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On (or abouts) this day in history

By The Equalizer - Sun 10th Mar 2013

Some time around the 15th of March 1493 Christopher Columbus / Cristobal Colon returned to Spain after his first voyage to discover "the Indies".

He arrived at the same Port he departed from on the 3rd of August 1492 - Palos, Huelva - and immediately dispatched a letter to his Patrons, Ferdinand and Isabella. His letter described the discovery of many Islands in the Caribbean - including Cuba and the Bahamas.

Although Columbus thought that the Coast of China laid just beyond the Islands (estimating the size of the World to be much smaller than it actually was, and without the existence of either North or South America), the discoveries of his first voyage were well received by Europe and ensured the rapid approval of subsequent voyages.

Columbus died in the 20th May 1506 in Valladolid, where he was initially interred before his remains were moved to Seville. From that point on his remains have allegedly been moved to and from various destinations and it is difficult to state with any certainty exactly where he lays in rest.

What is known is that It would be difficult to imagine a Spain without the knowledge or discoveries credited to Christopher Columbus, and his impact on the modern World.

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