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Claiming Child Benefits

- Updated: 04/04/2011
Claiming Child Benefits

Any parent will tell you that having a baby and raising a child can be an expensive process, regardless of the country that you may choose to make your home. However, when you are far away from your friends, family, support network and everything that is familiar to you, then that little bit of extra money can make a big difference to you and your family. If you are expecting your first child, or are the parent of one or more children under the age of 18 ( and over 18 in the cases of a child with a disability ), then there could be a chance that you may be eligible to submit an application to receive child benefit payments in either Spain or in the UK.

The circumstances in which you may be eligible to claim for a child benefit payment in the UK are as follows :

• If you are employed or self-employed in a job where you pay contributions under the UK scheme.

• If you are already claiming one of the following benefits from the UK:

- Contribution-based Jobseeker’s Allowance

- Guardian’s Allowance

- Incapacity Benefit

- State Pension

- Widow’s Benefit/Bereavement Benefit

- Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

If you require any further details on how to submit your application you should call the Child Benefit Agency in the UK on 0044 161 210 3086.

However, If you are legally resident in Spain you may be entitled to claim one or both of the following child benefit payments :

"Prestación económica por nacimiento o adopción de hijo"

A single payment economic benefit that aims to compensate, in part, for the increased expenses that this new human being causes, especially in the early part of life. You must have been living in Spain legally for 2 years prior to the birth or adoption Further information on this benefit and how to apply.

"Prestación económica por hijo o menor acogido a cargo"

Consists of a financial award for each dependent child of the beneficiary under the age of 18, or older if affected by a degree of disability equal to or greater than 65%, independent of the relationship, including minors in temporary and permanent foster care or in pre-adoption, as long as the established income limit is not exceeded.

You must be legally resident in Spain or be paying NI contributions into the Spanish social security system. There are limiting factors depending upon the gross yearly income of the household, and benefit payments differ if the child has a recognised disability – In Spain disabilities are judged as a percentage, and payments vary depending upon the severity of the disability.

Tumbit recommend that you ask your Gestor, Asesor or Abogado to assist you in making your application in Spain .

Comment on this Article

hi ive been living in spain for mostly 10 years now i have two sons by two differant dads my sons ages are 8 years old and 2 years old my oldest sons dad sees him now and again but my youngest sons dad doesnt want anything to do with him im trying to get some money off him but everytime i call him or email him he ignores my calls.the thing is aswell i havent got resident here because my parents didnt want to get it.people keep telling me i can get benifits from social but i realy dont know how to could you give me some advice on what to do please
Cindy Jordan - Sun 11th Aug 2013
My wife is permanent resident in Spain, I am British. we hav two british children. 4 yrs one born in England and the 8 months youngest in Spain (bilbao) . I could not find a solution how to reunite again with my familly under one roof in neither countries nor do i know which benefits and support is available to me. I cannot settle on my own England as my wife is under immigration restrictions only for the fact that she moroccan of originand I cannot pls help
Yunes Ben Aziz - Fri 7th Jan 2011
What happened Nancy ? - did you eventually manage to receive this benefit ?
Jo Green - Thu 25th Nov 2010
I only found out that you can get benefits after asking a lot of questions and running around. I've applied for the 'Prestatcion econimica por hijo', and because I was 1 month too late, they are deducting that month, but I was told to come back later. Apparently you get the payments every 3 months, which will be end of March for me. So make sure you get the correct info!
Nancy - Thu 11th Mar 2010