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Applying For Residencia - Part 1

By Mr Grumpy - Thu 23rd Jul 2009

George Orwell famously wrote “ Every man is equal - but some are more equal than others… “ in his book Animal Farm. Scholars say that this quote, and indeed the book as a whole, is an allegory referring to Communism. At times I wonder if he could perhaps actually have been referring to Spanish burocracy.

After meeting with my Asesor last week to pay my multitude of taxes, I was told that my Family and I really should apply for our residencia. I asked why, after living in Spain for 5 years, it was really necessary. I pay my Taxes, I work legally, I am a home owner, I am registered on the Padron... As a European Citizen living in another European Country, surely Residencia is unnecessary ? Surely it would not make me " More Legal " ? - Why is it that the Spanish Authorities follow a set of policies and procedures that contradict Central European Guidelines?

- Of course I expected a blank stare and nothing from my Asesor to counter my argument, and in this matter I wasn’t disappointed.

I decided that I had nothing to lose in applying for residencia, even if I don’t fully understand why I needed to have it and what the benefits are, and so I asked them to proceed with applying for this on my behalf.

My Asesor tells me that the whole procedure is simple and painless - That I need to complete the required form ( Which he will do on my behalf ) and then let him have original Passports and Passport Photographs – apparently the other documentation that is required is already in the file that he keeps for me. I then need to go to the Residencia offices in the Town Centre to present the file that has been prepared on my behalf, and, if I understand correctly, wait 5 minutes before being issued with my Residencia Paperwork.

My appointment with the Residencia is booked for 9.40 Tomorrow morning, which should leave me with plenty of time to keep another appointment I have for a business meeting in the same Town at 11.00 am. Having lived and worked in Spain for almost 5 Years, I am sure I can be forgiven for being somewhat cynical that everything will run smoothly.

If I am being unfair, then you can expect a full and frank apology, when I will tell you how I get on in part 2 of this Blog, tomorrow

Click here to read Applying for Residencia – Part 2.

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