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Liva & Laia : 10 Months - 29th April

By Stine Kuskner - Tue 10th May 2011

Liva and Laia are 10 months old today, WOW!!! I know I have been neglecting this blog, but I have been extremely busy with loads of translations. Deadline for one is tomorrow, I'm starting to feel like I know what I'm doing again now.

Back to Liva and Laia! They are such wonderful girls!! Always happy, playing and talking loads. Laia can stand on her own, but doesn't know it herself yet. We often hold her and then let go, she'll stand for a couple of seconds until she realizes nobody is holding her, then she sits down. They both cruise all over the place, walking around holding on to furniture. We bought a walker for them a while ago, but they're not interested in that.

They eat almost everything, and love tasting new food. We're giving them more and more finger foods and they're doing great eating on their own.

They both talk loads, real words come out of their mouth but we still don't think they actually know what they're saying. They often seem to understand each other, though.

The cats are being chased all over the house, so now we're teaching Liva and Laia to not touch them when they're sleeping in their beds or on their pillows. It seems to be working, and the poor cats get a break.

Liva still looks for her Senyor Zebra on the shelves, and still grabs the cows that are up there. She has accepted her bunny, but I think she would happily exchange it for Senyor Zebra if we could get him back.

I've started meeting other moms with babies, and Liva and Laia love interacting with other kids. It's great watching them learn how to play. We meet one little boy who is one week older than them once or twice a week, and go to a mommy meeting once a week. Last time there were five babies all born in June last year, a 6-month old, some even smaller and one older, loads of fun!

Going for a walk is getting more and more difficult, Liva and Laia still love being out and seeing new things - they especially love seeing animals and want to touch all the dogs, the bigger the better. But their stroller is quite narrow, we bought the most narrow one we could find so it would fit in our elevator and through our front door. Up until now the stroller has been perfect, but it's getting too small for Liva and Laia, they're not comfortable anymore. We've bought a second hand much bigger stroller, but in Denmark. I'm going up for ten days on my own with the girls in June, we'll get the stroller then and bring it down.

I'm starting to get extremely annoyed with people's comments, especially the question whether they are a boy and a girl or 2 boys. It's not that I care what strangers think about my girls, it's the fact that people talk or comment without even looking or thinking. Even when I dress the girls in pink, open the pink parasols on their stroller, and they sit on their pink blankets people ask - Laia hardly has any hair, and since Liva does they must be boy and girl. Or since they don't have their ears pierced, they must be 2 boys. If one wears a pink dress and the other wears a blue dress, it's boy and girl because they're wearing pink and blue. I HATE people who don't think, I've hated that all my life! One of the worst things for me as a teacher are students who don't think and just answer with "I don't know". I don't expect everybody to know everything, and it's fine if you don't know, that's why I'm there teaching you. But PLEASE think a bit before you tell me you don't know. PLEASE look at my daughters and their clothes or the colors around them before you tell me they are beautiful little boys. Or, best solution of all, please just leave me alone and let me enjoy my walk with my daughters, without making me feel like some kind of attraction!

Work's keeping me very busy, lately there's been too much and I have been extremely stressed. But it's calming down a bit now, and I have learned not to take on so much, I can't deal with it. Except for that I'm doing great. I haven't lost any more weight, but have more or less given up worrying about it.

Albert and me are doing great as well, we love our Saturday afternoons off and are extremely thankful to my mother-in-law for coming every Saturday.

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