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Premursa invite job applications for Paramount Murcia

Wed 18th Jul 2012

The Promoters and Developers behind the Paramount Pictures Theme Park at Alhama de Murcia are inviting job applications to be submitted via their website.

Proyectos Emblemáticos Murcianos - otherwise known as Premursa - are asking those interested in submitting their application a series of basic questions before asking them to attach their CV.

It is understood that a priority will be given to applicants in teh following order : Residents of Alhama de Murcia and Fuente Alamo, followed by residents of the region of Murcia, Spanish Citizens and finally to EU residents with language skills.

Although it was initially suggested that as many as 21'000 jobs would be created, many of these are involved in the construction of the park itself and a further number created by third parties such as suppliers etc... However, the recruitment process, which is based in a dedicated facility on a trading estate on the outskirts of Alhama de Murcia, is expected to process as many 6'000 potential recruits.

Those interested in submitting their application can do so by clicking the link >> HERE <<.

However, despite the website being in both English and Spanish, the "Contact" page, where the submission should be made, only seems to function in Spanish.

If you need help in writing a CV in a manner which would be acceptable to a native Spaniard, you can find a few useful tips by clicking the link >> HERE << .

Comment on this Story

errr... Nalini, Tumbit is not an official Paramount site, nor have we got any association or affiliation with Paramount - and hence not in a postion to offer any jobs. Try clicking on the links (above) which we have already provided for this purpose !
Tumbit - Admin - Tue, 23rd Oct 2012
I would really like to work for Paramount Theme Park in Murica - I am Engish and learning to speak Spanish. Any sort of jobs l don't mind and l have heard a lot about the Paramount theme park and it sounds good. Hope to heard from you.
Nalini Calvo - Tue, 23rd Oct 2012
Since when have EU Laws and Regulations concerned Spain ?
Mr Grumpy - Fri, 20th Jul 2012
Isn't the preferential order of the selection criteria discriminatory, and therefore against EU law ?
Harry - Fri, 20th Jul 2012

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