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12 Months Pregnant

By Jo Green - Sat 21st Apr 2012

Perhaps it is because there are so many similarities between the Spanish and British cultures, it is when there are slight differences that they are all the more obvious.

That said, it has taken me this far into my second pregnancy in Spain to realise the three massive differences between the cultures when it comes to being pregnant.

Number 1 : It seems that Spanish Mammas rush to tell everyone about their pregnancy moments after they have conceived, whereas British mammas obediently follow the old ‘Three Month’ rule.

Number 2 : Spanish Mammas plan waaaaay in advance. They have found out the sex of the Baby, chosen a name and bought all the baby equipment whilst news is still ringing in the grandparent’s ears.

Number 3 : Spanish Mammas are pregnant for 12 months, whereas British Mammas are pregnant for just the 9.

Or at least it just seems that way.

Let me explain :

Because under ‘normal circumstances’ I’m quite petite, it is only when I hit the 6 months mark that I seemingly popped out overnight and looked 6 months pregnant.

It was around about that time that Mr Grumpy started going into shock because he had been in denial up to that point.

And because I hadn’t officially told many people, or dressed in the regulation pregnancy dungarees and say “Phew, my back hurts” too often, I suppose many people didn’t know.

But by comparison, because many of the Pregnant Spanish women that I Know had ‘gone public’ after a fortnight, I suppose they had been ‘acting pregnant’ for far longer than me. In many cases they had been lurching around town like an invalid wrapped in cotton wool for months.

So when I turned up at the playground a few weeks back with an enormous belly that had popped out over the weekend I was besieged by Spanish Mammas wanting to pat my stomach.

”Had I thought of a name ?”

(I didn’t even know the sex...!)

Gasp ! –“ How did I decide what colour to decorate the nursery or what colour bedding to buy for the cot ?”

(I haven’t bought anything and will send Mr Grumpy on the appropriate shopping spree after giving birth / before leaving the Hospital, which I am sure will delight him no end).

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