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39 Weeks pregnant : Still no name

By Jo Green - Sun 8th Jul 2012

If I haven't blogged for a month or so you will have to excuse me and put it down to the fact that I am entering my 39th week of pregnancy and as such I have a few more pressing issues on my mind.

However, one thing that has become an issue for the other half and myself over recent weeks is that of baby names.

For one, we don't know (and don't want to know) the sex of the baby - which the majority of Spaniards find totally bewildering - and for two, we are both totally disorganised.

Last time around naming our first child caught us totally off-guard. I was in the delivery room, groggy from the effects of gas and air and an epidural, when the nurse asked my other half what the name of the baby was. We always assumed that we would be given a few days grace to consider a name that suited, however my other half was put on the spot and pressed for a name there and then, and it was only a few hours later when I sobered up that discovered that he had named my daughter 'Aurelia'.

This time around we have decided to be more prepared and as such drawn up a (very short) shortlist. Our preferred requirements being as follows :

* A Name that would translate be recognised and pronounceable in both English and Spanish.

* A Name that didn't stand out too unfavourable alongside the name of our daughter

* Nothing biblical

* Nothing too modern / weird / Hippy-ish

Unfortunately we haven't got to far with things at the moment. Let's hope that mother nature is kind and allows us a few more days to think things over !

Comment on this Blog

We finally agreed and decided on "Lucia" minutes before she arrived - it would have been "Luca" had she been a boy !
Jo Green - Wed, 18th Jul 2012

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