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Murcia will not repay Corvera Airport debt, or compensate AENA

Source: El Economista - Tue 1st Oct 2013
Murcia will not repay Corvera Airport debt, or compensate AENA

Following a meeting with the National Minister of Development, Murcia's President Valcárcel, has confirmed and agreement has finally been reached between the regional government and AENA to transfer the operation of flights from San Javier to Corvera Airport.

Valcarcel confirmed that the agreement is "final", and that it will ensure the future profitable operation of Corvera Airport.

The Premier went on to explain how the closure will occur gradually, once certain conditions have been met, and how the Ministry of Defence would compensate AENA the sum of €54 Mln for assuming control of San Javier.

President Valcarcel also confirmed that Murcia will not have to pay the €200 Mln debt incurred in building Corvera Airport, "Aeromur were contracted to the debt, and Aeromur will repay that debt", he explained.

Comment on this Story

I find great difficulty in understanding how or why the Spanish MoD should compensate AENA for its lost investment in MJV. Nor is there any sense in the statement that the Murcia Govt (AKA - we the tax payers) will not repay the debt hanging over the Airport, the Development Company, and the original Management Group; somebody has to pay for the vanity of the Regional Govt in wanting to have it's own airport. And there are some more snags in the pipeline (or, at least are not being aired). Once the Airport is, if ever, opened it has to operate viably. Using the MJV passenger and flight figures I cannot see Corvera (please note - no airport trigraph yet!) being able to exist and I cannot see Corvera being any competition to ALC unless there is substantial discounts for the airlines. And here we bring in the European Community: the EC "does not contemplate any possible public aid - despite the need to address possible funding gaps".
Peter Sinclair - Fri, 11th Oct 2013
Good comments and not so good comments.... this is Spain. It will happen ----- maybe ---- maybe not. Impressive infrastructure, be a shame if it wasn't put to any use. Owners at Corvera Golf and Country Club can't wait for this facility to open.
Roger - Tue, 8th Oct 2013
we are so many waiting to get the corvera airport to be opened!!!
Merja - Fri, 4th Oct 2013
No doubt they all had a very nice lunch, a good chat about last nights telly and a jolly day out - all on expenses, of course.!
David - Thu, 3rd Oct 2013
... Cue a statement in the next days from AENA or Ministry of Defence denying all this. Is this agreement even formally documented ???
Robster - Thu, 3rd Oct 2013
Wonder if President Valcarcel is smoking tobacco or flavoured electronic cigarettes ? I think the Ministry of Defence will have something to say, especially as it would appear they were not in attendance at the meeting and their budget has been cut by 8.8% for 2014. As for the 200 € Million Euro, I thought the Regional Government of Murcia underwrote it, in which case they are liable, through default of Aeromur. Every statement on Corvera seems to get worse.
Lucinda Castiles - Wed, 2nd Oct 2013
.... and the date when this is supposed to happen? Thought not.!
David - Wed, 2nd Oct 2013

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