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Why every Expat is a scumbag

By Mr Grumpy - Sun 19th May 2013

A report in Saturday's edition of the Telegraph – titled ” Costa Del Crime: Marbella is 'synonymous with villainy' “ has only exacerbated the largely unfounded stereotype that 50% of all Expat Brits are on the run from some criminal investigation in the UK.

What's More, if the Daily Mail is to be believed, the other 50% are benefit-defrauding, Winter Fuel-Allowance claiming, work-shy turncoats.

The report names Marbella as being a hotspot for Crime lords hiding out from the UK authorities, naming Spain's lax extradition laws with the UK (which ended in 1985) as being the main reason behind this.

A second report in the same edition of the same newspaper, notes that Spain was "once a land of Ferraris, Cocaine and Women". Not being an investigative journalist I am clearly on dodgy ground making such a statement, but I will stick my neck out here and say that Spain still has all three of those things. My credit card statement alone can confirm the later.

And, if I were the pedantic type (which I am) I would question why the Journo felt the need to add the words "In Calpe" behind his name - especially when writing about the subject of Crime in Marbella - which is located just down the road at 500km away.

What is perhaps most notable on the report is when the journo quotes some "Poacher Turned Gamekeeper" Ex-con who is now a Lawyer as claiming that "A lot of Lawyers here aren't good at acting for foreign criminals" and that "when Brits get arrested they need somebody like me".

Aside from being a shameless attempt to attain some free publicity from the rag my only thoughts are this : If I wanted to commit a crime I would ask a criminal, if I wanted help with the law I would ask a Lawyer. If I wanted help in breaking the law and being apprehended by the Police and then tried in court, I would ask a Poacher-turned Gamekeeper.

Better still, I would do my utmost not to break the law in the first place.

Now I have attempted to bust the stereotype I'm off to rob a Bank in my Ferrari (and will then claim my Winter Fuel Allowance).

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Comment on this Blog

Villains like Spain because like Dung Beetles, they seek safety in numbers and lack imagination.
Robster - Mon, 12th Aug 2013
The Irony is that the very same newspaper which you mention also proudly boasts the tag-line "Printed in Spain" - thereby alienating 99% of their Expat readership anyway. Maybe in a few years time one of the head honchos will question why their Spanish readership has declined to zero...
Tyler - Tue, 4th Jun 2013
In the spirit of the EU every citizen should be free to live and work wherever they choose : therefore surely any benefit contributions should be transferable ? - I would also urge any Expat to take a look at today's cartoon in the Daily Mail if they honestly don't believe that these arseholes are spinning a stereotype !
Mr Grumpy - Tue, 4th Jun 2013
I´m on the run from not paying the poll tax so maybe the stereotype is right - except where ferraris, cocaine and women are concerned.
Mo - Mon, 3rd Jun 2013
If you feel that there is something wrong with people claiming the winter fuel allowance whilst living in Spain, then perhaps you should take it up with the UK government, who are prepared to pay out this allowance, simply because the people they pay it to are entitled to it. And often need it.
Pete Clark - Thu, 30th May 2013
Maybe, they should concentrate on looking at the people on their own island or even in their own office.
Dave - Tue, 28th May 2013
The Daily Mail would soon go out of business if it didn't print at least one article a week slamming expats in Spain for one thing or another.
Tyler - Thu, 23rd May 2013

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