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Murcia's Corvera Airport begins recruiting

Wed 24th Sep 2014
Murcia's Corvera Airport begins recruiting

SACYR - the majority shareholder of Aeromur, the concession holder of Corvera Airport - has began the recruitment process in readiness for operations commencing.

The Department of Human resources has announced they are now receiving CVs for a number of positions to cover Technical, Facilities and Program Coordinator roles.

Although the exact opening date of the facility remain a matter of debate, it is expected that the doors will open some time between January and May of 2015.

If, when - and by whom - flights will commence is another matter altogether.

The Ministry of Development and the European Commission are required to grant final permission for Corvera Airport to operate, together with an agreement being found with regards to compensating AENA for the closure of San Javier Airport, before any date can be formally announced.

Details of the 4 advertised vacancies at the airport include :

* A technical program operator

* A traffic coordinator

* A Security Officer

* An Aircraft parking officer

A spokesperson confirmed that the selection process will be 'rushed through' to ensure there are minimal delays in opening the airport following the lost time when the project lost time during a suspension of the contract between 2013 - 2014.

All applicants for each advertised position must have 4 years experience in the sector, together with a relevant degree and a good level of spoken English.

Whilst it is theoretically possible for Corvera Airport to open in January 2015, San Javier will remain operational until 2016.

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Comment on this Story

Strange choice of vacancies to start with. That said, these positions could well support opening airside of Corvera ASAP and using it initially for light/executive aircraft use without the need to fully open the airport terminal. Not sure however that there are either unemployed people possessing the necessary experience/qualifications or people currently employed who would want to move to the unknown that is Corvera Airport.
Lucinda Castiles - Sat, 27th Sep 2014
Robster : starting the recruitment process and actually employing anybody are two seperate things ... I seem to recall Paramount Murcia started accepting CV's 2 years ago !
Mr Grumpy - Sat, 27th Sep 2014
So what happened to the "All personnel transferred from San Javier" lie ? : I assume that somebody IS actually doing these jobs at the moment ? Are they going to lose their job when San Javier closes, or is Corvera going to be forced to uphold thier promise and double up on these 4 positions ?
Robster - Fri, 26th Sep 2014
Wow! Four jobs with an undetermined start! Fanfare please!
Mick Costa Blanca - Wed, 24th Sep 2014

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