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Liva & Laia : 11 Months

By Stine Kuskner - Tue 31st May 2011

Liva and Laia are 11 months old today, my big girls!! And poor Laia is more sick than they have ever been before. She has had a fever for 5 days now, on Thursday we took her to the doctor's and got some medication. She wasn't getting better, and all night last night she cried. At 5 am I took her to the hospital - she has a very bad ear-infection and is now on penicilin. All day she has had a fever, and slept most of the day. Albert and I took turns taking care of her or Liva, in the afternoon my mother-in-law came over to take Liva out for a few hours. Poor girl, I felt we were neglecting her! But she seems fine, is crawling around laughing most of the time.

Besides Laia being sick, both girls are doing great. Liva is getting extremely heavy, Laia is getting really long, they can hardly fit size 18 months clothes now.

Laia hasn't gotten any further with her walking, the problem is that she doesn't believe she can walk. She'll take a few steps and then suddenly realize she's walking on her own and sit down. Liva shows no interest in walking on her own, she loves their walker and she loves pushing furniture around to help her walk, but she has no interest in walking on her own, and not much in walking holding our hands. We're not pushing her, they're still so small and it's perfectly normal not to walk yet at 11 months.

They love food, especially Liva. She will eat anything, except feta cheese. Laia is a bit more picky and not too crazy about meat. They love eating on their own, and can even get little things like peas into their mouth.

They have started communicating more, they copy each other's sounds or sometimes even seem to "talk" to one another, using intonation and everything. It's so sweet to watch them.

Sleeping through the night is no problem, they still sleep around 19:00 and wake up between 6 and 7. We've tried putting them down later in the hope they'll wake up later, but it's no use - they just wake up cranky instead. They take a short morning nap of 20-40 minutes, and another nap in the afternoon of 45 minutes to 1 hours.

We go out every morning for 1-2 hours and again in the afternoon for 2-3 hours. Very often we meet up with other moms, it's wonderful. Liva and Laia get cranky after a while in their stroller, I'm sure it's because they feel squashed. The stroller is really narrow, they don't look comfortable anymore. We've bought a new one in Denmark which I'll have while I'm there in less than 2 week's time, and will bring back down here with me. We're hoping to sell the one we have now.

Liva and Laia love being out (as long as they don't have to sit in the stroller for too long) and look at everything. They especially love dogs! We can spend hours at parks just sitting in the grass looking at dogs. Every time Liva sees a dog on the street she reaches out for it.

They also adore our cats! They still don't talk, the only word they say is "Tatanka" (also when they see Tomahawk). Just seeing one of the cats is enough to make them laugh, the few times they actually get to touch one of the cats they hardly know what to do, they get so happy and excited. Though I get really annoyed at the cats sometimes, I see every day how important pets are to children.

They also say papa, and they're starting to say it when they see Albert. Laia says mam-mam-mam when she's hungry or sees food she wants, and she says Laia quite a bit. They both say other words such as hola, bana (banana?), Header (Heather?), kitty etc, but it all seems very random still. Then again, they have 3 languages to work with, their little brains must be completely overworked at times!

I can't believe Liva and Laia will be 1 year old next time I have to write the monthly update! :)

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