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Valencia Schoolmums strip for schoolbus

Wed 21st Nov 2012
Valencia Schoolmums strip for schoolbus

A collective of mums whose children attend a school in Northern Valencia have dediced to emulate the popular UK film, and appear nude in an erotic 2013 calendar to raise funds for a much-needed school bus.

Mothers of students of Evaristo Calatayud School in Montserrat, Valencia, hope to raise €43'000 after the school transportation was cut by the regional authorities, forcing many of the school's 80 students to make their own way to school from as far as 6km away.

In addition to raising the funds, the Mums hope that their actions will bring attention to the drastic cuts to the education system that are currently being imposed - not just by the region of Valencia - but across the whole of Spain.

Earlier this year the Government gave the regional education authorities permission to raise further funds by allowing schools to charge children for the priveledge of eating their own packed lunch on school premesis. Costs for this have varied from region to region from between 3 Euros to 6 Euros. What is perhaps equally annoying is that the cost of a child eating their own packed lunch in Catalonia is reported to be more than the cost of a child taking a full school lunch in the Canary Islands.

Comment on this Story

I would imagine the first place to ask would be the school itself if you are that keen to get your hands one ? (A Calendar I mean, not a naked School-Mum...)
Robster - Tue, 1st Jan 2013
I can't say I have seen one on sale anywhere.
S Shaw - Mon, 31st Dec 2012
All good points Adrian ! - But I would like to think that the Mums made the decision for 2 reasons... 1) They knew that this action would be newsworthy, and that the Headline "Mums Strip" would be more eyecatching that "Mums hold jumble sale"... 2) That it would cause embarassment to the Regional and Central Government, and raise awareness of the issue of such cuts being made in the first place. Then again, I may be wrong.
Mr Grumpy - Thu, 22nd Nov 2012
interesting post but .......v1:since when do we let our politicians off the hook, they are here to serve us,and the education of our children, not the banks. 2:Do you really think anyone is gonna put erotic calenders of your next door neighbor on your kitchen wall-It will be a never ending source of marital strife. 3:You want to do something about it-get together and buy a bus and drive yourīre kids to school as a community. Anyone can take their clothes off! 4: If you donīt like whatīs happening in the Spanish education system-become a teacher and make a difference. - give your services free for the sake of our kids. 5: rich people (PP) drive their kids to private schools in 4x4īs in the middle of cities, 4x4īs are for places that normal cars canīt go- so much for global warming! 6:All those of you that voted Partido Poular (thatīs a bad joke, the most unpopular party since Franco) stop whinging and whining, next time round vote them out or be named!
Adrian Harvey - Wed, 21st Nov 2012
Mr Grumpy : Perhaps as an 'Honorary Mum' you should show allegiance by doing your own topless calendar ?
Robster - Wed, 21st Nov 2012
That reminds me... I really must try and do the school run more often.
Mr Grumpy - Wed, 21st Nov 2012

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