither is Alicante airport liked by the majority of us, it is like using a maze. San Javier is a much loved, well used and easily accessed airport and to close it makes no sense whatsoever. San Javier airport is so easy to find and non busy motorway, cheaper by taxi than Alicante. Regular and late running bus servicesfrom Orihuela Costa to Alicante and Corvera will be an absolute must if San Javier closes. Travel both ways to Alicante and Corvera by taxi costs as much as the flight frequently. At the moment no one knows whether to book St Javier for the summer flights or if they are going to find they then have to be re-booked to Alicantre or Corvera. A most unsatisfactory state of affairs especially for elderly travellers and their visitors.
Carole Davies - Wed, 27th Feb 2013
I was just reading about the 20 airlines interested in flying to Corvera article (09.02.2013). Considering only 23 airlines currently operate in/out of Spain (including the emerging market of Russia), this would make Corvera nearly the most airline served airport in Spain. Credability in Spain by investors is in short supply, and this just looks naive.
Lucinda Castiles - Sun, 17th Feb 2013
I believe that somewhere along the lines various people have messed up. But I will go with number 5 even though I may not know all the facts. Communication is always a big problems when companies that have separate interests and trying to work together. However, I do believe there would be a transition period(at least 6 months-12months) between the two airports so that while Corvera is open to the public, San Javier doesn't close immediately. Just makes for a smoother switch over while Corvera gets off its feet I think.
Corey - Sun, 17th Feb 2013

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