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Mr Grumpy on Marital Advice

By Mr Grumpy - Thu 19th Apr 2012

As somebody who has skilfully managed to avoid marriage for the whole of my adult life to date, I feel no shame, irony or hypocrisy in smugly doling out marital advice to others, who in most cases, never even ask me for my opinion anyway.

3 little words.

However, recently I have come to the opinion that surely, a longer and happier union between the sexes (married and unmarried) would ensue if both parties could remember those three little words each and every day.

Words that have so much meaning, and carry with them the weight to change our lives for the better (or worse) and when, by acting on them we can make our partner feel much better about themselves.

What are those 3 words ? : “Delete Browser History”

Seriously, just think of the number of relationships that could have been saved by remembering those 3 little words and acting accordingly.

.... And before anybody gets the wrong idea, of course I’m referring to the fact that statistically speaking, most marriages end due arguments about money. So ladies, next time you have bought that pair of shoes or handbag that you just had to have from M&S Online, make sure that your other half is blissfully unaware.

Comment on this Blog

Oh yeah, (said in a Barry White groan), you need to look at the "Hot Bed of Iniquity" section just after Food and Wine, Flowers and Gifts, and Lingerie!
Mo - Mon, 23rd Apr 2012
I must have been looking at the wrong section of the M&S site. ?
Mr Grumpy - Fri, 20th Apr 2012
Sometimes, just sometimes, I love M&S online more than my husband! In fact, he has even got involved in a sexy threesome with me and M&S by picking up instore something I´ve ordered on line when he´s been on a business trip to the UK. Even .... bras! I´m the luckiest gal alive, a bit like Tilda Swinton with her two men!
Mo - Fri, 20th Apr 2012
Phew !!......for a moment there I thought I was going to have to buy a big hat !!!!!!!
Mum - Thu, 19th Apr 2012

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