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Applying for Spanish Citizenship

- Updated: 08/02/2014
Applying for Spanish Citizenship

Being eligible for Spanish citizenship depends largely on the nationality of your parents, your current nationality and the length of time that you have being living in Spain. If one of your parents is Spanish, you were born there aswell as one of your parents being born there, or you were born in Spain of foreign parents who have no nationality, the your application to become a Spanish citizen will automatically be accepted.

In the majority of cases foreigners must have been an official resident in Spain for 10 years – only then can apply for nationality. Notable exceptions are for anybody who is a political refugee or asylum seeker, who can both apply for Spanish citizenship after 5 Years. Anybody whose current nationality is given as being from Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal,or being Jewish of Spanish origin*, and those from certain South American countries can all apply after 2 years.

The qualifying period of residence may be 1 year in the following circumstances:

1.) Those who were born in Spain, whose parents are foreigners of no recognised nationality, but legally resident in Spain.

2.) Those whose spouse has Spanish nationality.

3.) Those who are widowed of a Spanish national (providing not separated at time of death).

4.) Those whose father, mother, grandfather or grandmother were Spanish nationals by birth or residence.

It is also a condition that the application for citizenship must come the after the period of residence in Spain – ie not if you had residential status a number of years ago that had since lapsed. Marriage to a Spanish citizen alone will not be enough to have a work permit granted, but a formal application is very often granted. Children who are adopted by Spanish parents from other countries automatically become Spanish citizens, although an adopted child over 18 or older (at the time of adoption) will be given the choice whether to take Spanish nationality or not.

How to Apply

The formal application must be made to the Minister of Justice, who are able to refuse it on grounds of public order or national interest. The process requires you to produce your birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), and your parents’ birth and marriage certificates - all of which must be officially translated into Spanish.

You will also need to produce a letter of good conduct from the Police (basically to verify that you are not a criminal), a statement from two Spanish citizens supporting your application, and you must also prove that you are ‘a good citizen’ and fully integrated into Spanish community. As with most formal processes in Spain we recommend that you engage the services of an experiences lawyer to help you in your application.

The law in Spain does not recognise dual nationality for adults* like many other countries do, and therefore a child who has the entitlement to choose between nationalities must make this choice when they reach 18. A foreigner applying to be a Spanish citizen must also renounce his current nationality (with the exception of Portugal and South American countries), swear allegiance to the King of Spain, and swear to abide by the Spanish constitution and laws. Some countries, such as the UK, don’t recognise a renunciation of nationality, regardless of whether its citizens have chosen to take another nationality or not.

* Following changes to the law of 07.02.2014, click >> HERE << to read how changes to the law affect Sephardic Jews.

Comment on this Article

I have appied for spanish passport, as I have lived here well over 5 years, and I have worked the same number of years, can you tell me how long should it take for me to recicve it?
Adsad - Wed 6th Jul 2016
Does anybody knows how to download original electronic documents (descargar el original electr?nico de este documento en la direcci?n) from Verificaci?n de Nacionalidad Identificaci?n sin certificate digital ,when I press the link it is asking for Codigo Seguro de Verificacion . How can I obtain verification code? Do I receive this code by mail?
Sol - Fri 1st Jan 2016
Thanks a lot. Do you know how long does it take for me to recive an official letter?
Sol - Thu 31st Dec 2015
me, I applied in 2012 and still heard nothing !
Mai22 - Thu 31st Dec 2015
Fantastic news Sol, congratulations. Lets hope the official confirmation arrives soon !
Tumbit - Thu 31st Dec 2015
Timeline for NON-EU-citizen marriages to Spanish Citizen. From Residence to Citizenship. Dec-2010 approved by the judge and got marriage date. Jan-2011 Got married. Apr-2011 Regimen Comunitario approved. Apr-2014 Applied for Nationality. Interviewed by the civil registry. Submitted all required documents, all of them were within 3 months validity. Oct-2015 Received a letter from Ministerio de Justicia.With " R" number which I could check online status. Oct-2015 Checked online status which said. They have received my file. Dec-16-2015 Checked online status " Granted Nationality ( Concedida la nacionalidad )
Sol - Thu 31st Dec 2015
Something to cheer up you guys and turn it in to a remarkable and comfortable weekend. Who do you think is going to win Sunday's Election ? My prediction would be : (After Coalition) PSOE Podemos = 55% PP Ciudadanos = 45%
Martin - Sat 19th Dec 2015

Thanks so much to all of you who have contributed to this page - you add so much more weight to the topic haven contemplated applying for Citizenship - or better still actually being awarded it - that we ever could.

Similarly, a news article in El Pais (Link >HERE<) reports how Foreign-Born Spanish Citizens are slowly becoming a Political force in Spain. I wondered if you had any thoughts on this ?

Tumb It - Admin - Wed 16th Dec 2015
@kishni you have to speak Spanish once you get nacionalidad. Obligatorio if you want your paper fast process. Don't worry Spain people are kind and open country. Means you can have your nationality as long you have complete paper. Answer them in Spanish because you are here to they country and you also ask them favor to give you nationality so better to speak to them in Spanish. Because the first ask you if you speak Spanish. Don't worry about Spanish people are kind and good and friendly. Despite to my experience in registro civil to the police to my job and to the Spanish people I talked with they are kind...
Joann - Wed 16th Dec 2015
@ Kishni, I am really grateful and would like to thank you personally for sharing your info. As you have seen on my previous posts where I mentioned that laws changed and also the procedure in different regions. You did the best job by visiting the civil registry to clear your doubts. Now you have time to practice and attend for the oral and written exam with ease and confidence. Good Luck and I hope this info will be extremely helpful for people who are new to this forum.
Sandolf - Wed 16th Dec 2015
Just been to my local civil registry to clarify the process, the woman told me that due to the new laws, there will be no interview on the spot anymore like before. Instead after submission of documents, they will ask you to take the written and oral exam via Cervantes, once you take the exam, this will then be submitted to the civil registry. I wanted to clarify as I am currently learning Spanish and was worried they will interview me on the spot, however the woman basically assured me that the first step is just submission of documents, after that, should give me enough time to study til the next appointment. I really hope this is the case!!
Kishni - Tue 15th Dec 2015
@ Sandolf, of course Spain is great. I love the country and the culture. Thats the reason I end up married to a Spanish :-). By no mean, I was being negative about Spain. I would never generalize anyone or any culture because of one individual. All, I was talking about my personal experience with the clark at the civil registry. Despite all this, I still had a great chat with her in the end.
Sol - Tue 15th Dec 2015
Hi.. I am waiting for my nationality. I already had my interview with the policia 2 years ago, and sent follow up requierments. Last year 2014 my children came here in spain. They are 7 and 10 years of age and have their NIE.. Can i solicit a spanish nationality for them too? Thank you
Mai - Mon 14th Dec 2015
@ Martin - Thanks for sharing your opinion. @ Miss Kishni - The oral exam would be on the spot. However, the written exam may vary, some places would ask you to sit for it and other regions would perhaps provide you a date. It is also true that in the application form they are not mentioned but in recent years the procedure has changed. @ Vicin - Typically it takes between 4-6 months to get an intermediate level (depending on number of hours you attend classes or practice with your Spanish friends). Usually the institutions are extremely expensive, however there are ones where it could be cheaper but you have to look for them. Nice to hear that you are married to a Spaniard have lived more than 1 year. Please go through the Application Form, where everything is explained clearly, in case if you get in to any confusion then please visit the ministry where you would be guided properly. It is a bit complicating but trust me you are going to enjoy it. Mission Accomplished :)
Sandolf - Mon 14th Dec 2015
A lot of practice is a must both oral and written. Mine went well but Sandolf is correct, although there can be exceptions which happened to my wife, but they can refuse your application if they feel you are not prepared. Someone sitting next to us got refused because she was not proficient and produced minimal documents. I am not a frequent visitor of this forum but as Sandolf recommended on his previous posts that it would be wise to seek a help of a solicitor. It would cost you a little but he or she can guide you properly.
Martin Stuart - Mon 14th Dec 2015
SANDOLF, sorry my english not good. me from romania but 2 questions for you. 1/ is spanish difficult to learn ? 2/ my wife is spanish, i live here more than 1 yr, work in a firm and now want to apply for nationality ? any help ? thank you for helping us. you u a good man.
Vicin - Mon 14th Dec 2015
@ Sol - There are certainly no constraints but I offered my advise to Mr. Kishni, simple as that. Regarding your bitter experience. I would disregard due to the fact it happens everywhere in the world when applying for a citizenship. All I can say that you were lucky, if it was in France or Germany then you would have faced the real MUSIC :) But at the end of the day you did pretty well. Not too many people actually speaks good Spanish and know about their culture, politics and history. Spaniards are perhaps among the top 5 nations who are generous, courteous, well-behaved and compassionate. The process is tiring but surely worth to feel proud of.
Sandolf - Mon 14th Dec 2015
@Sandolf, I have been living in Spain for 3 years and as a Filipina, I can apply for spanish citizenship after 2 years of legally residing here. No, I am not married to a Spanish, I am applying on the basis of residency after 2 years. My documents are complete as per requirements in the application form but have not done any written exam yet as it was not stated in the application form. I wasn't sure when I will be taking it. So, when I submit the documents, are they going to tell me when to take the exam etc?
Kishni - Mon 14th Dec 2015
@Sandolf, when I applied there were no obligation to take a Spanish class for citizenship. When I went to civil registry, my partner and lawyer came along. Due to certain legal word I spoke in English for them not to misunderstand. But the civil lady at the front desk stopped me and slammed the file on the desk and pointed my face and told me " HERE ONLY SPANISH" and I am not integrated into the society. My partner stood up and told her shame on her to treat me like this and told her that I am more integrated than my spaniard them self. I know more cities, culture and politics than their own. Then I had to clam them down and spoke in Spanish. Then she looked at me told me that I speak good Spanish.
Sol - Mon 14th Dec 2015
@ Kishni - How long have you been living in Spain ? and Is your wife Spanish ? - They do ask a lot of questions but they are not going to disappoint you until and unless you have proper documents prepared and readily available to apply for the citizenship. - The Spanish written test is a bit tricky and difficult and you have to be at least an intermediate level during the conversation. Off course, it is your decision but I think you might need to practice at least 4 months to get a good grip of the language because if they refuse your application then you might have to wait another 6 months or more. For me, an impression is a necessity and requirements should be fulfilled in accordance to that. Good luck mate.
Sandolf - Sun 13th Dec 2015
Hi Sandolf / Sol, thanks for your reply. Does that mean when I submit my application form and documents next week, they will already make me do the test the same day? Also, do they ask a lot of questions in Spanish? Or will it just be a case of submitting the required documents and asking me to come back again? My spanish is not that great and I am in the process of learning it but I am planning to submit my documents next week. Please advise!!
Kishni - Sun 13th Dec 2015
I applied for my nationality in April 2014 more than year and half ago. According to my status is : Recibidos los informes, el expediente se encuentra en estudio. La informaci?n que el Ministerio de Justicia ofrece en esta p?gina no tiene car?cter de notificaci?n.La notificaci?n de la resoluci?n se dirige personalmente al interesado. Los tr?mites posteriores a la concesi?n se deben realizar en el Registro Civil. English:The information provided by the Ministry of Justice on this page is not a notification.The decision notification will be personally addressed to the interested party. The procedures following the concession must be carried out at the Civil Registry Office The question is: When I applied at the local civil registry in Valencia. They asked me lots of questions. I know now I have to go for final interview with the police. Since, I applied before they introduced Spanish written and oral compulsory. Do I have to do this with the police?
Sol - Sun 13th Dec 2015
@ Kishni The written and oral exam would be conducted once you are ready to submit the papers to apply for the citizenship. After submission the overall process may take 2 years maximum until and unless there are no further investigation or clarification required. There would be one more interview with the Police as well.
Sandolf - Sun 13th Dec 2015
I have been told it takes around 2 years to process spanish nationality. At what point or when do we take the written and oral exams etc?
Kishni - Sun 13th Dec 2015
@ Randall - In my opinion and having seen others you wont be required to present your parents birth certificates (I am sorry to hear that they are no longer alive). I would only suggest that when you fill the application form then please ask the clerk whether that would be necessary or not. On the other hand, everything is written concisely on the application form as well regarding what papers you are going to require to submit to apply for a citizenship. Also consider revising your certificate (In other words, if your parents names are included then they might be now addressed as LATE).
Sandolf - Sun 6th Dec 2015
Been both myself and my wife residents in mallorca since 2004. Both are pensioners and wish to apply for citizenship Have marriage and birth certificates however my parents have been dead for many years and we do not have there birth certificates, we do however have death ones. Will this be prom with application Regards S Randall
Stuart Randall - Sun 6th Dec 2015
@ Sandolf, thanks for the info. Let's hope I get some kind of news soon.
Sol - Sun 25th Oct 2015
@ Sol, The papers that you have submitted initially was for the nationality. However, once they grant you the right to obtain the Spanish Citizenship, they are going to request you to submit few more documents to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of the papers that was submitted previously. They would inform you in advance, perhaps a month and request you to prepare newly and collect papers like (Bank Statement, Job Certificate, Photocopies of the Passport and so on).
Sandolf - Sun 25th Oct 2015
@ Sandolf, Thanks for your reply. I am bit confused now. When I applied for my nationality in Valencia. I supplied with all the papers. Birth Certificate which was an ordeal to get a copy from India, criminal records, Empadrnado, Salary certificate from Dubai, Bank account, Letter from my company in Dubai, proof of properties, copies of all the pages of my passport. The question is. Do I have to produce all of these again? If so, to whom I have to give it to?
Sol - Sun 25th Oct 2015
@ Sol - The entire process takes 3 years. If you are lucky enough you might get a call earlier but there are few cases where it can take a tough over 3 years. A hefty amount of applicants are on the line for the Spanish nationality, as a result the process can be delayed but once you get a call from them then make sure you have all the documents prepared and ready (certificates, job letter, bank statement, etc)..
Sandolf - Sun 25th Oct 2015
I applied for nationally based on regime Comnutario in Apr 2014. I just recived a letter from Ministario de Justicia, confirming that they have recived my file from Civil registry, Valencia. In the letter they gave me " R" number. Which I could track online with R number. The question is. What is the next step and for how long more I have to wait? It had already been year and half. Thanks in advance.
Sol - Sat 24th Oct 2015
Thanks a lot
Ahmed - Sat 24th Oct 2015
@ Ahmed, @ Jani - Being married to a Spaniard makes it easier to acquire the Residence Card but to apply for a Citizenship is a totally different ball-game. Live in Spain for at least 1 year but more IMPORTANTLY have to take a COMPREHENSIVE Oral and Written exam in Spanish before the officer considers you to be an applicant for the citizenship. The entire process takes around 3 years.
Sandolf - Sat 24th Oct 2015
I am married to Spanish girl but we both living in the uk from last three years and also we have previously lived in Spain until I got the residence card. Do u think I can apply for Spanish citizenship in uk?
Ahmed - Sat 24th Oct 2015
Hello I'm Georgian citizen, I've been married with a Spanish for more than 4 years and all this time we've been living in United Kingdom. for some reason we are getting divorced and I was wondering if I can apply for a Spanish citizen If you could give me some information that would be really helpful. Thanks
Jani - Sat 24th Oct 2015
If I am not mistaken then you have to live in Spain for 10 years, undergo Spanish test (oral and written), and need to show/present your current status (job, income, etc).
Sandolf - Sat 17th Oct 2015
Hello, I have regimen communtario card as my wife is norweign national.i want to know that after how long can i apply for a spanish citizenship ?
Faisal - Sat 17th Oct 2015
Hi again what kind of the nationality that the person will have it if he was born outside Spain of a father born in Spain OF a Spanish mother? (by origin or option)
Ala - Fri 28th Nov 2014
Ala : The simplest route for you to take is to apply for Citizenship through your (as he was at least born in Spain) after being resident in Spain for 1 year. Your age (as an adult) is pretty much irrelevant.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 25th Nov 2014
I know that I can apply for spanish nationality by Grandfather after living 1 year in spain territory. But if I apply for nationality by my father and my age now is 29 and my father got his spanish nationality this year (2014) when my age is already 29, SO I DIDN'T PACTICE MY RIGHT BY OPTION CORRECTLY WHEN I WAS 18.
Ala - Tue 25th Nov 2014
NEW AND IMPORTANT CASE. If someone born outside Spain and got a Spanish nationality by his Spanish father and he got it when his son over 20 years . is the son in this case lose his nationality? Note that : when the son was under 18 OR attained majority or emancipation his father was not have his Spanish nationality yet so, how the son can declare his will to retain his Spanish nationality in that period of time!! best wishes
Ala - Mon 24th Nov 2014

Ala : Firstly, we at not qualified to give specific information, so anything should be taken as as for guide purposes only. That said, as your grandfather was a Spanish Citizen by birth you can apply for Citizenship as his descendent - BUT only after 1 year' residence in Spain.

Ron : Sadly there is little urgency on behalf of the Government when it comes to granting Citizenship, bu you can track the status of our application online by going to the Ministry of Justice website.

Tumbit - Admin - Sat 22th Nov 2014
HELLO I just want to make sure about some details. My grandfather is a Spanish by origin (he was born in Spain in 1935 and his mother is a Spanish). My father was born in Palestine . (in this year (2014) he got Spanish nationality by origin BECAUSE he is a son of a Spanish father) . I was born in Palestine , my age is now 29 . - Am I eligible to get Spanish nationality? - what is the deference between nationality by origin and nationality by residency - what kind of nationality that I can get if I apply to nationality by father or grandfather? not that : I didn’t practice my right to get Spain nationality in the past , because my grandfather exile from Spain with his mother when he was 2 years old under the civil war that extended from (1936-1939) , and my father obtained his Spanish nationality in this year (2014) .
Ala - Fri 21st Nov 2014
Sir, Is more than 4 years now since i apply for Spanish nationality, am still waiting till now i did not receive Spanish nationlity. Please tell me what i must do. Thanks
Ron - Mon 17th Nov 2014

M Zaraket : Answers remain the same.

Adrian : Google is your friend !

Moin : Having a Parecha de Hecho and being a Resident makes no difference.

Chris : Yes, after being Resident for 1 Year you can.

Ala : You should be able to apply for Spanish Citizenship under the terms of the law of historic memory as your ancestors were forced to leave Spain due to the civil war. For some reason, the process will be easier if you are of Sephardic Jewish descent...

Tumbit - Admin - Mon 17th Nov 2014
My grandfather was born in Spain in 1935. His mother is Spanish by origin . She traveled to palestine in 1936 because of the spanish civil war. These dayes we have got a birth certificate of my grandfather from civil registration of Las Palmas . Can I get a Spanish nationality as a grandchild for a spanish grandfather? Will I get the Spanish nationality if my father gets the spanish nationality by his father? , Which is easier for me getting the spanish nationality by father or grandfather ? Please Note that : My age is 29 years old and nor me or my father didn't take our oppertunity of choose our nationality in the past. becuse we didn't able to extract my grandfather's certificate .
Ala' - Mon 17th Nov 2014
Hello, My name Christopher. I have been living is Spain since i got my residence permit in 2001.I do have a permanent residence permit that would expire next year. I got married to a Spanish citizen 1 year ago. I just want to know how i can get my Spanish citizenship? Thanks Chris
Chris - Sun 28th Sep 2014
Hi I have a permanent residency (5yrs) through "Pareja de Hecho". Does that allow me to apply for nationality in Spain? When can I apply and the requirements for this? Thanks in advance. Moin
Moin - Thu 10th Jul 2014
Can someone please provide me the names of few institutions in Valencia where I can learn Spanish. In addition does anyone knows few names of Multinational Companies in Valencia. Thank you.
Adrian - Thu 19th Jun 2014
Thanks for your quick response, In fact she is a Spanish national. Would that changes any of the below 3 answers? Regards M.Zaraket
M Zaraket - Mon 26th May 2014

M Zakaret : The answer will largely depend on the nationality of your Girlfriend, which you don't tell us. Assuming that she is a non-EU Citizen the answers to your questions are :

1. No

2. Yes - although the period you state would be longer than 1 year !

3. Yes

Tumbit - Admin - Mon 26th May 2014


I am Lebanese and I've been living with my girlfriend for the last 1 year in Belgium. We are planning to get married/cohabitation relation and move to Spain shortly. My questions are:

1. If we just got into a cohabitation relation and register that in Spain would the same marriage route to citizenship also applies for such a relation (ie one year residency and apply for citizenship) or through Cohabitation it’s a longer way than for Marriage

2. Assuming in case of marriage, would both of us need to live together in Spain for one year before I am eligible to apply for citizenship, or Can I live in Spain ( as I can move with my company) whilst my wife resumes her work in Belgium (visiting me in intervals)

3. After submitting the application for citizenship, do I need / we need to continue residing in Spain till the time an interview with the police/court is completed and receive the citizenship, or can I leave Spain and live in other EU or even Non EU countries.

M. Zaraket - Mon 26th May 2014
Hola guys! Can anyone recommend me any authentic employment institutions or centers (Similar to Adecco) where they can forward the CV's of applicants who would like to work on any position that is mostly involved with speaking in English. Preferably in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia & Seville. Thanks. P.S. I worked as a Assistance Marketing Manager in Madrid for a Multinational Company for 5 years but due to some personal issues & dispute I'm no longer working for them.
Those_were_the_days! - Sat 19th Apr 2014
Hello, yes. My father was an applicant under the law of historic memory, but not a Jew. He received his passport about 2 years ago, but he's never lived in Spain. My brother and sister have just received theirs this year and they've never even visited Europe. Is it possible for me to apply also?
Fernando Sanchez - Tue 1st Apr 2014
Fernando : Is you Dad by any Chance a Sephardic Jew, or an applicant under the auspices of the law of historic memory by any chance ...?
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 31st Mar 2014
Quoting Wikipedia: Spain has dual citizenship treaties with Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Peru (a.k.a Iberoamerica countries, plus Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea & Portugal) Also, I believe this is all for the case of citizenship by naturalisation and residence.. You're not taking into account citizenship by origin or by option. For those two you do not need to be a resident in Spain, but you need to be born from Spanish parents/grandparents.
Fernando Sanchez - Mon 31st Mar 2014
Let me provide you all with an authentic and justifiable procedure : Firstly, Spain do not recognize dual citizenship (except Philippines, New Zealand & Portugal). Secondly, You've to reside in Spain for at least 1 year and then you can apply arranging all the legal documents to be submitted for citizenship, The process may vary but all together it should take somewhere between 3-4 years (after submission). Thirdly, it would be in the best interest to hire a lawyer since in recent times the rules & regulations inside EU and in Spain has changed, there are certain criteria and obligation that must be met in order to be granted the citizenship. Finally, I would encourage & advise that whoever is planning & hoping to move to Spain needs to be well aware that without proper education there cannot be an easy life and it definitely wont facilitate anyone in finding a job. Education is quite renown and perhaps the 2nd best after UK. Investment on Business would be lucrative. Thanks.
Selfless - Sun 30th Mar 2014
Thank you for your reply. I just want to question the 12 month residency though. As my father gained his citizenship in the past two years and my brother and sister have just gained theirs in Jan '14, with neither of them ever stepping foot in Spain??
Fernando Sanchez - Sun 30th Mar 2014

Ken : You can not become a Spanish Citizen without having first been resident in Spain for the qualifying period - regardless of your circumstances.

Hector : There is no reason why you can't undertake this service yourself without any legal costs, but if you should decide to appoint a lawyer the costs can vary.

Gino : No, you can't.

Tumbit - Admin - Sun 30th Mar 2014
I am a Filipino citizen and was born and raise in the Philippines, moved to US 2005 and I've been living here for almost 10yrs now. I was wondering if I can apply for Dual citizenship for both Philippines and Spain even though I don't live on both countries. If yes, what are the requirements and how can I apply.
Gino - Sat 29th Mar 2014
My grandfather was born in spain I was interested in dual residency with the US and Spain I have a clean record and want to know the cost invovle in this
Hector H. Alvarez - Fri 28th Mar 2014
I want to marry a Spanish citizen in the UK, and live in UK with EEA Family Permit. Can I apply for Spanish citizenship? Do I have to live in Spain for 1 year ?
Ken Rostnul - Thu 20th Mar 2014
Fernando : Yes, this is possible - but only once you have completed the required 12 month period of being officially resident in Spain.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 7th Mar 2014
My grandfather was a Spanish resident (born in Spain), my father has a Spanish passport. Can I, as a 26 year old claim a Spanish citizenship. I am from Chile, born and raised here all my life. But I want to leave Chile and live in Europe with my Spanish Citizenship. Is this possible ?
Fernando Sanchez - Thu 6th Mar 2014
Very interesting and epic journey....all the life in Dubai and 22 years in the U.S. Damn! by now you should possess two Passport or citizen of two different being a citizen of U.A.E and the other being a U.S citizen....Oh, and you also hold an Indian passport....Speechless...I do not have any info but I just wrote because I found it very entertaining. All the best my FRIEND!
Carlos - Wed 4th Dec 2013
I am an Indian passport holder. But never lived in India. I lived all my life in Dubai and 22 years in the US. The civil registry in Valencia is asking for police Clarence from India for my citizenship. I got the clearance from the Indian consulate in MADRID . But they don't accept the police clearance from the consulate. I remember them accepting the police clearance from the US when i applied for my residency througt marriage to a spanish lady. Now They want it from Indian central government. Which I don't have any ties in India other than my passport. Anyone has gone thought the same ? Please help.
Sol - Wed 4th Dec 2013
I am Taiwanese, Resident for 11 years, married to an Englishman and live in Spain. Am I entitled to apply for Spanish passport ?
Vanessa - Wed 20th Nov 2013
Hi, i'm still waiting for the policia to call me to settle a date for my interview. I think i needed to be interviewed twice correct? Other question is, can i petition my parents and 2 children already? By the way i'm married to a spanish and been together for 3 years... Thanks
Mai - Sat 2th Nov 2013
Spencer it will be an honor to meet you when I come to Valenica. Do you have personal contact were I can keep in touch?
Sol - Thu 24th Oct 2013
@ Spencer is an honor & pleasure to know you...Well i wish if people were so much prudent, honest and work-ethic like you then perhaps this world could have been a better place...I live in the center city (Valencia), close to Zara... Make sure you provide all the updates after your submission and any news that would be invaluable to us.... I will out of the city for few weeks...if you've any question do not hesitate to ask, and I am sure the moderators and users also may be able to guide and assist you.
Spencer - Thu 24th Oct 2013
Spencer, thanks a lot for your kind words. I work as a airline pilot. Now I am based in Dubai. As you know in Spain there are not that many jobs. But, I still make sure to pay my tax , social security and my private medical insurance to Spain. I just don't want to be a burden to the Spanish society. I completely understand government stand of point. I am from Valencia city. Where are you based in Spain?
Sol - Thu 24th Oct 2013
@ Sol - Well congrats in advance, you're almost done, however i can also understand that these small, simple issues related to document makes a huge difference, i do not blame the officials but as you know we have now plenty of illegal immigrants, anyways, submission of documents will be fine, but the question remains the time require to be granted the citizenship. I met few Indians, very polite and well-mannered people..diverse culture and esp great food...anyways...what kind of work you do...and which part of valencia are you from...
Spencer - Tue 22th Oct 2013
Hello Spencer, my appointment was on Oct 1 st in Valencia. I tried to take every thing possible that I can. They did not accept my birth certificate which was produced years ago but it was certified by my consulate days before my interview. Same certificate that I submitted for my Residence card two years ago and it was accepted. But now they say they need a new birth certificate I need to send it to my Indian state government and then to the central government and then for apostle. Well at least I got another appointment on Dec 10 th. Lets hope I get every thing by then.
Sol - Sun 20th Oct 2013
@ SPENCER & SOL : Hello guys, seems like we are on the same page, my appointment & document submission is next month, however I am also trying to seek the same information about the time when I will be granted the Citizenship. Please anybody has something to share, then it will be highly benefited.
Mishael - Sat 28th Sep 2013
Hola Sol, the process is pretty much unfussy. i believe you have gathered & prepared all the required documents as prescribed on the application form. The hurdle and baffle starts from then, i do not know how long is it going to take & whether if there could any other formalities to be undergone before formally grant you the Spanish Passport.
Spencer - Thu 26th Sep 2013
Hello Spencer, Looks like you are in the process. You are one step ahead of me. I have an appointment to submit my application at the civil registry in Valencia on OCT 1. If you could kindly tell me what to expect please. Hope to hear from you. Best of luck. Sol
Sol - Thu 26th Sep 2013
Hola Tumbit! My name is Spencer, i have been living in Spain for 3 years, my wife is a Spaniard and few weeks ago i have submitted my application to the ministry of justice, i would like to know how long does the entire process takes to obtain the Spanish Passport. Gracias!
Spencer - Thu 26th Sep 2013
Ludmila : Your Mother needs to complete 1 year's legal Residency in Spain before applying for Citizenship. You can then either apply for Residency as the daughter of Spanish Citizen after completing 1 year's Residency yourself, or in your right as South American Citizen after 2 Year's Residency.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 24th Sep 2013
My mother and her sisters are granddaughter of Spanish. My mother lives in United States and my aunts live in Argentina. My Aunts already got their Spanish citenzenship through the 2 year law passed but recently closed. Since my mother is in another country, she was unable to obtain all the paperwork she needed to apply on time within the law. As of right now, does she have to do residency in Spain first or what are other options? As well, me being the great granddaughter, what are my options to apply for the Spanish citizenship? (I was born in Argentina)
Ludmila Artaza - Mon 23rd Sep 2013

Haz : You say "Half Spanish" - but was he legally a Spanish National, and can you prove this ? If yes to both, then yes you can. If no to one of the above, then you are not eligible when considering this route.

Sol : I would strongly advise you not to cancel if at all possible. The Authorities need little enough excuse to cancel or delay your application as it is, and this is not likely to help your case.

Tumbit - Admin - Mon 23rd Sep 2013
Hello, I have a quick question. I have an appointment on Oct 1 for applying my citizenship application . Unfortunately I won't be able to make for the interview due to my job. If I do cancel how long will it take for me to get an another appointment ? Hope to hear from you. Thanks for all the help you guys do. Best Regards, Sol
Sol - Mon 23rd Sep 2013
Hi my grandfather already died and i know he was half Spanish. Can I still apply even though he is dead ?
Haz - Mon 23rd Sep 2013
hi my grandfather already died and i know he was half spanish. can i still apply even though he is dead?
Haz - Mon 23rd Sep 2013
@ Nour : Your comment was not deleted because it was never made live. Asking questions that are clearly answered in the above post is pointless. Also, you are very obviously unable to gain Spanish Citizenship if you have not completed the minimum period of residency (IE you don't live in Spain) - As stated in the article, above.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 3rd Sep 2013
this is my 3rd post .. after view minutes i came back to website and find the post deleted ? why is that ? thank you
Nour - Tue 3rd Sep 2013
my mother was born in Spain and then got married and moved to the US, where I was born. What is the procedure to follow and must I do to become a citizen of spain? thanks you
Rose Nunez Evans - Fri 9th Aug 2013

@ Teofila - You need to request for a new Police Clearance since it is valid only for 6 months.

@ Ahmad - In order to acquire the Spanish citizenship you have to reside 1 year and then submit the necessary documents and depending on the process it may take somewhere between 12-18 months.

@ Clarke - Juncture in time the rules & regulation may change, it is still under process, if that gets the green signal then citizens of other countries may have to hand over their passports to the respective authorities. However at present situation it is the way how you have mentioned.

@ To All - I hope & encourage more contribution from both the members & moderators. Seems to me the Forum has become a bit inactive & unresponsive. Here we should share everything so that it could be helpful to others and to us.

I would also advise everyone to seek assistance & solicit from a registered lawyer, it wont be costly but he/she would be able to provide with an authentic and justifiable solution.

Selfless - Fri 12th Jul 2013
If I apply for Spanish citizenship I have to renounce my UK nationality. But the UK will not recognise the renunciation. So I presume that the Spanish authorities turn a blind eye to the futility of the renunciation. I also presume that I can continue to renew my UK passport as before.
Peter Clarke - Fri 12th Jul 2013

Teofila : No - you will need to provide a more recent Police letter.

Ahmad : No - you must have been Resident in Spain for a qualifying period before you can apply for Residency. How long will it take ? Theoretically, anywhere between 6 and 24 Months, however news this weekend reported that a Moroccan National had been given a date for an appointment years from now !

Tumbit - Admin - Mon 8th Jul 2013
Hi .my name is simon. I lived in spain six months passed. I have no resident card . I am illegeal here. My quistion is i am going get married with one colombiana . She has 5 years long stay permission In spain .She has been living in spain last 13 years. She never apply for nationality. If i get married with her do i get residence permit here . If so how many years will be the duration of my residency. Hope i will get response soon. Thanks
Simon - Mon 8th Jul 2013
Hi , I'm Afghanian guy living in dubai with my wife she is Spanish .., can i take Spanish passport without without living in Spain ?? If there is a way how long it will take .?and what should we do ? Thank
Ahmad - Sun 7th Jul 2013
Hi Admin.What I mean for an old one is the letter from the police in my country which I have applied 15 years ago.Sorry for not explaining clearly.And thank you for your reply.
Teofila - Sat 6th Jul 2013

Teofila : You are basically asking 2 totally different questions here :

1) Residency : If you have been living in Spain for 4 years, then surely you are already Resident ? - If not, then yes, you can qualify for residency as the Wife of an EU national.

2) Citizenship : Your 'old one' ? .... How old ? .... Why is it "old" anyway ? Why was it never used ?...

Tumbit - Admin - Sat 6th Jul 2013
Hi admin. Good afternoon. I am a Filipino passport holder living in Spain for 4 years now. My husband is a UK citizen holding a residency in Spain. 1) Can I apply for a Spanish residency? 2)Also about the letter from the police is it the latest one or can I used my old one? Can you help me clarify this? Thank you.
Teofila Hayden - Sat 6th Jul 2013
I submitted a question regarding my Spanish citizenship earlier. However, I entered the wrong email address. I will repeat my question... I am an American. I am married to a Spanish Citizen, based on papers in Spain. We lived in Madrid for almost a year.(1996-1997). During that time I aquired my Spanish Citizenship. I am interested in returning to Madrid to study and I would like to know how to find out the status of my citizenship. Please let me know the step to take in order to get this information. Thank you
John Turberville - Sat 15th Jun 2013
Is 27 months now since i after police interview, I was today in Registro civil to also ask but they said they don't know anything all i need to do is to call Madrid or track it in internet. I have being tracking the progress of my application on the Ministry of Justice Website all i can see there they have received the information from ministry of interio,
Ron - Tue 21st May 2013
hi,how long it take to get spanish passport after submit application?
Irfan Ahmed - Fri 17th May 2013
@ Ron - Would you mind sharing with us what kind of questions did they asked you at the police station. Did they ask for any documents or extra paper work. As for answering to your question, have you checked the status of your application on the internet and as far as I know, it does not usually take more than 15 months to get the citizenship status after you visit the local police station. Please share your thoughts and experience. It would not only help us but would be highly beneficial.
Paul Simon - Thu 16th May 2013
Ron : You can now track the progress of your application on the Ministry of Justice Website.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 16th May 2013
Hi, can anyone tell me how long dose it take to receive Spanish Nationality after submiting papers at Register civil, My case now is 2years 10moths now since I asked and I went to interview at the police station 5 months later up till now am still waiting ?
Ron - Thu 16th May 2013
Can anyone please suggest if there would be any interview in the Police Station after submission of papers for the citizenship. Or will it be just a routine work & checkup where they would verify if every provided information is correct or not. Finally, after successful completion how long does it take to issue the passport.
Alex - Fri 3rd May 2013
Aahil : It would be much easier if you made your application now - then upon being a Spanish Citizen you could come and go to and froom Spain as you pleased, without Visa. Philip : You can only make your application for Citizenship one you have been resident in Spain for the qualifying period of time - Also, the UK does not recognise Dual Citizenship under these circumstances (IE by UK Birth) and as such would always regard you as a UK Citizen.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 24th Apr 2013
QATAR!! Aha!! who does not love QATAR, the second top richest country in the world after Saudi Arabia. I love the Sheikhs. Lol ! Anyways, definitely you may travel to any EU countries (UK - NO), but only as a tourist, in some cases if your wife accompanies you would be beneficial but not obligatory (Make sure you carry your Passport & Resident Card). But in terms of Education, which is more than 90 days, you have to apply for a VISA until and unless you are a citizen of SPAIN. I can only help you with this, the rest can be assisted by my compatriot Tumbit or any members of the crew who is proficient about paper works and other formalities. By the way I am from Sweden. Good luck buddy!
Viktor - Wed 24th Apr 2013
Hi, I am from Qatar & married to a Spaniard. I have been living in Spain for a year and currently holding the NIE, that is valid for 5 years. I was wondering & hoping to pursue my Post-Graduation in Germany, do I need to procure a visa or am I entitled to travel to Germany like EU citizens. Thanks. P.S. During my one year stay I have not returned to my country or visited any other nation. Furthermore I will be applying for the Spanish Citizenship within few months.
Aahil - Wed 24th Apr 2013
To whom it may concern I was born and lived all my life in UK but my father is Spanish born and raised in Spain until he was 37 years old when he moved to UK. My mother is english and they got married here !! I want to apply for Spanish citizenship. Would i lose my UK nationality ?? I still live in UK but with the intension of moving to spain in the future. Many thanks in advance
Philip Garcia - Sun 21st Apr 2013
Andrew : The link >> HERE << might help.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 15th Apr 2013
Hello, I will be applying for the Spanish citizenship. I was wondering what kind of questions I might be asked. Please provide some questions and suggest links if available. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Andrew Smith - Mon 15th Apr 2013
Hi there, I have a residence card from Spain valid for 5 years regimen comunitario and I also have the residence card from uk,could you please tell me am I allowed to fly to Spain with regimen comunitario as I have been away from Spain for more than 6 months now. Thank you
Khan - Sun 14th Apr 2013
My spouse is a Spanish citizen while I school in the UK under tier 4. We are planning to get married in June in Spain but I still have to be shuttling between Spain and UK for another year does this affect my application in one year time? And would I get an extended visa to visit my spouse anytime?
Bankybrown - Sun 14th Apr 2013
Ehsan : Assuming YOU have a Bank account in your own country and your brother has one in Spain all you need to do is get his IBAN number and Bank account number. Whilst you can do this from Bank to Bank, you will probably find that there are fewer costs and charges, and that the exchange rate is better by going through a specialist currency exchange broker.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 3rd Apr 2013
Dear Tumbit, I would highly acknowledge & be grateful if you could provide me information on how to transfer money from Bangladesh to Spain. Is there any agent or banking procedure. My brother is a resident of Spain and will be taking admission in a University. Thanks beforehand.
Ehsan Alam - Wed 3rd Apr 2013
Nats / Marcus : In order to even get as far as making your application to be a Spanish CITIZEN you must first have lived / been LEGALLY RESIDENT in Spain for the qualifying period of time.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 28th Mar 2013
I am Eritrean living in Suadi Arabia, i always wanted to go to Spain and i am about to apply to get a visa, my family my job is all in Saudi Arabia but i admire Spain and i want to apply for the nationality. I read whats needed and my papers are legal. What should my next step be?
Nats Dani - Thu 28th Mar 2013
My mother was born in Spain. My grandmother was born and lived there until she was 20. My great grandmother still resides in Spain. I am 29 and would like to become part of the EU without necessarily residing within the country of Spain. Could I still become obtain a Spanish visa? If so what steps would I need to take?
Marcus - Mon 4th Mar 2013
Jerome : Sorry to sound vague here, but how should we know ?.... Have you tried asking him ? ... Have you tried looking under the Sofa ?... Assuming you are advising us that Grandfather has passed away and do not know the whereabouts of his Birth Certificate, you could try contacting the Ministry of Justice by clicking the link>> HERE <<.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 4th Mar 2013
how can i find my grand fathers birth certificate?
Jerome - Mon 4th Mar 2013

@ Jerome : The first step is finding a copy of your Grandfather's Birth Certificate to support your application.

@ Mike : Difficult to give an exact timescale as each application is considered on its induvidual merits, depending on a number of different things such as the quality of your supporting documents, and the current backlog in the office where you make your application.

Tumbit - Admin - Sun 3rd Mar 2013
I want to inquire how to acquire spanish nationality as my grandfather Jesus Lazaraga Solchaga was a Spaniard.
Jerome Solchaga Decolongon - Sun 3rd Mar 2013
My partner is Brazillian and lived in spain for 5 years, in August he applied for nationality. he has has an interview with police and before that he had his documents translated from Brazil... Have you have had any recent posts lately of people stating how long then waited. I know it can take 6-18 months for this to be completed but generally is is the earlier or latter of that wait time... Thanks
Mike - Thu 28th Feb 2013
Khan : For one you say that your Wife was born and raised in Spain - but does she hold Spanish Citizenship herself ? If this IS the case then you are able to APPLY for citizenship for yourself after 12 months of being legally resident here in Spain.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 6th Feb 2013
Hi there, My question is quite similar to Sol, My legal residency in Spain on 10th of march 2013 will be completed,do u think I can then apply for citizenship? And the other question is,xdoes this time scale starts on the day i arrived to Spain or when i legally got registered on the house address i am living? Thank you
Khan - Wed 6th Feb 2013
Sol : Even though you are married to a Spanish Citizen, your Residency lapses as soon as you are no longer "Resident" in Spain. You will need to have been legally Resident in Spain for a continuous period of 12 months before making the application for Spanish Citizenship.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 6th Feb 2013
I am a Spanish Residence since April 2011 married to a Spanish Citizen since Jan 2011. I lived in Spain till 2012 end. Which I completed one year residency in Spain after getting the Residence card. Now I live in Dubai for work. Does this will effect my citizenship process? Which I am planing on doing it in few months. Could anyone kindly help me with this infos please. Thanks.
Sol - Wed 6th Feb 2013
Khan : No.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 6th Feb 2013
Hi I am a Pakistani national living in Spain with my wife who was born and raised in Spain, I have also obtained a residence card My query is I have been living in Spain with my wife since march till today 06-02-13. Am I eligible now to apply for a citizenship/passport? I look forward to hearing from expert people on here. Thanks
Khan - Wed 6th Feb 2013
Rosemary : How long have you been legally resident for in Spain ? - Also, in certain cases you can still apply for Citizenship through your former Partner, even though you are Divorced. However, I would recommend that you discussed this with an experienced lawyer.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 24th Jan 2013
I have a working permit, residing in Spain. Was married and now divorced to Spanish National. Now seeking for Spanish Nationality as my 2 children were born in Spain and reside in Spain. I don't want to leave them behind. Please give me details of procedures to obtain Spanish nationality. I am a non Euro National, from the Seychelles islands . Thanking you
Rosemary Cobian - Wed 23rd Jan 2013
Hi Kaiser,

I recommend contact Vicente Albert (, a sworn translator working in Valencia.

Failing that, try searching the list of sworn translators that appears on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website ( You'll find the list in the "Ciudadania" section of the right-hand menu.

Dixon Sl - Tue 15th Jan 2013
Dear TUMBIT, can you please suggest me a Government office or any particular registration agency in Valencia where they translate official documents from English to Spanish. Please reply as early as possible. Thanks beforehand.
Kaiser - Tue 15th Jan 2013
Jeff : bureaucracy probably runs slower here in Spain than anywhere else, so you have to bear with us ! - In the meantime you might find one of the latest news stories on the subject of interest,which you can read by clicking > HERE <
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 11th Jan 2013
The Spanish Gov't announced in November that Sephardic Jews will have an easier citizenship....the consulates abroad tells that we have not received any formal documentation for this yet.... The Royal Decree has to approve it in Spain about this law??
Jeff Besken - Fri 11th Jan 2013
Ali : The 1st thing to be aware of is that Citizenship and Residency are w totally different things - and that you can not become a Citizen without 1st becoming a resident, so I would suggest that you read that section of our site by clicking the link >> HERE << , as it may answer many of your questions.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 3rd Jan 2013
Hi, How are you. I am from Pakistan. I would like to know how a Pakistani person can apply for the immigration to Spain. Is there any skilled worker list sort of policy ? Kindly help me out. Thank you
Ali Raza - Thu 3rd Jan 2013
Hi, Can somebody please tell me how much the application cost for Spanish nationality? I have looked on loads of websites and cannot find a price anywhere.
Sara - Tue 11th Dec 2012
Please give more information : After 10 years residency how much time do I need to apply for citizenship ?
Asifanoor - Sun 9th Dec 2012
Veena : each application for Citizenship is dealt with on it's own merits - as such there isn't really a fixed term when you can expect your application to be finalised. It could take anywhere between 6 and 24 months.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 26th Nov 2012
Hi, I've submitted my application for nationality, I need to know how long it could take. I heard on the 25th Oct 2012 the Justice Minister said reduce time and want to know is it true ?Wwhat is legal time to get nationality ?
Veena - Mon 26th Nov 2012
@Addison : Don't worry mate, nobody is going to start war in order to obtain just a citizenship. As Senior Tumbit suggested, get a formidable grip on Spanish, esp few conversation, general knowledge and there you go. Spain is perhaps the most beautiful country & one of the best developed nation but it is quite ironic that only 9% of the population speak English (quite humiliating & embarrassing). I feel sorry, but nothing can be done at this moment, we are in a cliffhanging & turmoil state, everything will be revived in 6-7 years. Till then good luck, have patience, keep the determination and courage going and we will be out of this dilemma very soon. ¡Viva España
Alyce Cortes - Wed 21st Nov 2012
Antony : Your question is related more towards Residency than Citizenship, so you may find more answers by clicking the link >> HERE <<.

Tumbit - Admin - Mon 19th Nov 2012
Hi, i have been working in spain since the year 2007 may; i always get a nine month visa each year but i have to go back home and sign at the embassy each time my visa expires but sometimes i get extentions. Do i have a right to apply a permanent residence? your help will be highly appreciated.
Antony Kaburu. - Mon 19th Nov 2012
Addison : The interview will be in Spanish, so you would be well advised to take steps to imrove your language between now and your interview !
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 16th Nov 2012
Hola! I will be submitting the necessary documents along with the desired papers to obtain a Spanish Citizenship in the beginning of next year. My wife is Spanish, however, from the Ministry of Justice they asked me that there will be a formal interview with one of their staff in the presence of my wife. My question is, will the interview be conducted in English or Spanish. I do not have any knowledge or idea of Spanish and thanks to the unemployment & crisis that I have never been able to find a job. Any advice or suggestion will be highly gratified.
Addison - Fri 16th Nov 2012
Tommy : Firstly - your Son needs to have been living in Spain legally and with Resential status for a period of 1 Year BEFORE he can even apply for Citizenship. Once you have done this, then you can apply for Citizenship for your son IF you have his Birth Certificate showing his mother to be a Spanish Citizen - if not you should obtain a duplicate copy.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 15th Nov 2012
Hi, my son was born in England, his mother is a Spanish citizen after he was six months old she ran away and I was forced to return to Nigeria so that my family can help me take care of him. I wasn't married to his mother and I can't find her anywhere, I had to apply for a Nigerian passport for my son in order for us to travel back to Nigeria. The question is can he still apply for a Spanish passport based on his mother's nationality and if so what are the necessary steps to follow. Thanks.
Tommy Jones - Thu 15th Nov 2012
Mack : It would be difficult to comment without knowing either the reasons for the refusal or your grounds for application.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 11th Oct 2012
Hi i am waiting for my communtario 10 yrs residency and i submitted in january 2012 and then was an objection and via recurso made on 14th of May still its in Via Recurso the problem is i cant work cant leave the country what should i do the lawyers are also saying i have to wait or apply newly what the hell should i do please do advice as i cannot contact personaly the head of malaga Extranjeria its now for me a pain and head ache as my wife need sto be operated and i cannot travel ..... please advice me as my lawyers they say wait
Mack - Wed 10th Oct 2012
Mary : Of course you can still claim eligibility if your Great-Grandfather was born in Spain - it is just that (unless you have any other grounds for eligibility) - you will need to have been resident here for 10 years as opposed to 1 year before you can apply.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 28th Sep 2012
Is it possible to be eligible for Spanish Citzenship if my great grandfather was the one born in Spain?
Mary - Thu 27th Sep 2012
Dear Admin, I am from Bangladesh, will be submitting the necessary documents beginning of next year to apply for Spanish citizenship, but need to know one vital information. In case of obtaining the police clearance certificate, how can this be done since I have no one who lives in Bangladesh and cannot do this on behalf of me. Is it possible to acquire P.C through the embassy or consulate. Additional question : and could you please explain about birth certificate. Thank you. PLEASE HELP ME.
Ryan Sabbir - Mon 24th Sep 2012
What facilities are available & entitled if a baby is born in Spain. Could someone explain why accommodation & food is quite expensive in Spain along with inadequate pay scale. I was wondering countries like France, Germany, Scotland, Netherlands and few other EU nations pays a lot. Although now we are on crisis but things started to look promising and since Spain is renown for being one of the richest and technologically developed nation then why we the citizens are treated like this. We have experience, qualification, versatility, expertise, skills yet the salary is not up to the mark to set a fruitful future for us or for our kids. English has been one huge drawback, if the government imposes or give permission different multinational companies to operate in Spain then 10-12% of the unemployment rate can be easily filled and everyone will have the urge to learn English and education needs to be made cheaper. LA BOLSA DE MADRID is finally progressing well, at least one good sign.
Kimberly Martinez - Wed 12th Sep 2012
hi i am from nepal and recently have got my spanish passport, i am interested to study in university of southern europe located in barcelona. can i get study loan or financial help. i would like to do half of the studies in barcelona and the rest half in switzerland. i am a little confused, tensed, anxious, worried since i am not solvent enough to pay the entire tuition fees. what are the procedures and if i can obtain the help what documents do i require in order to acquire financial assistance. please be explicit. thanks.
Noel Chakma - Wed 12th Sep 2012
Sam, It is hilarious, when I first learned about this I too thought it was crazy, except it's true.
Chuck - Wed 12th Sep 2012
Sam : You are making the mistake of assuming that everybody is making their application for citizenship from the same circumstances, same nationality, and for the same reasons.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 11th Sep 2012
I am not entirely convinced if the provided information is correct or authentic. Usually one gets to hold the residency card for 5 years and then renew, but once you apply for the citizenship it does not take any longer than 8 months, although most suggests 6 months. Common for some people who lived here for 10 years needs another 5 years to receive the passport ? Hilarious :)
Sam - Tue 11th Sep 2012
hello Naveed, The processing time is up to 5 years after you applied for citizenship. That's correct, up to 5 years, so it can be as long as 5 years, but maybe only 2 years. You should have figured this out first before you applied, I am surprised you didn't know this.
Chuck - Tue 11th Sep 2012
Naveed Jilani - Mon 10th Sep 2012
Hey Chuck, thanks again for the reply. I do understand what you've said, but in addition, I thought that Spain also explicitly allowed people to keep their former citizenship (no matter what that is) in the case of marriage, whereas people who become Spanish citizens by means other than marriage could only keep their former citizenship if it was on the list of recognized countries (Philippines, Portugal, most Latin American countries, etc.). Anyone know if this is true?
Miller - Mon 10th Sep 2012
Hey Miller, It is true in some instances, for example the U.S. This is because the US government allows dual citizenship. The Spanish law does not permit its citizens holding US and Spanish dual citizenship, however the Spanish government appears to be not enforcing this law. As many of you know, in Spain there is the law and then there is the administration of laws which could totally change the end effect of the law. You will be required to make an oath to relinquish all your previous citizenship, but that oath alone is not legally sufficient for you to expatriate under US law. So in essence it depends on what the law is in your old country regarding acquisition of another citizenship and what act will be deemed legally sufficient for you to lose your previous citizenship. Have I answered your question?
Chuck - Sun 9th Sep 2012
(Thanks Chuck) Is it true that anyone (for example, a US citizen) becoming a Spanish citizen through marriage can retain their previous citizenship, not just citizens of Latin American countries, Philippines, etc.? Many thanks in advance.
Miller - Sun 9th Sep 2012

Zamrana : The answers to both of those questions are addressed in our "Motoring" section, which you can see by clicking on the link >> HERE <<.

Tumbit - Admin - Fri 7th Sep 2012
Hey ! I am from Valencia, could you please tell me how to obtain the driving license. i am a rookie so i would be getting into a driving school. how do they prepare, how much does it cost, how many months usually they provide the training & finally if possible refer some schools. thanks.
Zamrana - Fri 7th Sep 2012
Hey Miller, The answer to your question is NO. Civil partnership won't get you that passport, only marriage.
Chuck - Mon 3rd Sep 2012
Hello - Does Spain have some sort of "civil partnership" short of marriage, but available to opposite sex couples as well as same-sex couples, and which would qualify the non-Spanish partner to apply for Spanish citizenship after 1 year of residence in Spain, same as for a married partner? Also, isn't it true that anyone (for example, a US citizen) becoming a Spanish citizen through marriage (and civil partnership?) can retain their previous citizenship, not just citizens of Latin American countries, Philippines, etc.? Many thanks in advance.
Miller - Sun 2th Sep 2012
Bel : Unless you are from Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal, Jewish of Spanish origin, or from South America then NO. And even then you must have held Spanish residency for at least 2 years before you can so much as apply.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 22th Aug 2012
I plan to study in spain for 2 years or more. Can I apply for Spanish nationality after 2 years of schooling in Spain?
Bel Aquino - Wed 22th Aug 2012
Prakash : The form you need to complete will depend upon your circumstances and reasons under which you are eligible to apply for Spanish Citizenship.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 21st Aug 2012
Hi, How are you... please can you tell me which form I must submit to get Spanish Nationality ?
Prakash - Tue 21st Aug 2012
Ahemed : As a Non-EU National you will still require a visa to travel to these other countries, and likewise you will not recieve any financial assistance to study here in Spain.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 12th Aug 2012
Dear Sir, I am from Bangladesh, currently I am a Spanish resident, I was wondering if I am allowed to travel to countries like UK, France, Germany with ID Card along with my passport, or do I have to obtain a visa. Finally, if I would like to study MBA in Spain, can I receive financial help from the government ( before or after I become a citizen ). Thank you, looking forward to hear from you soon.
Ahmed Jawad - Sat 11th Aug 2012
Veena : What do you mean by a "New" Passport ? - If you mean a replacement for a Spanish passpsort that is about to expire, tnen 4 - 6 weeks is usually sufficient.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 8th Aug 2012
Hi, I just want to know the legal time period for new passport processing kindly send me info. kind regards
Veena - Wed 8th Aug 2012
Ahsan : I think you are confusing Spanish Citizenship reuirements with obtaining Residency here in Spain - they are 2 completely different things, and you must have Residency BEFORE you can become a Citizen - you can click >>HERE<< to read how to become a Resident of Spain.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 28th Jul 2012
I am a Pakistani with a Pakistani passport, and want open a takeway busines in spain - Can I become an atonomo to get a passport ?
Ahsan Ali - Sat 28th Jul 2012
Ivan : It can take many months - years even - to obtain citizenship. There is no set period of time it should take as this can depend on a number of variables.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 16th Jul 2012
Help & solution needed. I am from Moncada, Spain. After several months of struggle & hard work finally i have managed to take appointment to submit the papers to receive the citizenship. but now my friend wants to do the same but for some reason the website is not working for few weeks ( perhaps the process has been shut down or maybe they are no longer taking applicants), on the other hand i am a little worried, by any chance, could it be possible that i have to re-register again. One last question, after i submit my papers how long do i have to wait to receive the passport.
Ivan Ivanovich - Mon 16th Jul 2012

Mack : The short and easy answer is to get a professional Immigration lawyer involved as soon as possible. Your is a complicated case and you could waste further time, money and resources trying to tackle this any further yourself.

Imran : This isn't really the page to be discussing language on, but you might like to look on Amazon for their learning Castilian DVD's or CD's. Regardless of how much time you spend studying you are also very unlikely to get anywhere close to fluency with a bare minimum of 12 months practical study here in Spain.

Tumbit - Admin - Mon 16th Jul 2012
Hello ! I am from India & having a hell of a time to find a job in Valencia since I do not speak Spanish, although i hold a graduate degree but to find work in Spain I need to speak, read, write & understand Spanish moderately well. On the other hand the private institution are quite expensive, so I was wondering are there any reasonable institution or government agencies or non-profit organization who provided the course in less amount. One last question, how long does it take to learn Spanish, how many hours, days and any recommended books. Thanks.
Imran Khan - Mon 16th Jul 2012
Hi i got a question i renewed my Comuntario residencx in Jan 12 and its my 2nd in april i received the no fanrable and the cause was that the marriage verzificate is not attested which was not apostiled so i did the Recurso and did it from the Copenhagen foreign office and as the marriage certificate comes traslated so i didt did the traslation in spanish and no 1 did the translation of the back stamped as its a translated document and after 2 months again i have been decied by Denegado No faborablem now even the wrost case is my wife is with her parents as they are old and sick and i cant leave the country so what should i do , though i have again taken the new date for the renovation of Documents in malaga and some are advising me to go to Judge rapido as i have been removed from my work as the social security siad i have no permission to work please what should i do? and its really a big problem as i havent meet my inlaws and met my wife for over 2 months cabt take paro & cant work
Mack - Mon 16th Jul 2012
Min : This is complex situation which you would be better of discussing with an experienced Immigration Lawyer, however our understanding is that A) Yes, you would have to renoune your Taiwanese Citizenship and, B) That the 2 year citizenship clause WOULD apply, regardless of the country of your birth.
Tumbit - Sat 14th Jul 2012
Thanks for the reply Tumbit. I believe that it is to my understanding that the Spanish government normally does not accept dual citizenship unless it is for Iberoamerica, etc.? Which Taiwan would not be part of. My question here is that: Do I have to give up my Taiwanese citizenship PRIOR to the 2 years residence in Spain? The same 2 years residence condition apply for citizens of Costa Rica that were NOT born but acquired citizenship? Thanks a lot.
Min - Sat 14th Jul 2012

Min : I know it is an Olympic year, but wasn't aware that there was a medal for the most number of Citizenships held ?

- I am guessing that you acquired Costa Rican Citizenship as opposed to being a Costa Rica National ? This being the case you would have to give up one of these Citizenships before applying for Spanish.

Tumbit - Admin - Wed 11th Jul 2012
Would the following condition apply?: I am born in Taiwan, and say I have a Costa Rican nationality and passport (dual Taiwan and Costa Rica), would this make me eligible for the two-year residency terms to be able to obtain the Spanish citizenship? Please advise. Also I will have to give up my Taiwanese citizenship?
Min - Wed 11th Jul 2012
Elizabeth : You need to be aware that obtaining your NIE , Residencia and Citizenship are three totally different and separate processes, which you will need to undertake one at a time. If you click on the "Legal Formalities" section of our How To Guides you will find further details on how to go about this.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 11th Jul 2012
I am a little confused about how to obtain both the resident & citizenship of Spain. My husband is Spanish, I was wondering what papers do i need to pick up the NIE ( the location or address ) & how long do i have to wait to apply for my citizenship ( what papers & documents do i need to submit ). I am from Castellon.
Elizabeth Banks - Wed 11th Jul 2012
@Kevin, viva España! Moving to the UK is very easy, although initially it can be expensive especially if you are wanting to study there. Costs for courses vary but there are grants available from Spain to study in the UK. The legal procedures are extremely simple. You do NOT need any special permission to reside, study and/or work in the UK. You only need to apply for a National Insurance Number, equivalent to Spanish NIE/DNI, which as a European citizen you WILL be entitled to. Health services will be free as they are charged to Spain, however to avoid any compliations make sure you take out long-term medical insurance including repatriaion back to Spain. Any experience or qualifications you gain in the UK are extremely sought after by employers around the world. ¡Buena suerte! / Good luck!!
José Rodriguez - Sun 8th Jul 2012
Thanks for those few kind words Kev, and glad you find the site of interest. As a native Spaniard (especially one who obviously knows English as well as you do), the documentation and legal procedures required to live and work in the UK are much easier than a Brit would find moving to Spain. Although the UK economy and employment situation is by no means booming, it is certainly better than Spain's, so I can understand your predicament. I will ask a Spanish friend who has made a similar move to post later with a few comments & tips...
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 7th Jul 2012
Dear Tumbit, I have been reading your posts for quite sometime & I must admit that not often we get to find or see such generous and honest person who is willingly to help others without any self-interest. It is an honor & privilege to see that someone like you still exists on this cruel world. I was wondering, being a Spanish citizen, will it be favorable to study in UK and find myself a job since the recession in Spain is getting worst day by day. I do not see any future for another 4-5 years and as one of my fellow friend mentioned, that it is even quite difficult to consider investing in Spain at present condition. Do I require any documents or permission to reside in UK to work & study for a long period of time. Any suggestion or advice will be highly appreciated. Thank you & keep up the good work. Wishes from Spain.
Kevin Rutherford - Sat 7th Jul 2012
Mack : It would be difficult to comment without knowing more about your personal circumstances and your current Nationality etc... If you have not done so already I would certainly recommend that you aquired the services of an Abogado who specialises in citizenship issues.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 5th Jul 2012
I am married to German wife for the last 6 years i renewed my documents and first they said not favouable as i need to have married certificate translated and appostile which i did and it was in via recourso now again its not favaourable, what should i do as i been told now my status is illeagle and i even have been stoped to work by social security now what should i do which i presented and now even cant travel to see my wife as she is taking care of her ill parents,i been asked to go to judge or wait as what the letter says ?please never been illeagle and whats the solution? cant even get my benefits of unemployed and my how can i manage our selfs?
Mack - Thu 5th Jul 2012
Veena : Providing your documentation is all correct it could be anywhere between 6 to 18 months.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 4th Jul 2012
I'm so thankful to you for providing assistance and info. I just wanna know if a person apply Spanish passport how long would it takes for Legal processing time ?
Veena Motwani - Wed 4th Jul 2012
I was wondering due to immense recession problems in Spain what is the future for those who are unemployed, on the other hand are there any opportunities for pupil who speaks English but does not have any knowledge on Spanish ? I believe the only way to recover quickly from this position would be operating more multinational companies along with Call Centers that may produce huge amount of employee support - on the other hand would greatly strengthen the Spanish economy and rectify La Bolsa De Madrid, otherwise things would get more austerity & atrocious. Finally in a way all the Spaniards would love to learn english not for employment but as a hobby and for better opportunities. This is my suggestion & point of view.
Daniel - Wed 27th Jun 2012
Hi, how are you ? - I will complete 10 yr in April 2013.. I am not married... I will apply for nationality of Spain maybe in first week of May ... can u please tell me how long it takes to get spanish passport.. I have been in spain since 13 april 2003... with work permit.. thanks a lot waiting for your early response prakash
Prakash - Wed 20th Jun 2012
Sharon : If you and your partner are British Citizens, then your child will automatically become a British Citizen by default.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 20th Jun 2012
Rajib : The exact length of time taken between submitting your application and recieving your Citizenship can vary depending upon your personal circumstances and the quality of your supporting documentation. In good circumstances it can take as little as 6 months, while in other circumstances it can take much, much longer !
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 20th Jun 2012
I have spanish residency but british passport. My son was born in Spain. How do I apply for a spanish passport for him. I have his birth certificate issued by the local council.
Sharon - Wed 20th Jun 2012
I am from Asia, my wife is Spanish, currently i am holding the resident card, on the other hand i have to submit the papers to apply for the passport on February 2012, my question is, how long does it take to get the passport after successful submission of all the documents the ministry require. Thank you.
Rajib - Sat 16th Jun 2012
Robert : Yes, either you or your parents (or Both) can apply for Spanish Citizenship - However, this is conditional on you applying once you have served the minimum required of residency here in Spain, which may prove to be the tricky part !
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 16th Jun 2012
I have a few great grandparents who were born in Spain. Although they migrated to Cuba they have Spanish birth certificates. My mother has these birth certificates of our Spanish born grandparents. Can we or I apply and recieve Spanish citizenship ?
Robert A. Alfonso - Sat 16th Jun 2012
I already submitted all the required documents this morning (May 17,2012) in Torrejon de Ardoz. What is the next step?
Jbsolis - Thu 17th May 2012
Cristina : Yes, if you renounce your Canadian Citizenship and regain your Filipino Citizenship, you can then APPLY for Spanish Citizenship after you have been officially and legally resident here in Spain for a period of 2 years.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 14th May 2012
Thank you - what if I apply for a Philippine passport? Would that make any difference?
Cristina - Mon 14th May 2012
Cristina : No, as Canadian citizens you will now no longer be able to take advantage of the privileges extended to Filipinos.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 14th May 2012
Hi, my parents and I were born in the Philippines, but we are now Canadian citizens. I have been studying here in Spain for the past 2 years and wondered if I can apply for citizenship by having the Filipino nationality and residency in Spain for 2 years? I do not have a Philippine passport and only hold a Canadian passport. Thanks
Cristina - Mon 14th May 2012
Prakash : It really depends upon the quality of your supporting documentation and your reason for applying (IE through marriage; period of residence etc..). I have heard of some applications being granted after just 6 months, whereas others can often take much longer.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 6th May 2012
Hi, after applying for spanish nationality how long will I have to wait to get spanish passport... ?
Prakash - Sat 5th May 2012
A few people I know who have applied for citizenship based on marriage have said that the wait time AFTER application is about 3 to 4 years! Even though the law requires the government to make a decision within one year, but in practice nothing is done for several years. So for those of you who thinks this is going to be a quickie, think agian!
Chuck - Tue 17th Apr 2012
Sunil : No - You can only begin your application for Spanish Citizenship once you have been legally resident in Spain for 12 months.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 17th Apr 2012
Hello my name is Sunil and i am a Asian married to a Spaniard . We have been living in the UK for three years already but almost one year of being married. My question is if I can apply for my Spanish passport being resident in the UK after 1 year of marriage ??
Sunil Pun - Tue 17th Apr 2012
I am married to a Spanish woman and my one year of Residence is coming up on July of 2012. Having said that, I would like to know what documents do I require to submit to get the Passport. Furthermore, am I eligible to travel to EU countries with my current Resident Card. Finally, I am from Asia, so does this works the same for me that I have to forfeit my country´s Nationality. Thank you.
Rajib - Wed 4th Apr 2012
Sol : As far as I am aware you shouldn't encounter a problem, but you would be better putting these questions to a Lawyer : In Valencia City I can recommend you contact Martin at Poveda Hayes Abogados.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 20th Mar 2012

My one year of Residence in Spain is coming up in April 27, based on my marriage to a Spaniard.

1: I have established a good character in the society with out any criminal recored.

2: I have been paying my Social security for a year now.

3: I am an self employed and did not make any money. But I did not file a tax for this year. But I made sure to pay my SS every month.

My question to you will be Since, I did not file a tax for 2011 will it be a problem for my citizenship? I did not get any income for 2011.

Also,Could you kindly recommend a good lawyer in Valencia city for my Citizenship, based on my marriage. Thanks for your great help.

Sol - Tue 20th Mar 2012
Shamsher : When and where were you divorced ? Did you notify the immigration office of this, and if so, when ? You 'should' be able to get "Residencia de larga duracion", which allows you to live and work in Spain for 5 years. As soon as you have this you can apply to change it to "residencia permanente EU" if you cab proove you have a contract of employment.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 20th Mar 2012
Vina : Once you have Spanish Citizenship you will be able to work in other EU Countries, just as any other native born EU Citizen is able to. However, you should not go to work in another country UNTIL you have this.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 20th Mar 2012
Hello, I've been completed 10 years legally in Spain and now im appling for nationality. Is it possible after appling nationality can I work other European Countries ? Will my application continue ?
Vina - Tue 20th Mar 2012

My EX-wife Portugeesa (divorced after 05 years). Now my residency family comunatario Card (05 years) has expired now. Now after divorce I m applying for new card.

My question is: -

1. which card i will receive now? (larga duracion or permanente familiar de la union)

2.How long is its validity?

3. Is this card valid for to do work in whole of EU ?

Shamsher - Fri 16th Mar 2012
John : My understanding is that yes, you must be living in Spain (Resident) for 12 months before you can even apply to be a citizen. The Libro just confirms your status as the family member of a Spanish citizen. I know of a number of Lawyers who are experts in this field if you like me to recommend them to you ... ?
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 14th Mar 2012
Thanks Tumbit. So to get the Spanish nationality do I have to live in Spain even when I have registered my marriage in the Spanish embassy here in London And el libro de familia was given to me??
John M - Tue 13th Mar 2012
Hello my name is John I am Colombian married to a Spaniard . We have been living in the UK for three years already but almost one year of being married. My question is if I can apply for my Spanish passport being resident in the UK after 1 year of marriage ??
John Martínez - Tue 13th Mar 2012
Hello, I am an American and my girlfriend is a Spanish citizen. We would like to move back to Spain and live there for the foreseeable future. However, we are not looking to get married at this time, so I have the following questions: 1. Is the Spanish "Union Registrada" available for opposite-sex couples as well as for same-sex couples? 2. If we are able to register as opposite-gender couple, how long do I have to wait before I can apply to be a Spanish citizen? I read that for married couples, it is one year of continuous residency in Spain, but is this the same for opposite-gender registered partners as well? Thanks, Chuck
Chuck - Mon 27th Feb 2012
Thanks a lot for you info Tumbit. I will try to apply for my citizenship soon. Do you think I should get a lawyer or is it easy to take care of it by my self? Regarding the UK visa. I am getting lots of contradicting messages. Some place it says I will not have any problem as long as I travel with my spouse to the UK. But If I travel by myself even with my EU residence card. I still need a visa. Well, I will try to get hold of the UK consulate people, if I can. Once again thanks for your help.
Sol - Thu 23rd Feb 2012

Sol : I would surmise that your legal residential status began on 27-01-2011, and therefore you can submit your application for Citizenship on 27-04-2012.

According to the UK Border Agency website, as the Spouse of an EU Citizen you are not required to apply for aen entry visa when you supply the appropriate supporting documents.

Tumbit - Admin - Thu 23rd Feb 2012
Hello Tumbit, We have been married since Jan 10 2011. Yes, we are still married. Yes, I am self employed (Autonomo). Yes, I pay my SS dues every month.
Sol - Thu 23rd Feb 2012
Sol : To start with it would be necessary to know : Are you STILL married ? For how long ? Are you working legally here in Spain, or have you ever contributed into the SS system ?
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 21st Feb 2012
Hello Tumbit, How are you? I got two questions. 1: I have been married to a Spanish Citizen. I have already for my Regimen Comunitario, the expiration date on the card says 27-04-2016. But it does not say when it was issued. My question is when does my 1 year of residence starts from? Does it mean I can start applying for my Citizenship on 27-04-2012 ? 2: I hold an Indian passport. Due to my job I will be going to the UK a lot as a visit. Do, I need visa to go to the UK? Or can I carry my passport and my Regimen Comunitario Card? If I do need a visa to the UK what kind of visa should I request? If you could kindly help me with these questions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Best Regards, Sol
Sol - Mon 20th Feb 2012
I think spain should change it's policy for Asians and others for getting nationality. For South Americans it's 2 years and for us its 10 years why??? didnt you people think its discrimination..???? I think spain disturb more immigrantes than other nations !
Dogle - Sun 12th Feb 2012
So after my interveiw I got the ok from Logrono and they have given me the green light to send my documents to Madrid - so what will be the next process can anyone tell me ?
Ali Ahmad - Sat 11th Feb 2012
Ali, There is rush of applications in Logrono for nationality cases so it could be little bit late , at present, the application normally takes two to two and half years in completion of the process. However, it depends upon the case individually and accuracy of the documents as such factors in this direction.
Naveed - Mon 6th Feb 2012
Hi I am from Pakistan and my wife is spanish, I already submitted my documents for nationality I got my interveiw date after three and half months and it all went well from my point of veiw . We subimitted the documnets in Logrono. Now my question is how long does it takes to become a national ? Its already been almost 6 months,any suggestion what can I do thanks ?
Ali Ahmad - Mon 6th Feb 2012

Ahmad : As the Husband of a Spanish Citizen you can apply for a Spanish Passport / Citizenship after being legally Resident in Spain for 1 year. Depending on the quality of you supporting documentation the process could take between 6 - 18 months. The first and most difficult part for you to address here is your Residency.

Jemima : It really depends upon how long you were considering leaving the country for.

Tumbit - Admin - Thu 2th Feb 2012
Hi, I am from Afganistan and am living in Dubai as a resident with my wife who is Spanish and we get marred before 2 years here in Dubai, so my question is can Iapply for Spanish passport ? how and how long does it take ? Thank you
Ahmad - Thu 2th Feb 2012
Hi, I just wanted to ask if I can go back to my country P.I while my papers (Spanish Citizenship) are on process? thank you.
Jemima - Thu 2th Feb 2012
Sachin : Given that your Mother has Spanish citizenship through Residency, then you should be eligible to apply for Citizenship for yourself once you have been legally resident in Spain yourself for a period of 1 year.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 27th Jan 2012
Hi, I have Indian citizenship and an Indian passport. Now I am studying in UK since 3 years. While I was in the UK my mother has married Spanish man 2 years ago. Now she is living in Spain and she has got Spanish citizenship. So can I apply for Spanish citizenship? Is it possible? Now I am 26 years old.
Sachin Singh - Fri 27th Jan 2012

The only way you can obtain a Spanish passport is to obtain Spanish Citizenship, and to do that you need to have been Resident in Spain for a quaifying period of time - in your case it would be 1 year. However, the question remains : Where are you legally resident at the moment ?

If it is the UK, then you will need to make your application once you have moved back to Spain and been resident for a period of 1 year.

IF you are in the Uk but still legally resident here in Spain then (Providing you use a Spanish postal address and can make yourself available for interviews) then you should be ok.

The application process can take anywhere between 6 to 18 months depending on the quality of your supporting documentation, but in most cases of Citizenship through marriage to a national it is often much less.

Tumbit - Admin - Wed 18th Jan 2012
Hi, I would like to know if I can apply for my spanish passport while living here in the UK with my Spanish husband, as I have a spanish resident card and married in Granada, Spain in 1998. Please advise me how long it would take to receive my spanish passport, as I am only short of my antecedentes in US and my Apostille forms, which I can get within 1 month.
Carol Boggs - Tue 17th Jan 2012
Thanks a lot :)
Mack - Wed 4th Jan 2012
Mack : The 10 year period only begins once you have legally been awarded residency here in Spain - so you will need to wait a further 5 years before you can apply for Citizenship
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 4th Jan 2012
Hi I an a Non .E U national from India and came here to Spain on study visa, now living in spain for 8 years of which 3 years were as a student and the rest as a resident , do u think that for applying my passport I have to wait 2 years or more 5 years as the whole time as a resident will be counted from the date as i entered to Spain as a student 2003 or from when my student case was changed to a a normal resident in 2006 thanks
Mack - Wed 4th Jan 2012
Vina : your Spanish nationality can take anywhere between 6 - 18 months to be officially confirmed depending upon your grounds for application and the strength of your supporting documents. You would be well advised not to work outside of Spain until you have been awarded Citizenship.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 14th Nov 2011
Hi I'm Vina,since 10years i,ve been living in Spain but I'm an Indian national. Can I apply Spanish nationality and after applying nationality can I live work another European country? how much time need to get nationality?. thanx Best regards Vina Motwani
Vina - Sun 13th Nov 2011
Hi again, but is it possible to go back home like in my country during the processing of the documents?
Jemima - Fri 4th Nov 2011
HI any one knows about the passport for applying for UK EEA permit. i got an appointment next week and i have applied for the new passport and my passport expire in next month. will they say no or yes help
Motho - Fri 4th Nov 2011
Jemima, you can apply for Spanish Citizenship as the spouse of a Spanish National once you have been legally resident for in Spain for 12 months. However, the application can take between 6 - 18 months until you are finally awarded citizenship.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 4th Nov 2011
Hi, just wanna ask a question. I got married in Philipines last year sept with a Spanish guy, and I came here in Spain this feb, I have 5 years residency and I am wishing to visit my family next year, but my husband said that I should get my spanish nationality first, how long does it usually takes before to get it?
Jemima - Thu 3rd Nov 2011
So if I understand this article correctly I can apply for Spanish citizenship being my grandmother was born in Spain? My grandmother came to the U.S. as a little girl with her family, she died 20 years ago. Do I need to live in Spain for a year before applying? What type of information is needed regarding my grandmother? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Missy Crossland - Mon 31st Oct 2011
Hola, I just want to know about if possible for me to apply a tourist visa going to spain this coming december. I'm a Filipina and married with spanish man. If I apply right now the registro civil I dont have time because as i know it takes time to get to know the result for applying visa for married.i want to visit my husband in spain this coming december and after december i want to cming back also to my country to apply our registro civil.but first i just want to apply for tourist visa and if possible to get a tourist visa as soon as possible.thank you please i want to know your reply and anyone to help me those questions.thank you in advance
Joann - Fri 21st Oct 2011
Mapon : You are eligible to begin the process to applt for Spanish Citizenship once you have held residential status for a period of 10 years (unless you are eligible to apply in other circumstances). The application process usually takes between 12 - 18 months, and varies depending on the quality of your supporting documentation. Unless they choose to apply seperately, your children can apply for citizenship as the family member of a Spanish Citizen (you), but can only do this once you have been officially awarded your new status.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 24th Sep 2011
I have one more query, Tumbit, that is bothering me- My daughter also has her resident card renewal at the same time, for the same period. However, she is studing in the UK since Sept 2011. She has a 4 yr UK visa stamped in her passport (as that is the duration of her degree course), and has been coming home to Spain during her holidays. I would like to know if there is a limit to the number of days or a period of time one can stay outside the country, to be eligible for the renewal of resident card. Will this have an impact at the time of application of renewal process done by her while she is here.? Please guide!
Mapon - Wed 21st Sep 2011
Hi, I am a resident of Spain, living and working here since 2000. I am of Indian origin. In May 2012, I will be renewing my resident card for the 2nd time for the 5 year validity (currently, it is valid for 5 years- 2007- 2012). I would like to apply for Spanish nationalty. Can you please tell me when am I eligible to do so? Can I apply for Spanish nationality now, or do I have to wait after my next renewal in 2012? Could you also tell me how long is the process. Likewise, I would like to apply for my children too, who are adults (19 yrs and 24 yrs), but dependant on me.
Mapon - Wed 21st Sep 2011
Thanks a lot - I will go and do it Monday morning. I really thank you. and have a nice weekend.God bless your heart and keep up the good work will let you know how it went. adios amigos
Ripoh - Sat 3rd Sep 2011
Ripoh : As far as I am aware there is no obligation for you and your wife to live together in order for you to obtain citizenship, providing you meet all of the other criteria, as above.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 3rd Sep 2011
Hi - I want to find out if I can apply for the spanish passport, I am married to a Spaniard but we are going to live in different houses because of work. I am moving to barcelona and she will be in Menorca with my son because there are no jobs for me there.Is it going to be a problem if we don´t live in the same house ? I am a south african
Ripoh - Sat 3rd Sep 2011
Shamsher :

1) Some time ago Spanish Central government requested that Non-EU nationals renewed their Padron every 2 years, and EU-Nationals every 5 Years. In practice this is something of a joke because the INE never communicated this request officially to the Ayuntamientos, and as such they deny all knowledge of a renewal being necessarry when asked. In any case, Central Gov state that it is the responsibility of the Ayuntamiento to write to their residents to request a renewal, so I wouldn't worry too much about this.

2) The only recent change to residency is as described Here .

Tumbit : Admin - Fri 15th Jul 2011
helo sir, I came to know that form 30/06/2011 some spanish laws for foreigners are changing 1.Arriago system (3years padronment) 2.Nationality law can u tell me is it true or fake?
Shamsher - Fri 15th Jul 2011
Ahh, that is now clear, all need to do is sort out getting our appointment through the magical system! :-) And get those wonderful pieces of papers that now count as our residency cards... Thank you again.
Louise - Mon 11th Jul 2011
Louise : " Y " is the prefix for children, " X " for Adults.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 11th Jul 2011
Nope, they don't have to have one as they are under my husbands NIE and Social security and they have their british passports registered so european citizens. But we are indeed now going to get it sorted. Hency my query about getting a none foreigner number. Think you put a typo on though as our foreigner residencies all start with an 'X' :-)
Louise - Mon 11th Jul 2011
Louise : At 4 and 6 shouldn't they have their NIE numbers already ? - If they have Residency already it will be the number on the certificate begining with " Y "
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 11th Jul 2011
Thank you - that clarifies it, though I have to say that there are alot of versions of the same summary around that all say the same as your point one. We will just go ahead and get their NIE numbers....
Louise - Mon 11th Jul 2011
Louise : Point 1 was badly written on our part (I have just changed it) - basically it should read "Foreign parents of no recognised Citizenship" (Such as refugees and other stateless people)
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 11th Jul 2011
Thank you - am surprised since the children fulfil criteria 1 above of being born in Spain to parents of foreign nationality but legally resident in Spain. Guess they'll just have to live their lives here as 'foreigners' as yes, I wish to retain my British citizenship.
Louise - Mon 11th Jul 2011
Louise : You say you would like to get 'them' Spanish Nationality as opposed to 'us', meaning I guess that you and your husband wish to remain British Citizens ? I am not sure that it would be possible for you to do this.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 11th Jul 2011
We are Brits and long term residents (10 yrs for me, 26 for my husband) and both our children were born here. I would like to get them Spanish nationality but where and how do we go about it? They are 4 and 6 years old and we have all documents.
Louise - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Thanks a lot and God bless.
Motho - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Motho : It makes no difference. As long as you have been legally resident in Spain for 1 continuous year when you apply that will be fine.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Last quesion do you know how long it takes, for the process.
Motho - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Hi forgot to say i am a south african and we have one child born in spain. and we have been leaving here and moved to uk and we have been back for 1 year now.
Motho - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Motho : Given that you are already married to a Spanish National, and have already been resident in Spain for over 1 year, you can apply for Spanish Citizenship right away.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Hi i am married to a spanish for 7year now i have a resident card of spain for about 4years now, how can i get the citizen of spain
Motho - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Gonzalo : If your Grandparents were not born here in Spain, then they would not be considered Spanish Citizens, unless their parents were Spanish Citizens and registered them with the authorities in Spain as being so.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 8th Jul 2011
Hola, I would like to know if my grandparents would be considered Spanish nationals since they were born during the Spanish colonial period (1885) in the Philippines? Saludos
Gonzalo - Fri 8th Jul 2011
Zahid : NO. You need to have been a Resident in Spain for the qualifying period BEFORE you can apply for Citizenship, Click the link HERE to read How to apply for Residential status as a Non-EU Citizen.

Tumbit - Admin - Wed 6th Jul 2011
Dear Sir This is Zahid Rehman from Pakistan and i would like to have you a question that we would like to get the citizen ship for Spain just because of the problem which are creating so many difficulties for us to manage our self here in this country. So i would like to ask you that would it be possible for us to get the citizen ship of Spain. ASAP, i am waiting for your Answer Please. Thank you
Zahid - Wed 6th Jul 2011
Acutally we should remain restricted to the destination country because there are many other blogs relating to residency and citizenship matter of Portugal. With kind regards.
Naveed - Mon 4th Jul 2011
We have no comment to make other than Portugal is not Spain and therefore free to apply their own rules and regulations when it come to obtaining Portuguese citizenship.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 3rd Jul 2011
Helo sir awaitng ur comments
Mahmood - Sat 2th Jul 2011
Thanks resp. I just got permanent residency of spain, but i have no job. My request is that, if Spain also change his system of nationality for asian like other europen countries( mostly spending 05years legally) then u can apply for nationality. with in one year or half year thy give nationality. Then foreigners go other good countries where they can earn good and they are not bundle on that country like portugal beljium even in swedon norway etc. As Im bundle on spain. Ist i got PARO and now trying to get Ayuda. A lot of people are in same position like me.If they make it easy a lot of people after getting nationality will leave spain. So I was requesting u to give this suggestion to a honourable responsible office to make nationality system easy as they have very easy Nat.system for their colonies like sud Americans etc.
Mahmood - Thu 30th Jun 2011
Mahmood : Three things here...

1) Portgual has a totally different set of criteria, being totally different country

2) You say you are 'Asian', but not your Nationality - it may affect the time and proceedure.

3) You must first hold Residency as a Non-EU citizen for the appropriate period of time BEFORE you can apply to be a citizen of Spain.

Tumbit - Admin - Tue 28th Jun 2011
In spain: is there no other law like porugal for nationality.(cond.06 year to 10Year)? The Portuguese government may also grant the Portuguese nationality to foreign citizens when: • They are over 18 years of age • They have been living in Portugal, or a territory under the Portuguese administration, with a valid “Residencia” permit for at least 6 or 10 years (only 6 years for nationals of Portuguese speaking countries) • They have adequate knowledge of the Portuguese language (applicants will be submitted to a test) • They can prove that they have an effective connection with the Portuguese community • They have no criminal record • They have the proven financial means to provide for themselves and their all living costs . Sir can u send my request to a responsible office that if they make easy nationality system for asian also as they have only 2 years limit for their colonies. They make it easy like portugal or other europa. people will get nationality they will leave spain. They w
Mahmood - Tue 28th Jun 2011
Johno : Yes, it is possible. You DO NOT need to be citizens of Spain to be able to do this, and you should first click here to read how to apply for Residential status as a Non - EU Citizen
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 28th Jun 2011
My wife and I are New Zealand citizens. I will have a security job in another country but I want to live in Spain with my wife, and come back to Spain for one month out of every four months. My wife will remain there. Is this possible and what visa would I need?
Johnno - Tue 28th Jun 2011
I going to think about you'r comment and I feel this is somming importent...If this end up being the way to go,then I have to take it..You cant live life as a no body (I know I didn't say this right)every body is some body in this world and I'm Rayleen L . Ortega...
Rayleen L . Ortega - Fri 24th Jun 2011
Rayleen : Your Spanish relations are too far removed from you in order to count towards helping you in any way here. You also need to a hold residency as a Non-EU citizen before you can take the next step - which is applying for C|itizenship in Spain.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 24th Jun 2011
I have a little problem right now trying my U.S.A. passport,I have to show I'm a live person (like who I'm and been to Embassy 5 time) and I was born there my up bring there..I live in Mexico for some year now..My great great grandpal and family is Spain..My great grandmother and great aunt is Spain also...What can do...
Rayleen L . Ortega - Thu 23rd Jun 2011
William : there are a number of types of Visa - it all depends on what you want one for,
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 23rd Jun 2011
what documents would i need before i can apply for a spanish visa
William - Thu 23rd Jun 2011
Kjell : If you Google " Lawbirds, Malaga " you will find a legal firm with a dedicated team for Immigration services.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 20th Jun 2011
Hi sir. Thank you for your help. We are going to Malaga/Marbella. Regards. Kjell Ivar Valaker.
Kjell Ivar Valaker - Mon 20th Jun 2011
Kjell : Most Lawyers and/or Gestors will offer this service - It is not a difficult or expensive process. If you tell me which area of Spain you are looking at relocating to I will try and recommed somebody for you.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 20th Jun 2011
Ade : Whether your children can do that or not depends upon the Nationality of EACH OF the parents, and the Residential status of Parents and Children at the moment. If all are residing in Nigeria at the moment then it will be necessarry to start the residency process from the start and only then can they go on to apply for citizenship.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 20th Jun 2011
Hi sir. Can you recommend a good lawyer who can help us both with the residencia application. Many Thanks.
Kjell Ivar Valaker - Mon 20th Jun 2011
Hi. Good day. I would like to ask about how to confirm the nationality status of my younger ones who where born in spain and traveled to Nigeria. Now they want to claim their country of birth. How do I help them ? - Thankyou
Ade Tayo - Mon 20th Jun 2011
Hi sir. YOU make me so happy. I been traying to get help in the embasy,but no answer. I am greatful for your help' Thank you wery much. Regards. Kjell Ivar Valaker.
Kjell Ivar Valaker - Mon 20th Jun 2011
Kjell : Apply for a Tourist visa for your wife, and then as soon as you arrive in Spain begin the process to apply for Resdencia. You and your son as EU/EEA Citizens, your wife as the family member of an EU/EEA Citizen. The application time for a visa can vary depending on backlogs at the Embassy etc... but If you allow 6 weeks you should be fine.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 20th Jun 2011
Hi again, and thank you so much for your answer. I still need to know if I can just apply for a tourist visa for my wife, we live now in the Philippines, or if I should apply for residential status when we come to Spain. I know that me and my son who are Norwegian don't have any problem. We married 2008, and got a son 2010. What kind of visa do I apply for in the Spanish Embassy in Manila. How long will it take?
Kjell Ivar Valaker - Mon 20th Jun 2011
Kjell : For you and your wife to live in Spain you DO NOT need to become Spanish Citizens. Given that you are a citizen of Norway, which is a member of the EEA, your application for Residency will be treated exactly the same as that of the Citizen of a full-EU member state. Your wife and son will gain Residential status through you as dependants.

Please click here if you wish to Apply for Residential Status as an EU Citizen.

Tumbit - Admin - Mon 20th Jun 2011
I am Norwegian married to a Philippino for 4 years. We have a son together, and he has a Norwegian passport. We want to move to Spain. What to I do to get my wife a visa. I have a Norwegian pension, of 4000$ a month.
Kjell Valaker - Mon 20th Jun 2011
It IS possible for Indian nationals to apply for Spanish Citizenship, but ONLY if they have fulfilled the required period of residency beforehand.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 19th Jun 2011
Dear Sir, Please suggest if its possible for Indian national there are plenty of people are intersted for Spain Residence/Citizen Ship, Regards Proff kulwant sarwara
Proff Kulwant Sarwara - Sun 19th Jun 2011
My wife is from Hawaii,is it possible for to get Spanish Citizen and how long does it take to get a Spanish Passport.Please, kindly reply me soon.
Rupesh Raut - Sat 18th Jun 2011
Shahidul : Before you can apply for Citizenship in Spain you need to have gone through the residency process as a Non-EU Citizen. Click here to read how to apply for Residential status as a Non-EU Citizen.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 16th Jun 2011
I am a Bangladeshi. I want to be settled in SPAIN with my family, including one child
Md. Shahidul Islam Sagar - Thu 16th Jun 2011
Dave : The length of process can vary greatly depending upon : the personal circumstances of the applicant together with their method of applying (in your case via the 'national of a former colony' route); the quality of their supporting documentation and their location within Spain. As a very general rule of thumb your partner should be invited for an interview at her local Police station with 6 months from making her original application, and from there on it could take a further 12 months until you hear anything further. A common criticism of the process is that there is little communication or feedback along the way.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 30th May 2011
I am a British citizen and do not wish to change that. I am simply asking for a guide as to how long the process of getting Spanish citizenship takes, once my wife has completed her 2 years residency requirement. This will enable her to obtain a spanish passport which will facilitate our travel to the UK at short notice on occassions
Dave - Mon 30th May 2011
Dave : If you basically asking if you and your Filipino wife can apply for residency at the same time, then no. She must fulfil her Residency period ( 2yrs ) before applying for Citizenship and then, once granted - and assuming you have completed your residency - you can then apply for yours as the spouse of a Spanish National ( 1yr )
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 30th May 2011
A1982 : You can apply for Spanish CITIZENSHIP due to your marriage with your with, but first before your application you need to have been legally RESIDENT here in Spain for a period of 1 year. You should start this step (an a NON-EU Citizen) by clicking Here.

Tumbit - Admin - Mon 30th May 2011
hi , i am from Afghanistan living in dubai and my wife is Spanish ,we been married since 2 years, can i get the Spanish nationality ?? if yes how and what i have to do ?? Ahmad
A1982 - Mon 30th May 2011
Does anyone know (roughly) the process takes once you have made the initial contact with the Minister of Justice after the 2 year residency requirement. Only 2 years because my wife is a Filipina.
Dave Wellington - Sun 29th May 2011
Next step = cita para ciudadania / citizenship appointment
Dora Gomez - Thu 12th May 2011
Hi i am from nepal and have been living legally with spanish residence card for 11 years in barcelona.In oct 2010 i had applied for spanish nationality and few days i recevied a letter stating that my documents are submit to madrid main office.Now what will be next process and how long will it take to get nationality.....?? shrestha
Shrestha - Fri 6th May 2011
Many thanks for you response, just as you rightly said I hold a Spanish resident card, I'm on a second term because I renewed it after the first one expried ( this current card will expire in 2014). So whilst I still a legal Spanish resident can I apply for my citizenship here in the Uk? As I now live and work here since the last 5 years. Thanks your advice is much appreciated.
Princess K - Mon 2th May 2011
Princess K : Firstly, it is a requirement that you have held Spanish residency for a qualifying period, and if you are living in the UK you DO NOT hold this status. The residential status that you used to hold when you lived in Spain has now lapsed. As such your qualifying period will have to start again from day 1 AND you can only apply for Citizenship in Spain once you have reached the qualifying date.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 1st May 2011
Can I obtain a Spanish citizenship here in the UK? My husband is a Spanish national and my nationality is African. We got married in Spain 1999, we both lived in Spain for 6 years before relocating to UK in 2005. Due to unemployment in Spain it was very difficult to continue living there, So what are my best options to get my Spanish Citizen here in UK? Thanks for your quick response.
Princess K - Sat 30th Apr 2011
Shamsher, Obtaining citizenship can be a complex thing - and if I understand your situation correctly, Your Wife (as a citizen of Portugal) will be able to apply for Spanish Citizenship once she has been legally resident for 2 year. As her husband, you can then apply for Spanish citizenship 1 year AFTER she has been awarded here citizenship.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 16th Feb 2011
I shamsher national india, wife portugeesa. She got NIF NO. and then From five years we are living in spain together, but she did not change nattionality. On her behalf can I also apply Nationality now because:- 1. She had citizenship of European union (portugal).Portguesa can apply after 2years. 2.As family member of European union, Have i same rights of Citizen of European union? awtg ur response. 3.Is there any good news about spain that spain may be also changing policy for Pasport that is after 05years we can apply for nationality. as other mostly European countries have law after 05years getting permanent residcy foreigners can apply for nationality. pls give answer in detail sir. Thanks &awtg
Shamsher - Wed 16th Feb 2011
1.well my question is that why my brother and wife have asylum in spain and they have child here why he is not spanish directly? 2. why political refuges spend 5 years b4 have spanish nationality and later under go 18-24 months to wait for nationality, why 2 years waiting again? 3.
Yusuf Ali Mahmood (2) - Mon 14th Feb 2011
Mahmood Thanks boss for resp. u know my wife is portugeesa except Portugal which country citizen ship sysem is not so long like 10 years or easy in Europa. My wife is ready to go ith me everywhere.
Mahmood - Fri 4th Feb 2011
The short answer is No - Spain and Portugal have totally different requirements for obtaining residency and citizenship.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 4th Feb 2011
In spain: is there no other law like porugal for nationality.(cond.06 year to 10Year)? The Portuguese government may also grant the Portuguese nationality to foreign citizens when: • They are over 18 years of age • They have been living in Portugal, or a territory under the Portuguese administration, with a valid “Residencia” permit for at least 6 or 10 years (only 6 years for nationals of Portuguese speaking countries) • They have adequate knowledge of the Portuguese language (applicants will be submitted to a test) • They can prove that they have an effective connection with the Portuguese community • They have no criminal record • They have the proven financial means to provide for themselves and their all living costs
Mahmood - Thu 3rd Feb 2011
Mahmood, in your case you need to have been legally resident here in Spain for 10 years before you are eligible to apply for Nationality / Citizenship here in Spain.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 1st Feb 2011
Mahmood, national Pakistan. wife national Portugees. Livig in spain from 05years. on wife behalf when can i apply for nationality?
Mahmood - Tue 1st Feb 2011
Orlando, based on what info you have given it looks as though there are no special circumstances in which you can claim Spanish Citizenship and could only gain it via a period of residency, much like other nationalities. For a Cuban national I believe this period is 2 years (with Cuba being a former Spanish Colony), but I would recommend that you speak with the Spanish Embassy in Cuba to confirm this.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 21st Jan 2011
My great grandparents on both side were born in Spain. My last names are Montero, Raimundo, Toledo. However. My understanding is that one great great grandfather was a Spanish soldier stationed in Havana who eventually returned to Cuba. The rest of my ancestors immigrated like so many Spaniards did during and after Cuban independence.
Orlando - Fri 21st Jan 2011
Orlando, did any of your Parents or grandparents ever take Spanish Citizenship ? (If they did you may be able to claim Citizenship through decent), OR, did your Great Grandparents leave Spain due to oppression in Spain as a result of the Civil war, or the following Franco regime ?
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 20th Jan 2011
I was born in Cuba and immigrated to the US in 1962. My great grandparents on both sides had immigrated to Cuba. I'm veryproud of my heritage and very interested in obtaining Spanish citizenship. All I have in the way of documentation is my Cuban passport. Is it possible?
Orlando - Thu 20th Jan 2011
Shamsher, the Domincan Republic is one of the very few exceptions that Spain makes in recognising dual nationality, However they will NOT recognise or allow dual nationality with India. As far as I can see you still need to wait a futher 5 years before applying for Spanish Citizenship for 2 reasons :

1.) Because as a Non-EU Citizen (Indian) you are required to first be legally resident in Spain for 10 Years.

2.) As far as being a Dominican Citizen goes, the 5 year period starts when you have gained citizenship - not before.

Tumbit - Admin - Tue 18th Jan 2011
Thanks for reply. I have two nationalities & one residency card 1. By Born India ( Indian Nationality) 2. On business behalf in Dec2010 I got pasport of Dominican Republic.( Dominican Republic Nationality). 3. Permanent Residency of Spain. Now I WANT TO GET SPAIN NATIONALITY 1. Now can I apply for nationality because i already spent 05 year in spain OR I have to wait for 02 years more? 2. I already have 02 nationalites can I get spanish nationality also.
Shamsher - Tue 18th Jan 2011
Thanks for your reply. I have to wait and fullfil my own residence period of 10 years until then i can qualify for the Spanish nationality. Spanish nationality is granted within one year only to those whose partner must be Spanish by origin. My lawayer also told me that my wife should move to UK and apply for reunion. In uk, i can get the benefits being the family members of European union citizen. After living five years legal in UK, I can apply for UK citizenship. At present, I am permanent resident of Spain.
Naveed Hassan - Mon 27th Sep 2010
Naveed, I agree it seems unfair that your spouse and chldren are entitled to have a different nationality to yourself - Did they tell you how long you had to wait untl you were eligible to re-apply ?
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 27th Sep 2010
Attention Please: I have visited the Civil registry of Logrono, La Rioja. The staff told me that a spouse of Spanish national who got the citizenship of Spain after living 10 years legally in Spain, cannot get the citizenship of Spain on his partner behalf. However , his childrens , who are under 18 can get the citizenship of Spain automatically. It is a rediculus law of Spanish citizenship which discriminate the applicant on the bases of by choice and by origin.
Naveed Hassan - Mon 27th Sep 2010
Hello i have large duration spanish resident card and my daughter have spanish nationality.Can i get spanish nationality on behalf of my daughter nationality ?
Nadim - Tue 21st Sep 2010
As far as Spain is concerned, in order to assume Spanish Citizenship you are required to renounce your previous citozenship.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 3rd Aug 2010
Hello, I have a friend in Spain - originally from Algeria and she has had Spanish residence over 10 years now and she ask me ...if she applies for Spanish Naturalisation can have both nationality of algeria and spanish at the same times or she will drop one of them?
Mustapha - Mon 2th Aug 2010
Naveed - It is our understanding that being married to a Spanish citizen (regardless of whether this is a citizen by birth, or by choice) will entitle you to apply and obtain Spanish citizenship after living in Spain together for 1 year. So at the time of your application for citizenship, you have to prove you have resided legally in Spain for at least one year. - In the first instance we would recommend that you speak with a lawyer to discuss your induvidual case with them.
Tumbit - Sun 3rd Jan 2010
Can a spouse of a spainish national person can get the citizenship on behalf of his partner who got the spainish residence by fulfilling the residence period of 10 years? i have come to know that spainish nationality is only given to the spouse of spinarad who is spainish by origin. Please reply me in this direction.
Naveed Hassan - Sun 3rd Jan 2010
Can anyone tell me what the benefits are in an EU citizen, already resident in Spain, taking up Spanish Citizenship ?
Micheal P, Nerja - Fri 18th Dec 2009