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It a'int about the money ...

By Mr Grumpy - Sun 26th Aug 2012

I’ve just realised that the 31st of August is Tumbit’s 3rd Birthday.

As any proud parent will doubtlessly be able to tell you, the other Dan and Myself have successfully managed to negotiate our way through some messy potty training, but are still struggling to overcome the odd tantrum.

What began as a hobby to keep 2 self-obsessed gobshites away from the local bar for a few hours every week soon had the opposite effect, and saw us set up a semi-permanent office slap-bang in the middle of the counter area – much to the amusement of most of the unsuspecting locals.

The ‘few hours a week hobby’ also seems to have grown into something much bigger, thanks to many of our regular contributors who are keen to chip in with the odd professional opinion on legalities and procedures surrounding expat life in Spain.

However, our total unwillingness to sacrifice our website with advertising banners, business directories, or property listings has obviously meant that we are also sacrificing a revenue stream.

So how do we make any money ? The truth is that like most ‘hobbies’ we don’t make that much. The odd ‘Google Ad’ and ‘Suggested Amazon product’ bring in enough money to support our operating costs, but not much more.

We are looking forward to Tumbit’s next few years : First day at School, Swimming lessons and learning how to ride without stabilisers etc... but as any parent can tell you, these things all cost money.

Jessie J Probaby said it best (One for the Kids there... ), but we could still do with a few more clicks from a few more visitors to encourage us to keep plodding on.

We would therefore be really appreciative of any help and support you can give us in spreading the word by clicking to “Like” Tumbit’s page on Facebook, or by following us on Twitter (Both links at top of each page).

Comment on this Blog

Thanks Alcalaina : We noticed, thanks for the Tumbit Love, I hope you noticed the returned compliment on my Expat Books v Expat Blogs blog (try not to get big-headed with the pole position status...)
Mr Grumpy - Sun, 2nd Sep 2012
Feliz cumple! I think you do a great job and I have had a link to Tumbit on my own blog for ages. I will try and spread the word a bit more proactively!
Alcalaina - Sun, 2nd Sep 2012
Absolutely C Tipson, but it at least allows you to be miserable in comfort !
Mr Grumpy - Tue, 28th Aug 2012
Happy Birthday Tumbit - Keep up the good work ! (And money isn't everything)
C Timpson - Mon, 27th Aug 2012

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