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Corvera Airport has "other parties interested"

Source: ABC - Sun 19th May 2013
Corvera Airport has 'other parties interested'

The Spokesman for the Regional Government of Murcia, José Ballesta, has said how he remains convinced that the issue concerning the operation of Corvera Airport will be decided by the courts.

He also commented how a number of other companies have expressed an interest in the event that Aeromur - the current concession holder of the airport - are unable or unwilling to operate the facility.

One of the problems which is causing the breakdown of relations between the government and Aeromur is the closure of San Javier Airport, with Aeromur insisting that this was a condition of opening, whilst the region claims that this was not reflected in any written contract.

Following the meeting of the Governing Council Ballesta explained that Aeromur - a consortium made up of Sacyr, BMN, SabadellCAM, Infucapital, Inprisma, Cementos Lacroix and Montoro and Sons - had signed a legally binding contract, and that the regional government were "committed to protecting the interest of the people".

Last month the Ministry of Public Works wrote to Aeromur to urge the speedy opening of the airport by continuing a dialogue with the regional government and AENA rather than see the case referred to court.

Whilst Ballesta would not comment further on the other companies alleged to be interested in the facility, but did say how the region was keen to keep Corvera as a privately owned Airport.

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Comment on this Story This is one of the interested parties.
S.p.b. - Wed, 29th May 2013
Ballesta obviously trying to keep the pressure on Aeromur. I would be very surprised if any companies would touch Corvera in the current economic climate and reduced visitor numbers. If companies are interested, I suspect they will demand that San Javier closes and will make sure its in writing.
Lucinda - Mon, 20th May 2013
If these 'Other Parties' were that serious they would have been named !
Tyler - Sun, 19th May 2013

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