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Corvera Airport to open "very soon"

Source: La Verdad - Wed 5th Sep 2012
Corvera Airport to open 'very soon'

Murcia's President Valcarcel gave an interview yesterday where he confirmed that Corvera International Airport will open "very soon".

The President was speaking on ABC Punto Radio where he went on to say how the facility would be open "within a few months" and that the infrastructure at the airport was "already finished".

He admitted that the airport had taken longer to complete than was originally anticipated at the outset in 2007, but that the only issues remaining were surrounding the negotiations between the airport's concession holders (Aeromur), the state-owned operators of the airport (AENA) and San Javier Airport. In addition to a compensation settlement remaining to be agreed for the closure of San Javier, the final transfer of workers to the new airport is yet to be finalised.

Valcarcel spoke of his confidence that Corvera would "Inherit" the 1.5 Million passengers regularly flying to San Javier every year, but maintained that the state-owned airport could not serve the needs of the region and was losing passenger numbers to neighbouring Alicante El Altet aiport.

Comment on this Story

Bernadette, my location is El Mojon, close to San Pedro de la Horadada. I very much doubt public transport from Corvera would reach this neck of the woods. Besides, there's nothing better than jumping in a rental car at the airport and arriving at your destination ten minutes' later! My problem is, I only need the car for a few days of my 4 - 6 week stay's here, a couple of times a year. That means taking the car back to the airport and using taxis for the trip back to El Mojon, then eventually back to the airport. And as has been pointed out out by Christine, MJV is a nice little airport as well!
Cliff - Tue, 18th Sep 2012
I can undertsand the logic in AENA not wishing to invest any more money into San Javier with it being owned by the Military - but I'm sure it would be far easier for them to buy San Javier and leave the Miltary to build a new airport elsewhere instead.
Robster - Sat, 15th Sep 2012
wish it would open soon, been promising for so long. Paramont on way so with that being slowly build we will need this airport. Plus also closer for us ! San Javier would of been snookered if they hadnt upgraded when they did with the influx of property buyers a few years back... they got their money back.
Carol - Sat, 15th Sep 2012
It is all well and good that the infrastucture at the airport is 'already finished', as he puts it.... the Infrastructure at Castellon's private airport has been finished for over 18 months and look where that has got them ! Regional pride has a lot to answer for !
Michael P - Fri, 14th Sep 2012
Where are you travelling from Christine and Cliff ? I have heard that there will be much better public transport from the new airport to the Mar Menor and south Alicante areas.
Bernadette - Fri, 14th Sep 2012
Over the last ten years I have seen MJV grow to a friendly much improved airport, please don't close it in favour of another Alicante style impersonal airport. I also pay 20 each way and not looking forward to it opening !!!
Christine - Fri, 14th Sep 2012
Yep, location. I use taxis to get to and from MJV, 20 euro each way. Corvera will be about 4 times that much. More than the cost of the flight from Gatwick !
Cliff - Thu, 13th Sep 2012
I am waiting for this airport to open soon with it's good location - I hope many airlines will fly here !
Merja - Wed, 12th Sep 2012
That's your perogative Cliff, just wondering why though ? Is purely down to location ...?
Sr Valcarcel - Sat, 8th Sep 2012
They can count me out of their figure of 1.5 million if my local airport San Javier closes. I'll be using ALC.
Cliffh - Thu, 6th Sep 2012

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