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Opening a Bank Account in Spain

- Updated: 17/08/2013
Opening a Bank Account in Spain

Regardless of your nationality, you are required to prove your resident or non-resident status when you wish to open a bank account in Spain.

If you are a resident, you only have to go to a bank and show the resident ID to have an account opened.

If you are a non-resident, there are two options:

1) The first option is to go to Your Local Police Station with a "Foreigners Department" with your passport (as with all legislation in Spain , always take photocopies with you and keep copies of any resulting paperwork given back to you) and ask for a "non-resident certificate". You will have to return in about 10 days to collect it

Once you have this certificate, you can go to any bank (Again with your passport) in order to have an account opened. This account will be operational from the very moment of the opening and the funds you deposit will be available to you immediately.

2) The other option is to go to a bank with your passport and ask to open an account. In this case, the bank will have you sign an authorization to carry out the necessary procedures to have your non-resident certificate. They will charge you about 15,00. The account will not be operational until they receive your certificate and the deposited funds will not be available either.

There is no minimum deposit to be able to open an account in Euros. If you want to open an account in another currency you will need to check out the minimum deposit.

Remember: Banks usually charge opening and yearly maintenance fees.

Most Banks in Larger Towns and along the coastal strips will have at least one English Speaking member of staff but this is also a good opportunity for you to break out of any bad habits and start to speak the language.

Banks Hours are usually around 8.30am to 2.00pm, sometimes with late hours one day per week at certain parts of the year.

On-line Internet Banking is provided by nearly all Banks, with many of them providing this service in English - although it is customary for you to be required to register for this service in person at your local branch.

Click here for details of Euro AND Sterling accounts available to Spanish residents

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Comment on this Article

Siew : The link that you sent to us in your Private Message was spurious and I would recommend that you do not trust it. The correct link you should use to apply for an account with Unicaja (in English) is as per the link >> HERE <<

Tumbit - Admin - Sat 17th Aug 2013
May I know the opening account with Unicaja bank for Non resident online business account in details ? Thank you
Siew - Sat 17th Aug 2013
Yes, I too recommend Bancaja and use them myself. Please note that you will only find interest applied to savings / deposit accounts and NOT to current accounts. Lloyds International also have a range of Current AND Savings accounts available in BOTH Euro AND Sterling and have easy online banking and a number of branches here in Spain If you click the link (above) you may find more useful info ...
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 5th May 2011
I've been looking into opening an account at Bancaja but can't see their interest rates. They have told me to go to a branch when I am in Spain. I noticed your email is from 2010, are they still a recommended option in your opinion and only charge afew euros for transfers?
Jacqui - Thu 5th May 2011
I have just opened 2 Bank Accounts with Bancaja - a current account and a Savings account IN STERLING. The Savings account pays 3% Interest and only charge 5Euros in Commission for International Bank Transfers. This should save me a fortune - both in terms of managing my Sterling direct debits AND actually earning me a bit of interest for a change.
Mr Grumpy - Thu 12th Aug 2010