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How to Apply for Free State Healthcare in Spain

- Updated: 11/10/2014
How to Apply for Free State Healthcare in Spain

If you already live, work or study in Spain it is likely that you will have come across the Spanish healthcare system in some form or another. Hospitals and clinics here are comparable to the best that the uk has to offer, and most hospitals are modern and well-equipped, especially in prosperous areas. Doctors may appear to have a brusque way of dealing with patients, but in many cases speaking fluent Spanish and being clear about the reason for your visit can overcome this.

To be entitled to free healthcare you need to be paying into the social system in much the same way as the UK. if you pay your contributions via your salary every month, that entitles you to a pension, unemployment benefit, sick pay, maternity pay and the right to receive free healthcare. the amount of pension or benefit you will receive depends on the level of contributions you have been paying.

If you do not already have a SIP card (sistema de información poblacional, conselleria de sanitat, also called the tarjeta sanitaria) take your work contract, passport or Residencia card, NIE number, and a recent padron form to your main regional healthcare centre, where they can issue the card immediately. this is your entitlement to healthcare, so look after it!

With your sip card you can now make appointments to see a doctor or Paediatrician for your children as and when you need it. Locate the telephone number for your local clinic where appointments are made – This may be organised centrally if you live in a small village. In an emergency, ring 112 and have your sip card to hand.

When you obtain a work contract, your employer will be required to register you in the social security system and to deduct any contributions payable by you from your wages. you will have provided an NIE number for your employer to do this. Some small businesses pay staff cash in hand but this means you will not be eligible for social security benefits, including health care. Other employers may register you, but claim you are working less than you are, trying to cut their payment contributions. This does not seem too bad as you will still be eligible for health care until you consider that if you become unemployed or have to take sick leave, your benefits will be lower.

If you are self-employed you will have to go to the local social security office and fill in the paper-work yourself to confirm eligibility. You may want to get a Gestor (official agent) to do this for you. the monthly contribution for the self employed in Spain is currently 260eur minimum per month.

These procedures will apply if you are an employee or self-employed, but if you are an eu national, retired and in receipt of a state pension you are already fully covered for all aspects of health care in Spain including free drugs and medication.

Even if you are neither a pensioner nor employed, you may still be eligible for free healthcare, under reciprocal arrangements for member countries within the EU. Go to your local health clinic with the following documents and ask to register for a temporary sip.

** The UK Government is 'considering' ending S1 entitlement as from 01.04.2014. Further information on the subject by clicking the link > HERE <.

*Valid British passport

*Residence certificates and NIE´s

*Padron (proof of residency & address) recently issued - within 3 months

*If you have dependents, take proof ie birth certificates, marriage certificates etc..

*Employment contract if you have ever worked in Spain

If you are just thinking of moving to Spain, and have no idea how long your stay here might last, you should make sure you apply for the new European health insurance card (EHIC), which replaces the old e111. Application forms are available either at the post office in the UK, or at the UK department of health website.

An EHIC will cover you for emergency healthcare treatment in Spain. It is really designed for tourists, but will ensure that you do not end up having to pay for treatment during your first few weeks or months in Spain. It will not cover you for most types of non-urgent treatment such as treatment for ongoing conditions, full maternity care or vaccinations and you should not rely on it if you are living in Spain full-time.

Under certain circumstances Expats may be entitled to use their EHIC for a period of up to 2 year but should make contact with their HMRC/JobCentreplus/Overseas Health Team to see if they qualify, however as the EHIC is generally awarded to UK Residents for overseas use, it becomes invalid as soon as the applicant becomes resident in Spain.

Sorting out paperwork like this never seems urgent, but do not wait until you need crucial treatment before you do so. Save yourself stress and risk by applying for your healthcare rights today.

Please click here if you wish to read more on the ehic card and how to apply for one..

** 10.10.2014 : An informative Youtube guide on the subject issued jointly by the Dept of Health in the UK and the British Embassy in Madrid can be seen by Clicking the link HERE

Comment on this Article

I work here and have a spanish SIP but I tried to add my children on my sip and they refused! Said the birth certificates do not prove they are my children! And I need to get them stamped somewhere but wouldn't give me any info on where to take them or how to do it, can anyone help please?
Kirsty - Sun 7th Feb 2016
Mrs Grant : Sounds a load of rubbish to me. When I was pregnant and needed to apply for my SIP card they asked us for our marriage certificate, but as we were not married how could we do this ? - The Health Centre themselves asked for sight of my Partners Social Security no. (on his contract of employment); our NIE & Residencias and proof of address (both named on Padron) - They published a temporary SIP card for us on the spot, and the permanent one followed in the post after a cpl of weeks. Is it your local Health Centre you are asking for a card, or somewhere else ?
Jo Green - Fri 10th Oct 2014
Hi we live in spain we both have residencia my husband pays into the system he has a sipp card but they are saying for me to get mine i have to get another copy of our marriage certificate in english and spainish from the town hall where we got married 36 years ago is this right. Many Thanks
Mrs Grant - Thu 9th Oct 2014
Don't know if this will help, but we fell thru a black hole with the Health system over here, but have been told if we get Newcastle to supply us with a Legislation Letter, then we can take this plus our residencia and nie to the social health and they can re-instate us back into system. It might be worth a try. Good luck.
Lynn - Thu 12th Jun 2014
Danielle : By "Resident", I assume you mean that you have a Residencia as opposed to the fact that you just happen to live here ? If so, and whilst I can't really comment on your entitlement due to so many unknowns, I DO know that your son is entitled to free state healthcare until he is at least 16.
Jo Green - Wed 11th Jun 2014
hi i hope someone can help me i a resident in spain (15yrs) i had a baby in spain and had medical till he was 6mths then i was denied medical care as well as my son. im so worred, becuase my son has one of his testicles inside that never droped and also his jabs, i gone to doctor to fill out forms i gone to social security office and after runing around doing copys signing things going here and there ive become confused and have no idea what to do, can some one let me know or explain where i stand or what i can do please.
Danielle - Mon 9th Jun 2014
Does anyone know of a private health insurance in Tenerife that covers the costs of medication. Thanks
Lynn - Wed 7th May 2014
My partner is in receipt of a SIP card via S1 form. as he is a UK pensioner. I am also in receipt of a card as his dependant. Our cards expire in June this year. Can you tell me how to renew, and what documents we need. We are residents in Mallorca. Thanks
Sue Parrish - Wed 7th May 2014
Margaret - I take it that is a question rather than a statement ? - If so, then it will really depend on how long you are visiting your sister for. It could be that an EHIC would suffice (assuming you are an EU national)
Robster - Tue 15th Apr 2014
want to go to spain to visit my sister need a sip card
Margaret Grace - Mon 14th Apr 2014
Cheryl - Wed 29th Jan 2014
In view of the latest reports on healthcare in Spain. We still do NOT come into any category. We have worked for 8 years & paid into SS system. But now no longer work. We do have a blue health card. But, since we registered before 24th April 2012 do we have to go thru registering again as we think they have taken us out of the system? We are both early retirees so cannot get healthcare on pensionable age qualification.
Lynn - Mon 14th Oct 2013
After 12 yrs living in spain and paying s/s with full residencia & N.I.E I have now been informed I need to register my son separately for S.I.P apparently I need a form from his country of birth to be filled in along with all the usual others, i.e padron, n.i.e etc which we have, can you advise which form I need please and how to obtain, many thanks.
Jane Kerr - Sat 12th Oct 2013
I am a pensioner. I have an authorised S1 form. I am having a problem in becoming a resident. I am told S1 is not good enough and that I need Private Health. On applying for private Health Ins: which I shouldn't have to, I'm told you have to be a resident first? Catch 22 or is it that no one knows what they are talking about.
Nicky Corrigan - Sun 8th Sep 2013
The UK Government is carrying out a public consultation on migrant healthcare, which includes a proposal to end the issue of the E106/S1 for early retirees. See page 48 of the consultation document.
Flashcard - Fri 19th Jul 2013
I have my Residencia green card and I have a Temporary SIP card given by my Doctors. They said I will have to get a FULL one now but dont understand where I have to go in Alicante and what I will need to take like any photos or any letters from UK at all please help I am going soon
Ellis - Tue 16th Jul 2013
Barbara : You can read "How to Apply for an EHIC as a Spanish Resident" by clicking on the link > HERE <
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 10th Jul 2013
We are under pension age. We are resident here and have SIP cards. We are going to travel back to UK shortly for a holiday and want to get the equivalent of a EHIC card. Does anyone know where these come from and how to get one?
Barbara - Wed 10th Jul 2013
Thank you for your comments flash card . We do already have a S1 but it has only just arrived and we have not had time to apply for our residential here yet, there are so many people telling us different things, we have even been to our solicitor and he advises us we have to now have water and electric bills for the last six months, which we do not have as our bank pays all the bills directly.also we have to prove our pensions are paid to Spain which are not at the moment, the bank says they do not give you anything to prove this is's so confusing!!!
Janet Lappin - Sat 6th Jul 2013
My husband and I just decided to stay here in Spain we have property here. I notified the proper authorities to get an S 1 form from Britain .however I waited two months and still it had not arrived, on checking discovered it had not even been processed, so had to wait nearly another month. My husband has a heart condition and needs medication permanently, he has a temporary s.i.p card until the end of may I wonder what will happen then if we have not registered our S1 with the Spanish authorities in time .
Janet Lappin - Sat 6th Jul 2013
Mary : Apologies if I am missing something, but it sounds like you are complaining about not being able to claim eligibility for BOTH Spanish AND UK state healthcare at the same time ? ALSO - being Resident in Spain is not a matter of 'choosing' to be so - it is a legal requirement once you intend to stay here beyond the qualifying period. If you really must have access to the UK Health service then why not apply for an EHIC card from Spain as a Spanish resident (although this will only be available for Emergency use)
Mr Grumpy - Tue 2th Jul 2013
I thank-you for this, but I have already read this. The article states if I am EU national, retired and in receipt of a state pension I am already covered for all aspects of healthcare in Spain - I am sorry, but I have to disagree with this as I have already been in touch with DSS in Britain who advised filling in a S1 form and become resident in Spain- which then you cannot use NHS in Britain. The thing is I did not want to be resident in Spain. I thought when we joined the EEC what we were told was you can live in any EEC country, but still remain British resident, although I might have got that wrong ?
Mary - Tue 2th Jul 2013
You state you are living in Spain but not resident - these are incompatible. If you are resident in the UK say so and use your EHIC to see the doctor. If you are resident in Spain you need S1 from 00441912187777. If neither you are not entitled.
Flashcard - Mon 1st Jul 2013
I am british pensioner living in Spain, but not resident and am having difficulty with getting my medication etc. the DSS here want my residencia, but I do not want to be a resident in Spain, can you help me? The DSS wants me to get a S1 form also residencia. What is a S1 form? I see from your comments that as a British pensioner this should happen automaticly, is this correct?
M. Kilgour - Mon 1st Jul 2013
Aw shucks. There's another excellent EU/UK official website with EHIC info:
Flashcard - Fri 7th Jun 2013
Tumbit would also like to add our thanks to Flashcard. It is the selfless sharing of information like this which can only be to everyone's benefit. Thanks again Flashcard!
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 7th Jun 2013
Thank you very much for your informative comment relating to this matter. I will get in touch with UK Government website. We really do appreciate your information on this matter.
Suzanne Hawthorne - Fri 7th Jun 2013
I forgot to mention-having an address and/or paying tax in the UK is not relevant. To remain entitled to NHS care and an EHIC you need to be physically present in the UK for more than six months of the year.
Flashcard - Thu 6th Jun 2013
You're welcome. If you've not had National Insurance contributions or credits in the last three years I'm afraid you won't qualify for an S1 until one of you claims old age pension. The UK Government website gives detail.
Flashcard - Thu 6th Jun 2013
Thank your for your quick response to my query. We will still have an address in the UK. My husband is not on any benefits. I am not working. We live off my husband's teaching pension. He took early retirement about 10 yrs ago. Therefore are we entitled to the Spanish State healthcare? Or for his routine treatment do we have to pay privately.? Is there any website that can give us more information on this matter. For example a medical centre that can give us prices on how much his routine treatment will cost. We would appreciate this very much so that we can make an informed decision.
Suzanne Hawthorne - Thu 6th Jun 2013
Your EHICs are no longer valid when you give up UK residence. They are for people on temporary visits to other EU countries. Is your husband on Incapacity Benefit or ESA? If so he may get an S1 to enable you both to register for Spanish state healthcare. If not on a benefit, you may be entitled to a short period of cover if you qualify for an E106/S1 form, then when it expires nothing till old age pension is in payment.
Flashcard - Wed 5th Jun 2013
I have found this article very informative. We hope to come to Tenerife to live there long term. We do have our EHIC health cards. However, I would like more details regarding healthcare. My husband has a chronic health problem which requires taking blood samples monthly to check iron levels. On a regular basis he has to have venesection done. We are not pensioners yet. My husband is sixty so would he have to pay for this treatment or would he get it free. I would appreciate it so much if you could clarify this query for us.
Suzanne Hawthorne - Wed 5th Jun 2013
It may be that they think you are living in Spain and therefore not entitled to use an EHIC - as you point out a lot of people do this. The UK in Spain via the Foreign & Commonwealth Office is currently running an awareness campaign. If you are attending a public health surgery they may have particular times of day to see temporary visitors. I suggest taking evidence that you are UK resident [a letter from The Pension Service with your address on it?] and if they refuse your EHIC contact the Consul in Alicante.
Flashcard - Tue 21st May 2013
Again thank you flashcard. I will use my EHIC card if I have to but a lot of doctors are refusing EHIC's in hospitals in my area of Spain which is La Marina near to Torrevieja. Have you heard of this area of Spain? I will check with my Town Hall in La Marina about my pensionista card and I quite understand you cannot have a GP in the UK and one in Spain (there are lots who have though). Once again many thanks for your help and advice. Grace Newton
Grace Newton - Tue 21st May 2013
Grace - You're welcome. I've just noticed that you said you were UK domiciled. If you are registered with the NHS you won't get an S1 unless you wish to move your residence and healthcare to Spain. Under the European agreement, people are only permitted to be registered with one state healthcare system at any one time. Use EHIC for unforeseen treatment during temporary visits to other EEA member states.
Flashcard - Mon 20th May 2013
To get an S1 ring the International Pension Centre in Newcastle 0044 191 218 7777 between 8 and 8 UK time.
Flashcard - Mon 20th May 2013
Thank you flashcard for your comments about my SIP card. I will ring international pensions and find out about the S1 and next week I am in spain so will check with the INSS office whilst there to see why my SIP was cancelled. Will let you know how I get on. Many thanks. Grace Newton
Grace Newton - Mon 20th May 2013
Thank you flashcard for your comments about my SIP card. I will ring international pensions and find out about the S1 and next week I am in spain so will check with the INSS office whilst there to see why my SIP was cancelled. Will let you know how I get on. Many thanks. Grace Newton
Grace Newton - Mon 20th May 2013
I am 69 years old living in Spain, please will you send me an S1 form so I can receive NHS here in Spain.
John Terence Clarke - Mon 20th May 2013
If you're claiming a UK state pension you have to wait until UK pension age I'm afraid. Are you in receipt of any sickness benefit?
Flashcard - Sun 5th May 2013
Thanks for reply. In UK my penion age is 66. I I'm resident in Spain, would my retirement age still be 66 or could I retire under the Spanish retirement age.
Ollie - Sat 4th May 2013
Ollie: If you are below state pension age you may be entitled to an S1 [former E106] to transfer your healthcare to Spain but it is for a limited period only and depends upon recent National Insurance contributions in the UK. The S1 entitles you to the same treatment as a Spanish health insured person in the state system. I don't know whether the same medicines will be prescribed, it depends on what Spanish people get for the same illness/condition. When the S1 runs out you're on your own until you claim your old age pension.
Flashcard - Sat 4th May 2013
I want to take Early Retirement and move to Spain but I'm on life long medication which because of my condition is also free in the UK. I can only move to Spain if I can receive the same medication in Spain. I need to be kept on the same medication as in the UK Does anyone know if Spanish Doctors will prescribe the same medication or what happens to others in my position. .
Ollie - Sat 4th May 2013

Janet : If you have a UK state pension you should have an E121 or S1 registered with the INSS. The UK is responsible for your EHIC in this case. Call 00441912181999 for an application form.

Grace : Tax is not relevant. If you have a UK state pension you should register an S1 to be entitled to a SIP. Call International Pension Centre 00441912187777 quoting your National Insurance number. If already registered, enquire at your INSS office why your SIP was cancelled.

Flashcard - Thu 25th Apr 2013
I have lived in Spain for the past 12 years, just had my SIP card cancelled by torrevieja hospital. I own a property in Spain and do my tax return every return for the spanish government. I am domicilled in the UK and pay tax in the UK and have been told by Torrevieja Hospital I am no longer entitled to health treatment using my SIP in spain. There are lots of people who live in spain and get treatment there but also get treatment here in the UK. I am a pensionista and have full residencia in Spain also so I should be entitled to healthcare treatment in Spain as well as UK as part of the European Union. I would welcome comments on this please.
Grace Lilian Newton - Thu 25th Apr 2013
My Husband and I are retired pensioners resident in the Velencia area, we want to go to Gran Canaria on holiday will the SIP card covers us in case of emgencias ?
Janet Birmingham - Thu 25th Apr 2013
Mark : That's a lot of questions you have there ! - You will find answers to the Padron & Residencia issues by clicking the "Legal Formalities" section of our "How to Guides" (Above). Your Healthcare issues will depend on your personal circumstances and you could do a lot worse than follow Flashcard's advice.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 12th Mar 2013
Mark: Contact the office that deals with your benefit and enquire whether it is exportable and if you are entitled to an E121/S1 to transfer your healthcare to Spain.
Flashcard - Tue 12th Mar 2013
Dear Sir/Madam could you please tell me ho I go about applying for my Padron or Residency in Spain. Also, Can I see a GP without charge and would I have to pay for life time illness condition medication as I'm diabetic. And what if I needed surgery I am on benefits and will be in reciept of disability living allowance for the rest of my life ?
Mark Heaton - Tue 12th Mar 2013
Irene - read below. On an S1 the country that provides the S1 provides your EHIC for use outside Spain. Linda, Bereavement Benefit attracts S1 [E106 based] cover for 12 months only.
Flashcard - Sun 3rd Mar 2013
Hello, I wonder if you can help me. My husband passed away in December 2012. He was on a state pension from England, I am not of pensionable age, but was covered because he was retired. I am now wating to recieve bereavement benefit, and wanted to know will I still be covered for state health care. Regards Linda
Linda Robinson - Sun 3rd Mar 2013
I made contributions to spanish state I have all my paperwork for my Resedencia but not European health card I have appled for it and office at Newcastle said no because I have an S1 form.
Irene - Wed 28th Nov 2012
@Irene - When you worked in Spain, did you make contributions to the Spanish State or the UK ?
Tumbit Admin - Wed 28th Nov 2012
Thanks Mr Grumpy. I have worked legally about 4 years ago for a while. I have no family members on Tenerife and am aged 73.
Irene - Wed 28th Nov 2012
Thanks very much. I am British, aged 57 and receiving no other benefits.
Lynn - Wed 28th Nov 2012
Lynn : You don't say your Nationality, your age or if you are recieving any other benefits, but generally speaking your healthcover should continue for at least 6 months after your contributions have stopped.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 24th Nov 2012
I am leaving work in the middle of December, having been on a 10 hour contract. I have been working legally for 10 years now. Can you please tell me how long my health is covered for.
Lynn - Sat 24th Nov 2012
The EHIC card does not entitle you to Healthcare in the country which you are Resident in - Just EU countries that you are visiting as a non-resident and on a temporary basis.
Pauline - Fri 23rd Nov 2012
I am a resident in spain and pay spanish income tax, i have a SIP card but was advised today that I am no longer eligible for healthcare treatment in spain. I am a pensioner. Is this correct. I also have an EHIC card.
Grace Lilian Newton - Fri 23rd Nov 2012
Irene - you say you have an S1. If you've registered it you should have a SIP, and you apply for an EHIC [for use outside Spain] from the UK, or whichever country provided your S1.
Flashcard - Thu 8th Nov 2012

I'm no expert, but ...

Steve : I think that your daughter gets her SIP becuase of her age - regardless of where she was born. And you are not her dependent, so no - you do not qualify through her.

Irene : I'm guessing you have never worked legally here in Spain or paid contributions ? And how old are you ? Do you qualify for healthcare through a family memver ?

Mr Grumpy - Thu 8th Nov 2012
My daughter who is now 6 years old, has a sip card because she was born here, can her card benefit me in anyway being a dependent, because I do not have one.
Steve - Thu 8th Nov 2012
I've been living in Spain for 11 years, I need to apply for a residencia & Health card (I know I should have done this years ago!). I'm hitting my head against many brick walls!! I've been to Police Station with all docs to get residencia, new law states you need EHIC card, but can't get as I have S1. Can anyone help me?
Irene - Thu 8th Nov 2012
Steve, your SIP card - and therefore your Health entitlement - is only valid for a few months after you cease making contributions. Unless you are in reciept of some kind of benefit payment from the UK (or Spain) you will have to make other arrangements.
Robster - Wed 31st Oct 2012
I have a Social Security Card because I worked for a company in 2003, and was paying into the system, I am not working now, but can I still apply for a sip card ? or would my Social Security Card be out of date now ?
Steve - Wed 31st Oct 2012
Moving from Alicante Province to Murcia. Company I work for is a Murcia based company, so I pay my contributions there.
Kim Binks - Mon 22th Oct 2012
Kim : It will all depend to a certain extent on which Regions & Provinces you have in mind - also - which Region(s) you pay your SS contributions to.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 22th Oct 2012
How do I transfer my health cover from one Province to another? I am emplyed on a contract and pay Social Security
Kim Binks - Sun 21st Oct 2012
Thank you for your help - much appreciated. I will ring the overseas healthcare team.
Shaun Kennedy - Wed 11th Jul 2012
Shaun : I am not 100% certain, but if you have paid sufficient contributions whilst working in the Uk it may be possible that some similar scheme may be extended to you as a former Autonomo and former UK contributor - It may be worth calling the Overseas Healthcare Team in the UK on 0044 191 218 1999 to ask them.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 11th Jul 2012

Beverley : If neither you or your partner are working here in Spain, but claiming a Pension from the UK, you are basically classed as being 'early retired' and can therefore apply for heathcare cover through an S1 form from the UK. The length of cover will depend on how much you have paid into the UK, but is usually around 30 months. You can get the S1 by contacting the International Pensions Office in the UK, but it will need to be validated here in Spain.

If you have been legally resident here in Spain for longer than the 30 months, but still under the official age of retirement then you will need to take out some kind of Health Insurance until such a time you become eligible.

Tumbit - Admin - Wed 11th Jul 2012
We live in Spain, we are not of retirement age although my partner took early retirement from the MOD after 37 years, he receives a pension and we are entirely self sufficient. Your article implies that we may still be eligable for free health this right as I dont understand what the phrase "you may still be eligable" means. Many thanks
Beverly Russell - Wed 11th Jul 2012
As unemployed is there a minimum set amount we can pay to social so we are covered for healthcare? - Surely we cannot be expected to pay 330 a month it would be easier to go private !
Shaun Kennedy - Wed 11th Jul 2012
Shaun : Unfortunately you have been told correctly.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 10th Jul 2012
I don't get uemployment benefit - I was self employed we where told we are covered for 6 months now that time has expired.
Shaun Kennedy - Tue 10th Jul 2012
Shaun : When you say "unemployed" are you entitled to and claiming unemployment benefit or not ? If so, then your Healthcare entitlement will continue in line with your benefits.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 10th Jul 2012
great site but cannot find related articles,we are now unemployed but still want to pay some money ,so we can get healthcare ?
Shaun Kennedy - Tue 10th Jul 2012
My husband has a contract for which he has a social number. He has a plastic sip card which allows him full medical cover i have a paper sip card which i need to renew every 6 months, they tell me I need a letter from UK saying they will transfer my medical to Spain before i can go on my husbands social number to get full medical in Spain. The only thing I have been able to find is a web site they told me i have to fill in a form ca8454 looking at this it does not seem to apply to me my husband pays here in Spain not UK and I was a stay at home mum could you please help with this situation. Thank you Moira
Moira Hoffman - Thu 14th Jun 2012
thank you very much for your help. you were correct and i had been given the wrong phone no, i phoned ((IPC) and is now in the post to me but (will take up to 28 days. it has to go somewhere else 1st but then i will be able to renew my sip card thanks again sandra
Sandra E Miles - Sat 21st May 2011
Sandra : As far as I am aware you just need the 1 form - S1 - as the E121 is no longer in existence and was replaced completely by the S1, and that yes - they do still issue the S1 form. If you have not done so already it may be worth checking that you are speaking to the right dept at Newscastle : International Pension Centre (IPC) on 44 191 218 7777.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 16th May 2011
i have a sip card which has run out of date and they will not renew it without 2 forms which they say to get from Newcastle but newcastle say they do not give out these forms any more.( E121) and (S1). my husband sip card was renewed the local health centre,but not mine. I was private for 10/11 years.we have lived here for 13years 8months. my husband is 75yrs and I am 65.
Sandra E. Miles - Mon 16th May 2011
Thanks very much for the "digging". It's not so easy is it.... We'll see how we get on.
Lynn - Thu 31st Mar 2011
Lynn, I have done some digging here and can tell you the following :

1) You will need to apply to the INSS offices at ..

Avda. José Manuel Guimerá, 8


Teléfono(s): 922 601300

2) You will need to provide a copy of your work contact & Social security details aswell as proof of amrriage and that you live together.

3) Since last week, you will also need to provide proof that he is / would have been entitled to state healthcare in the UK - you can get proof sent to you by calling this number - 0044 191 218 1999.

Tumbit - Admin - Tue 29th Mar 2011
Thanks for info. Does this mean a trip to Granadilla or Los Christianos please? Do you know what paperwork we might need?
Lynn - Sat 26th Mar 2011
Lynn, yes - in principal that is the case, however, in practice most Doctors & Medical centres just ask for provision of your card details and do not check validity. Nevertheless, given that you are contributing yourself, the best thing to do would to get your husband added to your Social Security number as a recognised dependant.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 25th Mar 2011
Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, Dave (my husband) does hold a health card. But does this card run out of time, we were told that it was only valid for 6 months after leaving work, by our Accountant ?????
Lynn - Fri 25th Mar 2011
Lynn, assuming that you are contributing into the Spanish system, you just need to register your husband as a dependant and he will be issued with his own healthcard along with yourself. You may be asked to provide a marriage certificate as proof of this. The other question is : doesn't he already have his healthcard from being an Autonomo from the previous 9 years ?
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 25th Mar 2011
Is my husband covered on my health care? I am legally employed but my husband isn't. He was self employed for 9 years here and is now retired (albiet not retirement age). He does hold a blue health card. Thanks
Lynn - Fri 25th Mar 2011
Aman, if you are an EU citizen AND have an EHIC card, you should first visit a state hospital to ascertain what the exact problem is and they should be able to help you further. If you are not an EU citizen or do not have an EHIC card it will be chargeable.
Jo Green - Fri 4th Mar 2011
Please tell me any hospital which is good for my problem with pregnancy
Aman - Fri 4th Mar 2011