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Applying to Study at University in Spain

- Updated: 05/11/2009

Spain is a fantastic place to study, and hosts numerous noted Universities - learn how to apply to study abroad as an undergraduate.

Applying to Study at University in Spain

If you are an undergraduate student seeking for a study place at university in Spain, you will have to submit your application through the Spanish National University for Distance Education (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia - UNED) as explained below:

1.)Fill in the online application form, called "solicitud de inscripción", hosted on the UNED website. (The online application service opens by April...)

2.)Once you have filled in the solicitud de inscripción, print it out and return it to the address shown below along with all of the other requested documents. For the year 2008 - 2009, students were requested to also attach attested photocopies of their identity card or passport, school leaving certificate, and the results obtained in university entry exams.



Po.Senda del Rey, 11


3.)If you qualify for university studies in Spain, you will receive a certificate, called Credencial de acceso, in no more than 3 months. Send your Credencial de acceso along with your application to the university of your choice.

Please, note that the grade point you receive at upper secondary school along with other requirements will determine whether you qualify for the study program of your choice.

Tuition fees at university in Spain

Students have to pay registration and tuition fees at public universities in Spain. The tuition fees vary depending on the university and course you take and the amount of credits the course is worth. The list below summarizes the tuition fees students had to pay at public universities in Spain in the academic year 2007/2008:

Tuition fees for undergraduate programs

  • 7,17€ - 16€ per credit if it's your first enrollment
  • 8,20€ - 17,56€ per credit if it's the second time youenroll in a course
  • 10,24€ - 20,75€ per credit if you have to enroll three or more times in a course
  • Tuition fees for postgraduate Master programs

    • 15,36€ - 37,24€ per credit

    Tuition fees for Doctoral programs

    • 30,72€ - 63,80€ per credit

    Admission requirements for studies at university in Spain

    If you have successfully completed upper secondary studies in one of the signatory countries of the Lisbon Convention , are in possession of a valid school leaving certificate and qualify for higher education studies in your home country, you also qualify for higher education studies in Spain. However, you are requested to prove your level of English and Spanish. In some cases, you are also requested to take additional qualifying courses.

    The Spanish university entry examination: "la selectividad"

    For EU students

    Following the application of the Lisbon Convention, EU students are entitled to access university studies in Spain provided they

    A.) Have a valid school leaving certificate from another EU country.

    B.) Have taken the university entry examinations in their home countries with passing grades.

    If you have not taken the university entry examination in your home country and would like to study in Spain, you will have to pass the Spanish entry examination, called Selectividad.

    For Non-EU students

    If you are not an EU student, you can access the Spanish university provided you:

    A.) have a valid school leaving certificate.

    B.) pass the Spanish university entry examination, called Selectividad.

    The minimum grade requirements to access university studies in Spain

    When applying for a study place at university in Spain, it is your grade point average from previous studies along with other requirements what actually determines whether you will be admitted. Therefore, always check with your host university about the minimum passing grade you need to meet.

    The Spanish Grading System

    Grades in Spain follow the assessment scale as seen on the table below:

    A (excellent) 10 - 9,00 (Sobresaliente)

    B (very good, with few errors) 8,99 - 8,00 (Notable alto)

    C (good, with some errors) 7,99 - 7,00 (Notable bajo)

    D (satisfactory, with many errors) 6,99 - 6,00 (Bien)

    E (sufficient) 5,99 - 5,00 (Suficiente)

Comment on this Article

Hello. I am a non-EU citizen. I am from Asia. I am graduated in M.A. in Art History. I would like to apply for study at universities of Spain. How can I apply and what do I need to do that? And if it is possible inform me about the deadline of applications of Spanish universities. Thank you in advance and hope to hear from you soon
Bob - Mon 23rd Dec 2013
I am of Mexican citizenship, but I have been living, legally, in the US since I was 7. I am currently a Sophmore in high school and I would like to attend college in Spain straight after high school. What do I need to do to apply? What are the steps that I must follow?
Deborah - Tue 10th Sep 2013
I am a student from Albania,in my case the question is: will I be encounted as a non european student because my country it hasn't still been accepted in the EU ?
Krenalda - Tue 3rd Sep 2013
I am currently a final year A level student wanting to study in Spain starting this September/October. I would ike to find out whether Spanish universities accept A levels or whether i would have to take 'selectividad'. I understand that a language test would have to be taken however the spanish university entrance exam seems very muddling for a foreign student. But as i have said i do hold GCSE's and A levels, thank you for your help in advance and hope to hear from you soon,
Basak - Fri 8th Mar 2013
Providing she applies as an Italian citizen, the process should be much simpler ! Until you know the grades, and have the appropriate leaving certificate it will be difficult to make an application, but you are certainly doing the right thing by doing your research in advance. The University Cardenal Herrera (CEU) in Valencia is the only Dentisty / Medical Uni that I know of, but it is Private.
Paul Harper - Sun 13th Jan 2013
Hello My kid Thalia will graduate from high school in New York in 2014. She is currently taking Spanish in school and she has an Italian ans American citizenship. She loves the Spanish language and she is good at it. She express the desire of attending college in Spain. How can I get her ready and which document will she need? Also what will be the cost? Which University will recommend for medicine? Thank you
Anna Pozzi - Sat 12th Jan 2013
Charlotte : I am guessing that you are not currently a Spanish resident, but do you speak a good standard of Spanish ?
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 5th Sep 2012
Hi, I am currently living in the UK and plan to move to Spain with my family within the next couple of months. I have completed A Levels and wish to go to university in 2013. Can you tell me what process I need to go through to apply please? I am unsure of the procedure. Thank you.
Charlotte-elizabeth - Wed 5th Sep 2012
Hello, I have few questiones. I finish high school next year and I want to start study in Spain from 2013-2014 so what documents I have to send now ? At this moment I cant have my school leaving certificate, and the results obtained in university entry exams. And could you help with UNED.ES I can't find aplication where can I register. By the way I from EU
Deividas - Fri 27th Jul 2012
Sorry Tung, Spain is a Country and not a registered charity. If you wish to study at University 'for free' try doing so in your own country !
Cj Brown - Thu 29th Mar 2012
HI ,i'm not an EU student . I want to know how to get free education in spain ,and can u give me any information about free education ? pls
Tung - Thu 29th Mar 2012
I'm from the US, is it possible to receive financial aid while I study in Spain? How does that work?
Sarah - Thu 1st Sep 2011
thank you for this information it is very useful indeed. I didn't know where to start when applying to study at university and now I at least know where to go in the first instance. Thank you
Catherine - Fri 22th Jul 2011