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How to Complain About Your Lawyer in Spain

How to Complain About Your Lawyer in Spain

It is often taken for granted that all members of the legal community act professionally, ethically and with integrity at all times. Expats who are newly arrived in Spain often find themselves without the ability to ask for personal recommendations of trustworthy and reputable contacts, and this – together with a lack of understanding of many Spanish procedures – can often lead to misunderstandings, which can in turn lead to further problems.

There is a variety of information available on the net advising the checks to make before choosing a Lawyer in Spain (Especially for property purchases), however this guide assumes that problems have come to light beyond some way down the line.

Colegios de Abogados

The first thing you should be aware of – and verify – is the fact that all practicing Lawyers should be registered with the Colegio de Abogados relative to the Province in which they practice.

The Colegio de Abogados is the equivalent of the UK’s Bar Council, and you can verify the status of your Lawyer by clicking through to their website (in Spanish) by clicking here .

Official complaints about your legal representation can be made via the Colegio de Abogados, however it is strongly recommended that you find yet another Lawyer to help you do this.

Colegio Notarial

Similarly, the Notario (or Public Notary) has a governing body to represent the profession in each provinces. As with Lawyers, your Notary can be verified online via the website (again, in Spanish) by clicking here .

Consejo General de Poder Judicial

As with your Abogado or Notary, you can also file a complaint if you feel that the Spanish Courts have been negligent or unprofessional in the handling of any case brought before them.

The Consejo General de Poder Judicial (General Judiciary) website can be viewed – in English – by clicking here

Lawyers, Solicitors or – In Spanish, ‘Abogados’ - often get a bad rap in many of the British newspapers, who seem particularly fond of painting Spain as a hotbed of corruption.

Whilst it is undeniable that many Expats have received questionable advice from their legal representation over recent years, it is a fact that such cases are in the minority. However, newspapers are sold on horror stories, and not by reports of Legal procedures passing successfully.

Comment on this Article

i have a contract for acquisition residence with Spanish lawyer named "Daemi Zabalza". i had to paid 80% of the contract price before the embassy`s interview and i paid that. i provided all the documents that she said, but despite the high price of contact and 80% paid money and the documents which said, she could`t do that. in that step, she ordered for a surplus price to continue . i will follow from office. i hope that i will be able to conclude this injustice.
Mohammad - Fri 15th Dec 2017
Seeing the posts above, it appears to be a waste of time trying to sue your ex lawyer for wasting your time and money. I understand now why he is so cocky about our claim. However I can prove fraud and tax avoidance on his part, which route should I follow?
George - Wed 20th Sep 2017
There is no redress against Lawyers in Spain unless you bring a law suit against the lawyer then it can take up to 10 years for it to come to a conclusion. The legal system is one of the worst, I have experienced it. The Law Society is not helpful it is on the side of the Lawyer. I have had much experience in the matter. I have had one of the worst lawyers you can imagine. Spanish lawyers are paid less than any other country in the EU and at the same time never ask the EU for any help they cover up for any wrong doing of individuals or Government departments, I have experienced it, take my word for it.
Steven Morris - Sun 7th Feb 2016
I have recently found that after selling my house in Spain my original Lawyer hadn't done her job properly, after twelve years I have found out I'm owing 23,000 euros to the Town hall, that's how good Spanish Lawyers are, that's on top of the problems we have had.
Steven Morris - Sat 6th Feb 2016
I have read some of the articles, my experiences over the years I have dealt with many departments in Spain. Concerning the Colegio of Abogados they cover for all Lawyers in Spain no matter how bad they are. My recent fall out is with the Town hall, they are totally corrupt, they stopped my house from selling by refusing to supply documents to the buyer, discriminating against my wife and I whilst other houses sold in the area were I lived. It was all brought about when we went against the Town hall and won our case relating to a new Urbanistica that no one wanted, with the help of the residents, we were singled out because we are Brits .
Steven Morris - Wed 20th Jan 2016
My solicitor has admitted negligence on their part which I had to pay out over 4000 Euros I have submitted a invoice for this amount minus their balance on the conveyance fee ( something I find funny I have to pay as they where negligent ) This invoice is now 120 days old. How can I enforce this or who , association do I report this too
Richard - Wed 20th Jan 2016
I have had three Lawyers in Spain, one stole 300 euros from me, one was so grossly negligent you wouldn't believe what she could do, the third was negligent in a law suit and they are still practicing. What makes it worse the Collegio of Abogados covers their bad practices up, not bad. But our friend up north had 300,000 euros stole from her by a Lawyer and he still practices even when he was guilty in court.
Steven Morris - Wed 4th Nov 2015
They are two people working at MJ Asesores, Aguilas, Murcia Luis Martinez Mu?oz, Lawyer of the Association of Lawyers of Lorca number 831 Murcia and Jose Manuel J?dar Bard?n, solicitor number 30/1064 of the Association of Economist of Murcia. Would you be able to check them for me, please.
John Dai - Wed 28th Oct 2015

@ Carol - Whilst we can not see that Snr Jodar is registered with the Colegio, it could be that is he simply represnting a number of his colleagues at the same practice who ARE registered. An unbiased recommendation is often an equally good yardstick to apply.

@ John - Can you re-check the Official practice name ? - If they are the same as "MARTINEZ-ABARCA & MU?OZ" with Offices in San Javier, then yes they are - with Reg. No. 2.252

Tumbit - Admin - Wed 28th Oct 2015
Would you be able to tell me if Luis Martinez Mu?oz is a Lawyer of the Association of Lawyers of Lorca (Murcia? Thanks, John
John Dai - Tue 27th Oct 2015
Read John's comments below, and wonder if we could also use Jose Manuel Jodar of the company MJ Asesores of Aguilas in Murcia, although he is not a member of the Colegio due Abogados - He was recommended by our English & Spanish estate agent and we went to his office and got his business card saying he is a solicitor. Would be grateful for advice!
Carol Wei - Sun 25th Oct 2015
The Lawyer or Abogado caused us many problems and over the years this Lawyer had made my wife ill with having to go through the legal system, being interviewed by the College of Abogados and covering up her negligent ways, our problems went on for many years which was meant to be a happy retirement that turned out to be a nightmare. No one would help us in our fight against this Lawyer, Lawyers, thirty five to be exact or other institutions in Spain including other Colleges of Abogados. We have been warned to stay away from this Lawyer by a human rights Lawyer and threatened to stop harassing her or we will be fined or imprisoned.
Steven Morris - Tue 31st Mar 2015
I have had many Lawyers in spain and they were all rubbish, one in particular that caused us many problems and she was covered by the College of Abogados. A freind of ours had 300'000 euros stolen by a Lawyer and she had to sue him. I had thirty euros stolen from me by another Lawyer and to say that the legal system in spain is one of the worst in the world I believe it as I have had a taste of it many a time, I hAVE WRITTEN A BOOK ABOUT MY EXPERIENCES.
Steve Morris - Mon 30th Mar 2015
Thank you very much indeed!
John Shemeld - Tue 24th Mar 2015
John : I can find no record of Jose Manuel Jodar (Bardon) being registered with the Colegio de Abogados. Equally so, his LinkedIn profile does not suggest that he has ever studied as a Lawyer. Whilst Lawyers themselves (as opposed to the practice) are listed as members, there is nothing to suggest that one of his colleagues at MJ Asesores may be undertaking the legal work you are considering.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 23rd Mar 2015
I am having trouble navigating the official web site. Would you be able to tell me if Jose Manuel Jodar of the company MJ Asesores of Aguilas in Murcia is a member of the Colegio due Abogados? Thanks, John Shemeld
John Shemeld - Sun 22th Mar 2015
AS a victim of a brutal domestic violence incident I have had four lawyers fail to manage to get my share our of the home I own jointly with the perpetrator. He received a 2 1/2 year suspended sentence, so why is he still able to live in our house when I'm homeless ?
Clappedoutcarer - Wed 4th Mar 2015
Good, thanks very much!
M Fuller - Wed 27th Aug 2014
Michael : According to the Abogacia Espanola Consejo General, Salvador Sendra is listed and recognised, with reference number 7228. Apparently, the details were updated as recently as 26/08/2014.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 27th Aug 2014
How do I find out if Salvador Sendra is a lawyer please? He operates from Moraira.
Michael Fuller - Tue 26th Aug 2014
Ok, I wanted to check if a lawyer was legitimate. Had problems with one, still am. Thanks.
Michael Fuller - Wed 23rd Jul 2014
M Fuller : If it is the 'Colegio de Abogados' link you are referring to, this is operational, however it is a resource where you can verify your Lawyer and not a Directory of Lawyers.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 26th May 2014
I cannot see all Spanish lawyers on this page, the link must be wrong.
M Fuller - Mon 26th May 2014