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Checklist for moving to spain

- Updated: 01/03/2012
Checklist for moving to spain

Your checklist when moving to Spain! Print a copy out and keep it to hand...

Whilst in the UK...

  • Locate a suitable area for relocation to
  • Research the type of property that you are searching for
  • Check out the local schools & healthcare infrastructure
  • Decide on your criteria - your "must have's" and your dislikes
  • Will you be renting or buying? - maybe renting with a view to buying?
  • Research and contact reputable estate agents in your preferred area with your criteria
  • Open a trading account with a reputable foreign exchange currency broker
  • Contact a mortgage adviser if applicable, see how much you can actually borrow
  • Contact a reputable & experienced lawyer
  • Contact a removal company for a quote for moving your possessions
  • Plan your healthcare : private or state?
  • Inform UK benefits agencies of your move
  • Inform private pensions policies, banks, endowments etc... of your move
  • Update your cv if you are seeking employment and send it to agencies in spain
  • Obtain your NIE number (a Spanish gestor can do this for you)
  • Speak to a vet about moving your pet to Spain
  • Make sure your passport & uk driving licence are in date
  • Buy a good spanish phrase book!

When you arrive in Spain...

  • Open a bank account
  • Do you wish to apply for a Residencia card?
  • Register on the padron
  • Apply for state healthcare if applicable
  • Register with the utilities
  • If you will be working here do you need to register as "Autonomo" self employed ?
  • Make a Spanish will to protect your spanish assets
  • Research a funeral plan
  • Do you need to legally import your car?
  • Insure your property, contents & car
  • Remember to put insurance, tax & ownership documents in you car
  • Take numerous photocopies of every document you have and file seperately
  • Do you need UK or Spanish tv?
  • Do you need to send small, regular sums of money to & from the uk? if so contact a money transfer agent
  • Keep checking for legal & financial advise
  • Meet with an assesor, financial advisor or tax consultant to discuss your financial situation and plan your future
  • Now that you are finally here, plan a week or two away from your new home to take in an intensive Spanish language course