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How much is YOUR ayuntamiento in debt by ?

Thu 26th Jul 2012
How much is YOUR ayuntamiento in debt by ?

News of the economic woes of many of Spain's 17 regions has not been far from the front page of press over recent weeks.

Last Friday the indebted autonomous community of Valencia announced that they would require an estimated 2.5 Billion Euros of aid in order to rescue their ailing economy and spiralling deficit.

Yesterday it was confirmed that Murcia would require a bailout from the central government , which has been estimated to be around 425 Million Euros.

Furthermore, and perhaps more worryingly, earlier today the region of Catalunya announced how they too would seek assistance in tackling their debts of around 42 Billion Euros.

What has not been widely publicised is the state of the finances of the many Ayuntamientos and Municipalities who fall under the responsibility of the regions : How many Town Halls are indebted ? Which are the worst offending Munipicalities ? How much does your Ayuntamiento owe in unpaid debts ?

Spanish website has published a recent survey of the amount of outstanding payments of Spain's 8112 municpalities to try and reach a true understanding of the extent of debt held at grass-roots level, and which often goes unreported to higher government authority.

The report shows the amount of such debt being held for each year ending the 31st of December, between 2008 and 2011 and also shows how the debts have increased or decreased as a percentage over that period of time.

The report is in Spanish, but can easily be understood by non-speakers by clicking the link >> HERE << and then clicking on the flag of region, sub-divided by province, to bring up a list of all municipalities.

Comment on this Story

It would be interesting to know how accurate these figures actually are. I suspect that local and regional politcs will determin hust how keen the various Ayuntamientos are in demonstrating their own incompetance !
Tyler - Tue, 31st Jul 2012
It would also be interesting to see if the outstanding debt of each Ayuntamiento in a given region tallies with the offical reported levels of all regional debt. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the figures were way out.
Robin Banks - Fri, 27th Jul 2012
Absolutely Penny. I suppose these figures have to be taken at face value with regards to their accuracy, but what struck me was the disparity between different Ayuntamientos - some are / have been trying really hard to control their levels of debt, whist others seemingly don't see this as a priority. It would also be interesting to see an additional column on the report showing the political affiliation of each of these Municipalites.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri, 27th Jul 2012
Thanks for reporting on this - the link to makes for tough reading, but without a real assessment of the situation no solutions can be found. Also goes to show that even during fierce recession some areas have managed to keep their head above water - would be great to see some investigative journalism looking at how and why these Town Halls have kept afloat...
Penny Lapenna - Fri, 27th Jul 2012

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