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How, Why and When to Baja a Vehicle in Spain

How, Why and When to Baja a Vehicle in Spain

Chances are that anybody who is reading this guide is doing so faced with a problem.

In the UK the act of selling or buying a previously owned car is relatively straight-forward. We all know that the seller hands over the relevant parts of the log-book to the new owner and then posts off the corresponding part to the department of transport to advise them of the change of ownership.

However, here in Spain things are not quite so simple.

Many people selling a used-car to a private buyer either fall into the trap of trusting that the new owner will notify the DGT, or are completely unaware that there is an obligation to do so.

The truth of the matter is that there a number of reasons as to why the new owner may neglect to advice the DGT of this. Some of these are to hide criminal intent, such as avoiding paying car taxes or accruing parking tickets and speeding fines in the name of the old owner, and other reasons are down to forgetfulness, incompetence or likewise being unaware of such a requirement.

More often than not the previous owner only becomes aware of such an issue when faced with a bill of some kind for the vehicle, which they may have sold months or even years ago.

BUYERS of second hand cars in Spain can read their obligations by clicking the link >> HERE <<

Assuming that the current address or contact details of the new owner are unknown, there is a procedure in place whereby the previous owner can disassociate themselves with the vehicle.

The process known as Solicitud de Baja del Vehiculo – or just “Baja” for short – can be undertaken by completing the form attached >> HERE <<

And presenting it together with the appropriate supporting documentation and fee to the Provincial offices of the DGT.

Of course, if you have neither the time or language skills a Gestor or Agent will be able to undertake this for you for a nominal fee.

Comment on this Article

We recently found out that a car we sold in Benelmadena in 2004 was not transfered properly and we started to recieve bills for tax last year, we Baja the car yesterday in Tenerife after reading this article and then I recieved an email from the Ayuntamiento saying we owe about 600 euros! we are still not sure where the car is, but the man at DGT mentioned something about denouncing at the malage police, but we are not sure what he was saying... any advice would be much appreciated..Thank you
John - Thu 19th Mar 2015
im selling my car to a spanish garage - do i have to give him any documents like thepermiso de circlacion or can i take it and other documents to the traffico without a final receipt i got a signed document/receipt from him when he paid a deposit that he will pay me the amount that we agreed so is this receipt good enough for traffico he wants to regester it his self but i want to do it so it goes in to his name and i pay the tax
Peter Carver - Fri 25th Apr 2014
Ken : This is a reasonably straightforward process that any Gestor will be able to help you with. Failing that, it is probably best to find somebody located close to your provincial DGT office to keep their time & costs to a minimum.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 6th Jan 2014
I am in the process of changing my Spanish registered car to uk plates and need to de-register the car with traffic etc. But I am now based in the uk. please advise on anybody in the uk who could do this for me. Cheers Ken Weston
Ken Weston - Mon 16th Dec 2013
Graham : I sold my Spanish Car in the UK to a Leeds-based Company and had the issue, they were called 'Switching Sides' if I recall correctly.
Dw - Thu 25th Jul 2013
Graham could you PM on the story gets interesting!
Neil Palling - Thu 25th Jul 2013
Hi Neil, I sold it to a company in Nottingham called the Pentagon Group. The guys name was James Rogers. He seemed genuine so it may be that he sold it on and that the problem started further down the chain. The buyer I sent my N.I.E copy to says he bought the car in Leeds.
Graham Godden - Thu 25th Jul 2013
Graham, that dealer in the UK wouldn't be "we buy cars in Spain"(Mark Welbury) or any similar name by any chance? I'm compiling a list of sellers that he's screwed! appreciate any info!
Neil Palling - Thu 25th Jul 2013
I have a similar problem. I sold my Spanish car to a dealer in the UK in March this year. I thought that was the end of the matter until I heard from the new 'owner' at the beginning of this month asking me for copies of my N.I.E. and passport so that he could effect transfer of ownership to his name. I duly obliged but have heard nothing since. My worry is that as the car is still presumably in my name I could be liable for speeding fines etc. Also I presumably am responsible for a sales tax of some sort.
Graham Godden - Thu 25th Jul 2013
I sold a car two years ago for spares but the new owner has failed to register it. I recently received the road tax due for this year. I do have his NIE no and his address on a contracto de compa-venta de vehiculos but I am unable to trace him. I realize I will have to pay the tax this time but can I use Solictud de Baja de Vehiculo to get rid of this problem. Or, as I have his details and the vehicles details is there another form I could use ?
Clive West - Sat 13th Jul 2013
Neil : It is basically a document which officially reports your change of circumstances.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 8th Jun 2013
REPLY: stupidly I let the buyer(car dealer)fool me into believing that they would re-register the car and didnt get their NIE, or passport details, the company address is in the UK, I have asked the dealer for the details several times, but they are blatantly hiding something as they will not give me the info. Im still looking for an answer to my original question..... what exactly does the baja do ????
Neil Palling - Sat 8th Jun 2013
Neil : You don't say if you have the new owner's name / address / NIE or passport details. If you do it is always easier to contact them in the first instance before informing the DGT of you change of ownership (which you can do if you know the above details)
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 7th Jun 2013
My buyer has not re-registered the car I sold to him 12 months ago, one multa later, I have got my gestor to issue a baja, she seems to think that it doesn't completely negate any future liabilities I might be liable for on the vehicle, can you set the record straight on this please as your article suggests otherwise.
Neil Palling - Wed 22th May 2013