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How and where to complain about my Bank in Spain

- Updated: 08/11/2014
How and where to complain about my Bank in Spain

From time to time problems can and do occur in Spanish Banks, just as they do in other countries. Quite often any grievance can be sorted out at a branch level simply by speaking with the manager and putting your case forward - maybe even by going as far as threatening to take your business elsewhere. However, occasionally you may have a more serious grievance and wish to take matters further. So what should you do ?

Customer Services

As you would probably expect, a quick telephone call to the Bank's Customer Care call centre can often resolve the issue. The veiled threat of 'taking the matter further' is usually something that the majority of Banks wish to avoid and so, if they can, they will try to resolve the issue at this early stage.

Defensor del Cliente

If and when speaking directly to the branch manager and customer services at head office, has failed to bring any closure to the issue of your problem you should then find out who the 'Defensor del cliente' for your bank is. Think of a Defensor del cliente as a kind of Ombudsman protecting the interests of the client, but concentrating exclusively on the one banking organisation as opposed to the banking sector as a whole - which is why you need to sure that you are contacting the right one. The Bank is duty bound to show their appointed Defensor either on their website or on the literature you were given upon opening your account.

You can find the Defensor del Cliente for your bank by clicking here.

You should contact the Defensor in writing clearly stating the nature of your grievance and quoting as many times, dates, names and any other relevant information you can think of. If you have any evidence of letters, cheques, statements of passbook entries that support your complaint then you should include them.

It goes without saying that if you are submitting a complaint in writing (as opposed to email) then you should keep copies of your correspondence and send your envelope by recorded mail ( Correo certificado ).

The Defensor will then contact the bank and conduct a brief investigation into the matter to see if your complaint is justified.

As in the UK and other countries, Banks have a responsibility for due care and diligence to their clients and their money, but if they feel that they can shirk this responsibility and prove that they have not acted unfairly or improperly, they will.

The defensor should then get back to you to advise you of their findings and what course of action (if any) will be taken.

Banco de Espana

On the rare occasions that the Defensor has been unable to intervene and resolve the issue on your behalf (If not to your entire satisfaction and in your favour, then at least with adequate explanation), then you can take matters further by appealing directly to the Complaints Department of the Bank Of Spain.

Again, you should repeat the process as above, but also include your reasons for being unhappy with the findings of the Defensor del Cliente, once again providing copies of any written documentation you may have.

Contact details for the Bank of Spain

Servicio de Reclamaciones
Banco de España
c/ Alcala, 48
28014 MADRID
Telephone: 901-545-400

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Comment on this Article

Would you have the address for Caixa bank Defensor? Thank You!
Mona F Hanna-estes - Thu 31st Jan 2019
I bought some shares in Banco Popular which crashed to zero before they were taken over by Santander. Popular are refusing to compensate me so I am writing to the address below, assuming this is up to date? David 0075 BANCO POPULAR ESPA?OL, S.A. Oficina de Atenci?n al Cliente. D. Lorenzo Sanz Recio DOMICILIO: CL VEL?ZQUEZ, 34 1? 28001 MADRID
David - Tue 29th Jan 2019
I've had no joy with Sabadell - branch or head office - and now will contact defensor. Shall i post details to them or can i email my complaint ?also, can i use english in my correspondence ? thank you !
Lee - Tue 30th Oct 2018
Hi,I was forced to give up my effort to get justice against Caja Murcia/BMN due to I'll health as I was getting know where anyway.I even made a complaint to Spain's so called Ombudsman at Banco de Espania in Madrid,total waste of time.I accuse Caja Murcia of manipulating balance sheets on my son's mortgage to suit themselves,ie ,when I asked for a balance on my son's mortgage,which my wife and I inherited,I was given "another version",.During my dispute BMN were calling my home 4 or 5 times a day,6 days a week,the manager at Caja Murcia made many threats about taking our pensions,putting us out in the street,ect.They are all a group of animals and nobody wants to help,organizations that are supposed to!!!.We cannot afford legal assistance so we have to carry on as it is.DISGUSTING.
Martin Paul Croft - Fri 9th Feb 2018
I bank with BMN/Caja Murcia soon to become Bankia. They are refusing to give me the details of the Defensor Del Cliente. can anyone advise me where I go from here.
James Dunn - Thu 8th Feb 2018

@ Martin : BMN / Caja Murcia do not openly give out the details for their Defensor (might be advised on some of the paperwork received when opening the account), but will certainly be made available if requested. The thought process here is that their own customer services dept might be able to assist with any issue, and therefore save them from having a black mark against their name with the Defensor - you could try contacting their own customer services dept on :


Servicio de Atencion al Cliente

Gran Via Escultor Salzillo, 23

30005 Murcia

Tumbit - Admin - Sat 10th Sep 2016
Hi,I cannot find the Defensor del Clients for BMN/Caja Murcia on the list,do they have one?.Thanks.
Martin Croft - Sat 10th Sep 2016
We own an apartment in Almerimar which has a mortgage from Bankia, where we have an account. We want to sell the apartment but Bankia refuse to let us have access to our account. In fact, they said it was closed. This is nonsense, because each month ?300 is paid from our UK Bank into the account to pay the mortgage and the utilities which we had set up direct debits for. They take the mortgage repayment but do not pay the utility bills. The bank is now on-line only and until recently we could not find anyone to speak to us in English. Recently we thought we had found someone who told us it would be resolved in 2 weeks. That was 4 weeks ago and we are now told she is away. We have now lost our purchasers. Where do we go next?
Claire Burling - Fri 9th Sep 2016
Hi,I wish to make a complaint against B.M.N/Caja Murcia over there refusal to answer questions about my son's mortgage who we inherited due to his failure to pay due to unemployment.Thanks.
Martin Croft - Tue 2th Aug 2016
We asked if our bank caxiabanco in Puente Genil Cordoba provincia could take back our house. They agreed and we signed a document giving them authorization. This was 13 months ago and we can't get any answer or solution. We were told we could return to the UK and they will call us. This is getting a ridiculous situation. Is there somewhere we can put in an official report. Thanks in advance. Mrs S Carpenter
Sandra Carpenter - Wed 13th Jul 2016
can anyone help please.My VISA debit card was stolen in Moraira Spain last Good Friday and over the 4 days bank holiday 13 unauthorised transactions were made fro my Bankia account totalling over 4,500 euros. Bankia complained on my behalf but Visa refused to compensate on the grounds that the correct PIN number had been used. It was my wifes dob on her driving licence which was also stolen The card was for emergency use only and had been dormant for 6 years.Four of the transactions were in stores where identification and signature security had been relaxed by Visa. I need to know how and where to pursue my claim on VISA having returned to Bournemouth UK Can anyone help me wiith an address etc to write to ?? My complaint iwill be based on : 1 the card should have expired as it was 6 years old . 2 the 13 transactions were over 4 days with no previous history of usage in 6 years so an automatic software Stop should have been applied by Visa 3. the decision to relax security on st
Alan Coldicott - Sat 7th May 2016
how much should I be charged for closing a bank account?
Carole Broom - Fri 4th Sep 2015
Thanks Tumbit, I actually just recieved a lettet frommy banks "servicio de atenciona cliente" department. They say they have opened an investigation into the issues I raised & that they have 2 months in which to respond
Glenn Farrell - Sat 13th Jun 2015
Glenn : You need to report the complaint to your Bank's Defensor BEFORE you escalate it to the Bank of Spain. I would probably also chase up a response from your Bank (in writing / e mail, so you can document this for future scrutiny). Leave it 2 weeks after chasing, and if no response contact the Defensor.
Tumbit- Admin - Sat 13th Jun 2015
I submitted a complaint to my banks head office four weeks ago & to date have not had a responce. Is there a time limit before I can contact Banco de Espana???
Glenn Farrell - Tue 9th Jun 2015
i have just bought a property in tenerife the sabadell bank added on the life insurance for my spouse onto the mortgage and then took another 9.157,05 euros for life insurance i have been trying for 3 months to get it credited back to my account but getting nowhere the bank is Sabadell playa de americas
Gordon Macdonald - Thu 28th May 2015
Very helpful article, thank you. All in all, a very informative website.
Mick Cb - Mon 1st Dec 2014
Joy : The Caja Murcia website does not list a contact e mail address, but you are able to complete and submit an auto-fill form via the link here :
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 19th Apr 2014
I would like to thank you for your quick response to my problem. I have noted the address you have given me. Is it possible there is an E Mail address so I can contact them please ? Thank you for your help. Regards Joy Alston
Joy Alston - Tue 15th Apr 2014

Joy : This isn't really an issue for the Defensor, but certainly worth taking up with the Bank's internal customer Service department. The address you need is :


Servicio de Atencion al Cliente

Gran Via Escultor Salzillo, 23

30005 Murcia

Tumbit - Admin - Mon 14th Apr 2014
I would like to make a complaint on how I was served today at 10 o clock at caja Murcia branch in Rojales this morning. I have been a customer for the last 13 and half years and have always been served with a word and a smile. But this young ladies attitude left a lot to be desired. Everything was slapped on the counter and no eye contact was made to me. And very abrupt.
Joy Alston - Mon 14th Apr 2014
very helpful answered a lot of my quistons
Hugh Odonnell - Tue 1st Oct 2013
Mr O : It can't hurt to write to your Bank's Defensor.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 27th Jul 2013
Dear sirs A few years ago I bought some bonos, bonds from my bank the cajamurcia in cabo de palos, after the bank was taken over by now the BMN I found that I needed some money, after a lot of time and talking to my Bank Manager I was finally allowed 5000 euros of my 10'000 euros bonds, the balance was with held as I was guarantor for a loan my son had with the same bank, I am no longer guarantor for my son and wish to get the balance of my money, I have been to my bank, and they are too busy - I am now living in Thailand and keep sending emails with no response : What can I do ?
Mr A.r.ohoran - Sat 27th Jul 2013
Most uk providers will not accept 902 calls as these carry a premium charge rate. You could try reaching them on 0034 968 361 600 instead.
C Timpson - Sun 10th Feb 2013
Can anyone tell me please how to contact caja murcia Intelvia from the UK? Their 901240712 does not work using 34. Any advice gratefully received. THANKS
Abby Oxley - Sun 10th Feb 2013

Amanda : The address for the Defensor responsible for Banesto is :

Servicio de Atención al Cliente.

D. Juan Fernando Hernández Sevilla


28043 MADRID

Tumbit - Admin - Thu 20th Dec 2012
Thank you for your reply. The bank in question is Banesto - I have heard also there is a group forming to pursue banks that do not adhere to the code of good conduct - that Spain introduced in February 2012. If you have any information on that - it would be brilliant. Many thanks and a great service!
Amanda Richter - Thu 20th Dec 2012
Amanda : If you tell us who your Bank is we may be able to advise you the best contact details for the appropriate Defensor's office.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 20th Dec 2012
I have recently found out that I have been paying 4,77% interest on my mortgage with a Spanish bank. The original mortgage deeds state they cannot charge me more than Euribor 0.30% so a big difference. I have emailed for an urgent meeting with the manager and 2 others to discuss but they refuse to answer me. I have sent a request for their Defensor del Cliente but have received still no reply.. any other suggestions to try before it goes legal?. I have a lawyer but we have not started anything yet.
Amanda Richter - Thu 20th Dec 2012
Very good site - how do I find the address of BMN Banco Mare Nostrum? which has been formed since the list on this site.
Ron And Jan Wilkinson - Tue 16th Oct 2012

Joseph : 1) Get documented evidence of letters, emails, mortgage offers, meetings, telephone conversations etc... together in a file.

2) Chose a GOOD, experienced and appropriately qualified lawyer who has no connection at all to your Bank to handle this for you. This sounds like a complicated set of circumstances and it would be inappropriate for us to offer any advise when we do not know all of the facts - and are not qualified to do so.

If you can advise us the location we would be happy to recommend a lawyer.

Tumbit - Admin - Thu 9th Aug 2012
We have serious problems with a Spanish bank who gave us a commercial mortgage for building purposes. The contractor during 2009 couldn't finalize the works due to insolvency, using some of the payments to pay for our suppliers from other works. We notified the bank of the situatio , as the mortgage was for renewal July 2010 they requested us to come to agreement with contractor on terms, and they would proceed with a new contractor. We did this, but they have been playing with us for 3 years, some have sugested to go for bankrupcy, but this would let the situation out of our control. We are not insolvent (but have no cash). Due to the deadline to take ownership of the properties having passed they are claiming the return of their deposits & rightfully so. Due to the loss of time we have lost more than €2 million. We have complied with all the request from the bank, what would your advice be ? Regards
Joseph Harmon - Thu 9th Aug 2012
Nick : 2 things here ... 1) Can you prove that you DID give the correct IBAN details originally, 2) Have you got proof of all correspondence between yourself anf the bank ?
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 3rd Aug 2012
I transferred a sum to an British bank from Cajamurcia. The UK bank said they did not receive anything whilst Cajamurcia repeated many times the money had arrived in the UK bank. 30 emails later and Cajamurcia still insisted the money had been trasferred correctly and debited my account. UK bank confirmed no such transfer had taken place. After 1 month, numerous calls and emails Cajamurcia finally admitted transfer had been rejected due to insufficient IBAN no. But will not offer compensation for the stress and me having cancelled my holiday to get the problem sorted! What should I do next?
Nick Ireland - Fri 3rd Aug 2012
18 Days is a long time, and your friend is right to start feeling worried! In the first instance he should contact his Bank in America and ask them to e mail a scanned copy of the trade, showing the issuing Bank details, the recipient Bank details, forwarding account number & name and IBAN numbers. Once he has those details CAM Bank will at least be able to trace the process back at this end.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 25th Apr 2012
A friend of mine transferred 8000 dollars from his American bank to CAM bank 18 days ago when they amalgamated computers with another bank.He has proof the money left America but CAM say they have not received it. No - help !
D Mcnally - Wed 25th Apr 2012
Teuku : Cajasur is indeed a real Bank, but I would question that legiimacy of the e mail you have received if it is unsolicited. If you have doubts that pop into your nearest branch and ask them to verify for you.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 2th Apr 2012
I got email from Mr.Walter Tobagi as Head Foreign Operations of Banco Cajasur, address Edifico Suarez 20 / 28001 Madrid Spain tel.0034-911 436 774 , email address: and website : Http:// Please reply soon. Is it real Bank or not. Thank you.
Mr. Teuku Hasran - Mon 2th Apr 2012
Do you have a bank in Spain known as CITIZEN BANK INC ?
Daniel N. Njora - Wed 14th Mar 2012
Try checking out
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 20th Feb 2012
Dear Sirs, I need to find a Saxo Bank in Malaga ; Is it a real or fake Bank ?
Ayub Khan - Mon 20th Feb 2012