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How to scrap a UK Car in Spain

- Updated: 09/04/2011

Bringing a cheap run-around over from the UK is the easy bit - but what happens when the car reaches the end of it's useful life ?

How to scrap a UK Car in Spain

If you have a UK rhd car in Spain, after 6 months you are legally required to import it thereby registering it as a spanish vehicle. If after 6 months you have not, then it can cause serious problems if you are ever involved in a car accident or if you are stopped for any reason by the Guardia. furthermore , sooner or later your car will come to the end of it's useful life and will need to be taken off the road or scrapped.

The easiest option is simply to part exchange an old car when you are looking to buy a new one as many dealer will then take on this responsibility, however in the real world this may not always be possible for financial or other practical purposes.

You will need to find a scrap yard or recycler as they're known now that are comfortable with scrapping rhd cars as, understandably, some are not (this is the difficult part !)

Scrapping procedure :

- Colour photocopy the uk v5 registration document.

- Detach page 2 from page 1 and take page 1 with you to the recycler.

- They should then take the car off your hands and page 1 of your v5 and issue you with a certificate of destruction.

- On page 2 that you kept the original to there is a section for scrapping, fill that in and include a copy of the certificate of destruction and send it off to the DVLA.

That's it ! - But be sure to keep all of the above paperwork on file as proof that you have done this!

Finding a recycler/scrapyard is often difficult - in Spanish they are called "desguaces" - and to find one local to yourself you may have more luck either searching on google for a scrapyard in your area, or searching the local yellow pages.

No V5 documentation ?

If you have lost your V5 document then you might be able to get away with just supplying your NIE number - but under these circumstances you might not get the certificate of destruction . If this is the case then perhaps a way around making the DVLA happy would be to fill in the permanent export section on page 2 instead of the scrapping section. Thus making the DVLA happy it's no longer a concern in the UK and the Spanish happy that it's been scrapped according to their rules & regulations.

It's important that the dvla are informed that the vehicle in question has been scrapped so it can be removed from the system and therefore you will not be responsible for any UK road tax or mot issues related to the vehicle.

If you have been lucky in getting away with supplying the scrapyard with a colour photocopy of page 1 of your v5 document then do so as it's always best to keep the original for your own files.

Comment on this Article

I would appreciate help with the correct and legal procedure when disposing of a car by 'scrapping' in Spain. The car is registered in England. I have already scrapped the car, i got the certificate from the scrapyard and kept one of the license plates as they advised me to do here in Barcelona. Now I need to know how to proceed in order to get it legalized this action in UK. Thanks in anticipation.
Geovana Ribeiro - Thu 5th Jul 2018
Could anyone advise me on scrapping a car in Peniscola. Thanks
Sue Leather - Sun 15th Jun 2014
I own a spanish regstered rover 214 sli. perfect runner all paperwork current IVA but clutch on way out. I intend to scrap it. What is the process please. Or does anyone want it ?
Mick Green - Sun 7th Apr 2013
If you have a car to dispose of ring or email me and I'll do my best to help. Paperwork problems solved. 662554761 - all paperwork done correctly.
Englishgrua - Sun 22th Jul 2012
I,d rather scrap it to be honest, it's all a nightmare does anyone know of a scrapyard near San Enrique, and if you pay for collection ? Thanks
C Bloor - Thu 21st Jun 2012
Yes - either that or sell it....
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 20th Jun 2012
C Bloor - Wed 20th Jun 2012
I take it that because you have been sent a SUMA bill, that it is a Spanish reg vehicle, and that you are located somewhere in the Alicante province ? - If this IS the case, and you DON"T have a receipt or any paperwork at all from the scrapyard you should go to the Trafico office in Alicante and get a 'Baja', then take this document to your nearest SUMA office. A 'Baja' is basically a declaration that the vehicle is no longer in your possession.
Mr Grumpy - Wed 16th Mar 2011
a scrap dealer took my volvo 740 last april 2010 and all the nessasary paper work. this year 2011 I have received the summa for it. what must I do
Mick Murrin - Wed 16th Mar 2011
My problem is that I brought my uk RHD car over to spain 10 yrs ago, and changed it over to Spanish plates - which means it is now officially Spanish. am selling up in Spain and wish to scrap my car which is now 17 yrs old, and have heard that is an administrative nightmare. Anyone know the easiest and legal way of scrapping my car please ?
Keith Simpson - Thu 1st Jul 2010
Thanks a bunch for this - I have been tearing my hair out trying to get rid of a vehicle I can not use for exactly the reasons listed above. Now for the hard part - deal with the Desguaces, Hey ho! - at least I have a plan now!
Mal - Wed 4th Nov 2009