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Liva & Laia - Week 4 - Week 6

By Stine Kuskner - Fri 1st Apr 2011

Week 4.5

2 weeks of managing the girls on my own during the day. There's been crying & screaming (all 3 of us!), but more laughs and smiles. The girls are wonderful and I'm starting to learn why they cry or scream, so I can deal with it.

They make me smile about a million times a day - just feeling them, holding them, looking into their beautiful blue eyes makes me smile. When they look back or even smile a little I just melt. I love watching them develop into little people, I love seeing the changes every day. I just love them!

Week 5

We took the girls to a restaurant for the first time this weekend. They did great!

We went shopping to buy things for them, when walking home we came by a sushi place and realized we were hungry. The girls had already drunk all the milk we had brought in bottles and were sleeping, so we decided to have sushi for lunch. Just as we had sat down - entering the restaurant with a double stroller was quite a feat in itself - Liva woke up. I ate a bit, she became restless. I ate a bit more, she became more restless. In the end I pulled out my boop in the restaurant and fed her, something I hate doing but I guess certain barriers have to be crossed at times.... She ate, relaxed and was put back in her stroller. All in all, their first time in a restaurant was a huge success!

Week 5.5


Now we know how lucky we've been so far!! The girls cry and cry and cry and cry... Luckily they sleep at night, they just kind of collapse around midnight, wake up at 3 to eat and collapse again until around 7 when Albert gets up. Then they spend the day crying and sleeping a bit. It seems to be belly-problems, we have no idea what to do!!! We can't eat, I'm in such a bad mood from being at home all day with 2 crying girls (when I take them out they decide to scream instead of cry) so when Albert comes home stressed after a hard day at work we do nothing but argue - while trying to cope with 2 crying girls.

Please let this be over soon, we can't take anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 6

Things are back to normal in our little home! :)

We bought a laxative tea at the pharmacy, both girls pooped bigtime for a few days and now seem to be back to normal. No more crying, no more stress, no more arguing.

We went to lunch at my mother-in-law's this weekend, the girls had been up most of the night before. In a way this was good, because it meant they just sat on her couch and stared into space while we all had lunch. When we finished they got a bit cranky, my mother-in-law offered to babysit while we took some time off. An offer we didn't need to hear twice!!

Albert and I left as quickly as we could and had a lovely afternoon in the center together. When we came back the girls were sleeping peacefully and had been on their best behaviour all afternoon, my mother-in-law was so happy to have had them.

Things are back to normal, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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