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Corvera Airport : The Numbers Don't Add up

Sun 10th Nov 2013
Corvera Airport : The Numbers Don't Add up

The 2 airports currently serving the Alicante / Murcia area have reported differing trends of passenger numbers over the last 5 years, according to data released by National Airports Operator AENA.

Despite a new terminal building being opened in March 2011 - which doubled the capacity of the previous terminal from 10 to 20 Million passengers per year - numbers have fallen by some 7.5% since 2008.

However, the decrease is in line with national average of all 46 of AENA network of airports across Spain, which showed a 7.8% decrease in passenger numbers between 2008 - 2013.

The story is different at Neighbouring San Javier Airport, Murcia. Barely an hour down the road from Alicante-Elche Airport, San Javier has seen passenger number decrease by more than 5 times as much as their large cousin - coming in at 37% fewer passengers arriving in 2013 than did in 2008.

AENA have been accused of promoting services at Alicante-Elche over San-Javier for reasons of justifying the 600 Mln investment, together with the fact that San Javier Airport is in fact a facility shared with the Military, and whose future is still uncertain.

For their part, the previous concession holder at Murcia's Corvera Airport (Aeromur) has always maintained that San Javier Airport is nothing more than a satellite of Alicante-Elche airport, and that AENA would have no interest in promoting the new facility to it's full potential as it would effectively be competing for business with Alicante.

This is the crux of the argument put forward by Sacyr - the majority shareholder of Aeromur - who maintain that it would be a mistake for the regional government to appoint AENA as the operator of Corvera Airport.

Another problem is that the regional government of Murcia has always maintained that Corvera airport would 'inherit the 1.5 Million passengers per year flying into San Javier' - and add a further 1.5 Million passengers lured away from Alicante-Elche - to reach an estimated 3 Million passengers per year.

With passenger numbers at San-Javier now resembling closer to 800'000 per year, and it looking increasingly doubtful if and how Corvera could actually tempt airlines and passengers alike to turn their backs on Alicate-Elche, it begs the question how many passengers would potentially be interested in using the newer airport at all ?

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Comment on this Story

Im looking at moving to Alicante now also. I fly from Manchester so the Bristol early flights don't work for me. For the last 10 years, Jet2 have flown at 0800 & got into MJV 1130-ish and 1230 depart MJV. They have now changed flights to MJV to depart Man 1515 arriving 1910hrs! 1st day wasted! fly back from MJV at 1955hrs arrive back 2155hrs! Last day sat around clock watching waiting with cases! Another day wasted! It used to be, get up. Clean the villa, drive 20mins to MJV and fly.
Carl - Thu, 14th Nov 2013
I agree Steve, I'd rather have a better choice of flight times and routes and have to drive an extra further 30 Mins... It always amazes me why Spain is concentrating on building new airports when it should be consolidating existing ones ! - ALSO, why is it that people make such a big deal about having to drive an extra 15/20 mins from a different airport when in the great scheme of things they have probably driven a far greater distance to get to/from an airport in the UK.
Mr Grumpy - Wed, 13th Nov 2013
As I've said before, I fly more to Alicante than MJV as for one it's cheaper but mainly because it gives me a choice of 2 flights per day (early morning or early evening from Bristol, whereas MJV fly middle of the day arriving at around 5.00 , in effect , wasting a day travelling. I have a place at Corvera so hopefully if and when they will copy the schedules of Alicante rather than MJV.
Steve Porter - Wed, 13th Nov 2013
San Javier (and others) figures have dropped since 2008 that I see from mainly the housing boom stopping. 2007-2009 was people flying in/out buying properties and tourism. Since the recession and housing boom stopping, its mainly tourism now although some property sales have increased, but not to past levels. I fly into MJV a lot and changing to Alicante is 40-60minutes drive extra for me and ?100 average dearer. Selfishly I want MJV to remain open but if not, Corvera is better for the south than Alicante, if the price compares like MJV
Carl - Mon, 11th Nov 2013
God help us if ever the passenger numbers were to return to the 1,000,000 as there is one aspect of San Javier Airport, which needs to be addressed NOW - that of the large number of inconsiderate parked vehicles outside the Terminal. Often, those dropping off, have to resort to double-parking, due to the selfish, abandoning of vehicles in the departures area.
David - Mon, 11th Nov 2013
Good comments, but IF Paramount really is going ahead then I see no shortage of future passengers for Corvera airport, Murcia would be inundated with's a lot better to fly to Paramount in sunny cheap Murcia close to the beaches than go to an often cold, wet Disneyworld in Paris !!!
Tequilamike - Mon, 11th Nov 2013

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