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My Top Ten Blogs

By Mr Grumpy - Thu 18th Oct 2012

Ok, so there we have it - two of my blogging pet hates in just the one headline : A blog containing a "Top Ten" list and yet another blog about "blogging".

How lazy am I ?

So after seeing so many similar blogs by other bloggers about how great they thought their own blogs were, I decided to use this as an excuse to jump on the bandwaggon and have an easy week.

Vanity aswell as laziness : two of my better qualities.

So here we go, my Top Ten favourite Blogs, yada... yada....

1.) How NOT to buy a house and move to Spain

2.) How NOT to hire a car in Spain

3.) Why do all the Hippies retire to Spain ?

4.) You know you've settled into life in Spain when...

5.) Everything but the Bathroom Sink

6.) Cycling in Spain Why on earth... ?

7.) How not to drink Coffee in Spain

8.) How NOT to translate a Menu in Spain

9.) How NOT to order a beer in Spain

10.) How NOT to kiss a Spaniard

On refelection many of these blogs seem to document how I have either upset a range of public officials (or vice versa), or seem to be a reasonably good description of how not to go about achieving something or other. As such I have come to the conclusion that I am fairly skilled in the art of going about things the wrong way.

So there we go : Just be grateful that my ego wasn't any bigger or I could have inflicted you with "my top 20 blogs.

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My pleasure Peter.

My Ten most recent blogs can be seen towards the bottom / right of this box (under the book Ads) - But you can see the FULL archive of all my blogs in all their glory - in reverse chronological order - by clicking on the link >> HERE <<.

Mr Grumpy - Sat, 20th Oct 2012
Thankyou for making me laugh Mr Grumpy ! How can I see all of your other blogs ?
Peter Coulson - Sat, 20th Oct 2012

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