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Dancing on Newspaper

By Jo Green - Tue 6th Mar 2012

Following on from my previous blog, which detailed the the effects of Regional debt on Spain’s Schools, I was disappointed to learn that this year’s school Carnaval was cancelled due to lack of funds.

Carnaval in Spain is in important time of year and almost every town or village has some kind of fiesta or other celebration to mark its passing, as you may expect in a traditionally Catholic country.

Last year the School and the AMPA (Parent – Teachers association) worked together to hold a themed Fancy Dress Carnaval procession throughout the town, ending with a party for all the children and parents at the school.

However, with funds in the education system being as tight as they are at the moment, there was nothing at all planned for this year.

Obviously disappointing for the Kids, and so at the 11th hour the AMPA decided to do something and a note came home on Friday night inviting the kids to meet up in the Town Square at 5pm for a ‘Fancy Dress Parade’ and ‘Games’ - All very enigmatic.

My daughter dug out her costume of choice and we met up with around 60 other kids, with their parents, to follow the local band in a kind of impromptu parade up and down the streets.

The procession then ended back at the square where 3 parents dressed as clowns ‘entertained ‘ the kids for good hour and a half in the freezing cold.

At one point all of the kids were given a sheet of newspaper and told to grab a parent. One of the games was then to dance on top of the piece of newspaper and stand still when the music stopped. A bit like the 1970’s favourite - musical statutes - but with the twist that any team with part of their foot off the newspaper when the music stopped was disqualified. And every time the music re-started the piece of paper had to be folded in half.

As you can imagine I danced hesitantly to the music that I had never heard before and couldn’t understand a word of until on came the 1980’s party favourite : ‘Superman’ by Black Lace.

So, there I am, 5 months pregnant dancing on one foot on top of a slippy piece of newspaper in the freezing cold with a hyperactive 4 year old pulling me in all directions whilst I ‘Spray’, ‘Ski’ and ‘Comb my hair’.

A few odd stares by from the locals (which I should be used to by now).

It was all a little surreal, and didn’t really compare with the carnaval spectacle of last year, but my daughter and the other kids enjoyed themselves. And 10 out of 10 to the AMPA parents association for making the time and effort to arrange something at the last minute.

Who needs the regional Government to have a good time anyway ?

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