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Liva & Laia - Week 6 - Week 8

By Stine Kuskner - Fri 1st Apr 2011

7 Weeks

Thank god for mothers-in-law!!!!

Things were not quite back to normal and I was going crazy! Luckily my mother-in-law is on vacation all August, she has come over almost every day to help me with the girls. Sometimes I go out, sometimes I take a looooong shower and enjoy not having to worry about the girls crying while I do so, sometimes I get things done around the house. It's been great! Never underestimate the importance of grandparents!!

7.5 Weeks

Oh my, I'm flying to Denmark on my own with the girls tomorrow. I decided that I couldn't wait until October for my parents to see their grandchildren, and I would like to show off my little treasures to my family in Denmark. Most airlines won't let only 1 adult fly with 2 babies, so the tickets took forever to find and cost a fortune. Today we went out and bought a carseat, one of the criterias for flying with 2 babies is that I buy a child-ticket so I have 2 seats on the plane, and place one of the babies in a carseat in the second seat. Though they are little angels most of the time, I am a bit worried about how the whole trip will go. Here's keeping my fingers crossed.....

Almost 8 Weeks

Success!!! The girls were great!! Albert helped me to the airport, we checked the suitcase in without problems. I had Liva in a baby carrier on my belly and Laia in the carseat. Getting through security was fun, I had to take out Liva, walk through the security gate while one of the guards held her and the carseat with Laia. I then had to go back, take Liva, go through the gate again, give Liva to one of the guards on the other side, go back to take Laia and walk through the gate again. The guards helped me put Liva back in the carrier and off I went with my 2 girls. The carseat fit on the trolleys in the airport, so I could push Laia around.

Laia slept practically from we left home until the following morning in Denmark. Liva was awake most of the time in the airport and on the plane, but since she's such a curious girl she just looked around with her huge, blue eyes and was impressed and entertained by everything around her.

One of the stewards on the plane kept coming over and making sure we were all OK, he helped as much as he could, helped me carry the carseat all the way to row 27, placed the seat correctly for me, showed me how the seatbelt for babies worked, and made me feel safe and comfortable throughtout the entire flight. THANK YOU for that!

In Denmark a kind couple got me a trolley once we were off the plane so I didn't have to carry the girls around, and at Copenhagen airport they let my dad into the luggage claim area to help me get the suitcase. Thank you to all these people!!

We arrived at my parent's place late, almost at midnight, but it was so worth it! Liva fell asleep in the car on the way there, and both slept until 5 the next morning, ate and slept again until 8.

Today my dad's entire family has been here. My grandmother and 1 of my aunts broke into tears when they saw the girls sleeping on the couch when they arrived. Everybody wanted to hold the girls, and I had loads of volunteers when they had to be (bottle)fed. Once again the girls were on their best behaviour, smiling and charming everyone, hardly crying at any point. A perfect day, though we missed Albert!

Comment on this Blog

Whenever I have it tough with my (just the one!) daughter, I like to think of my ex-boss. His wife had IVF because they could not conceive naturally and had twin girls. 4 Months after they were born they found out she was pregnant again - with twin girls again. 5 Months after the second set were born she found herself pregnant with a baby boy. - 5 Babies all under the age of 3 years old - how would anyone cope ?
Jo Green - Fri, 1st Apr 2011

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