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Corvera Airport : More Contradictions

Sun 16th Dec 2012
Corvera Airport : More Contradictions

Spain's Minister of Defence, Peter MorenÚs, visited Murcia yesterday to meet with members of the regional government with regards to finalising plans for the opening of Corvera International Airport.

The Minister commented that he was confident plans to formalise a protocol to hand over operations between San Javier and Corvera airports "would happen soon".

Similarly, President Valcarcel last week also commented that Corvera Airport "is about to open".

Previous statements from various members of the regional and national governments have placed an estimated date of opening for the new airport in the late Spring / early Summer.

However, a comment made yesterday by the Regional Minister for Infrastructure, Rafael Catala, looks likely to add further fuel to fire for sceptics.

"All things being equal, Corvera airport will be open by the Autumn, although the process will be complex."

Spring to Autumn ? - If the statement is to be trusted this places a date of opening some 6 months later than most in authority would have us believe.

Catala went on to say how the exact date of opening would likely be agreed betwen meetings between AENA, Aeromur, the Regional Government and the joint Ministries of Defence and Development.

Comment on this Story

From the Informer Newspaper (18.12.12) AENA have announced that they have renewed the contract for the Duty Free facilities at San Javier Airport to the Benetton family. The contract gives the Benetton family the right to trade and operate the Duty Free side of San Javier Airport, for the next 20 years. - you really couldn't make it up, could you?
David Stringer - Tue, 18th Dec 2012
Unless San Javier closes completely to civil commercial flights, what is the incentive for any airline to transfer its operations to Corvera ? What will Corvera offer, that San Javier does not already ?
Lucinda Castiles - Mon, 17th Dec 2012
Whilst I agree with you Mr G, this should not prevent the airlines issuing a public statement to that effect. Something along the lines of "We will consider flying to Corvera as an when the Airport is operational" can't hurt, can it ?
Robster - Mon, 17th Dec 2012
Even if the airlines HAD been informed, I can't see any of them believing a word they had been told. I can kind of understand why they are all so reluctant to make any firm commitment or announcement ujtil they are 100% certain that the Airport will ever be completed, and on the date advised.
Mr Grumpy - Mon, 17th Dec 2012
..... Not forgeetting the EU Licences. Oh, and the Airlines who need to be informed which, to date, they haven't been.
David Stringer - Sun, 16th Dec 2012

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