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Liva & Laia - 6 Months + nearly 1 week

By Stine Kuskner - Sat 9th Apr 2011

Happy new year!! Liva and Laia celebrated their first new year's eve in Denmark - sleeping :). We went to my brother's house, and all just managed to stay awake until midnight. We drove home shortly after midnight, watching all the forework - it was beautiful. The following day my brother drove us to the airport, we flew home without problems, and were picked up in Barcelona by Albert's brother. It's sooooo good to be home! All day yesterday the sun was shining, the heating was off, doors and windows were open. After a month in cold and snow that was much needed!

I had hoped Albert and I would be back to normal being back home, since Denmark had clearly been dreadful for Albert - it was too cold, he was bored, he felt unwanted at my parent's house, my family is weird, we only did things I wanted to do... Now that we're back home and he has seen his family I figured he'd be OK again, but I was wrong - he still complains, now it's his family who's weird and I can't seem to do anything right lately.

Today the normal life starts again, maybe getting back to work, out of the house and away from us will change him back to normal - though it's a sad thought that he has to be away from us to be happy.... We'll see how things go the next few days. It's amazing to see how much the girls have changed the month we've been gone, I'm only just noticing it now that we're back with their "old" things - they don't feel like playing with the toys they have here, they don't like sitting in their bouncing chairs, they can't fit the majority of their clothes.... They seem happy to be home as well and are very smily today - yesterday was a tough day, but they must have been tired from the trip on Saturday, and it must be strange for them to suddenly be back here after a month in a different place - they had probably gotten all used to living there now, with my parents around most of the time. By now Liva sits for about 1 minute before falling over, and Laia has started putting herself on all fours, eager to crawl. She doesn't know how, yet, and lifts both arms at once or shoots forward with her little bum, but she's getting there.

I start working today as well, and since I work from home I have to be very disciplined. That'll be completely different to anything I've ever done before!

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