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By Meg West - Wed 6th Mar 2013

Apologies if I’m preaching to the converted, but if you’re not well-acquainted with Madrid’s party district, Malasaña, here’s some info that will change your weekends!

Whether you’re young, old, a big spender, a penny-saver, gay, straight, tall, short (you get the idea) Malasaña has something for you. Known to be a bit more rock and roll than some of the other areas in Madrid, Malasaña offers a sligthly alternative nightlife scene for those of you getting a little fed up with the international-style night clubs. Filled to brim with restaurants, bars, discos, there’s enough to keep you entertained for the whole night, and plenty of places to grab something to eat when the munchies set in at five in the morning.

Malasaña is the area directly north of Sol and Gran Vía and just west of Chueca, metro stop Tribunal. If you head straight up Calle Montera (where Inhispania's main school can be found), cross the road and walk up Calle Fuencarral, you’re there! Might not be the best idea to head there straight after class, BUT, by 12 o´clock on a Friday or Saturday night the streets are filled with groups of people, waiting for the last few stragglers before heading off down one of the many streets. The majority of bars are free to enter and drinks shouldn’t be too pricey. If your experience of Malasaña is anything like mine, you’ll probably find you end up in different bars every time you go, intentionally or unitentionally, but each one is as busy and buzzy as the next.

Some friends and I recently went to a free gig at RRR Club (Rock and Roll Radio), and although we had to wait for about half an hour to get in and I would definitely avoid buying drinks there, the music and atmosphere were great- definitely worth keeping your eyes peeled for any future free events held there.

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