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Further Spain / UK Driving Licence Confusion

Source: Costa Consulting Bureau - Mon 21st Jan 2013
Further Spain / UK Driving Licence Confusion

Following on from this weekend's news that Spain's Department of Transport (DGT) are to apply changes to the law from 19.01.2013 , further information has come to light.

One of our contacts at the DGT has confirmed that 'at this moment in time' the imposed changes are aimed at people who hold the old UK style paper licences ( as well as other European nationalities ) whose driving licence does not have an expiry date.

At this moment in time our understanding is that the UK European Licence/ picture card is valid until the expiry date that is displayed on the card. We are continuing to investigate the necessity for medical examinations.

The rules are constantly changing and it is easy to get conflicting information from different sources at different government agencies and at different times. As such we are awaiting clarification of a definitive procedure and requirement from the DGT and will update as soon as this is made known.

Courtesy of Costa Consulting Bureau .

Comment on this Story

For anyone who has lost their Paper Counterpart the idea is to phone the DVLA - I got through on the 0300 number - and ask them to fax it to the Jefatura del Trafico where you will be applying - and ask them to add your NIE and the number of the ventanilla where you were processed. All OK for me now - I have a provisional licence and have to wait 4-6 weeks for a shiny piece of pink plastic to come through the post. The DVLA is still a dinosaur in pinning any change of licence to UK residence and a UK address - and it is time we had a European licence to avoid all the hassle.
P.h.connell - Wed, 23rd Jan 2013
Guys - an Official from the DGT in Malaga has shed a little more light on the situation - you can read the letter they sent by clicking the link >> HERE <<
Tumbit - Admin - Wed, 23rd Jan 2013
I wonder if you can help me : We have a friend who is deaf in 1 ear - Will he have to take a hearing test or is it just eye and co-ordination ?
Yvonne Dyce - Mon, 21st Jan 2013
I now have all the documents to change my UK licence to a Spanish one, except for the Paper Counterpart which has gone lost somewhere. My UK licence is still valid until 2018, though the photo expires later in 2013. I had a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) faxed to me from the DVLA - for 5 quid - but the Oficina del Trafico wants an original. What do I have to do to get the DVLA to send me an original COE to my address here in Spain - or to the Oficina del Trafico - as I am on the verge of desperation - do I now have to sit a Spanish Driving test to get a new licence?
P.h.connell - Mon, 21st Jan 2013

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