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Your car's ITV (Spanish MOT)

- Updated: 04/11/2017
Your car's ITV (Spanish MOT)

A frequent question asked by motorists of a foreign nationality in Spain is reagrds to the ITV (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos), or the roadworthiness test of a motor vehicle in Spain, which is the equivalent of an MOT in the UK.

ITV tests are compulsory in Spain and as in the UK, can only be done by an authorised Test Centre. The test is basically to check that the vehicle is roadworthy and not a hazard to other road users.

If a vehicle has been involved in a serious road traffic accident, has been subsequently damaged in some way and has undergone any repair work it will need to be retested to ensure that the work has been completed correctly and that your vehicle is still road-worthy.

  • New Cars are tested for the first time after four years and every two years thereafter up to 10 years Old
  • A car over 10 years must be tested every year
  • Motorcycles are first tested after four years, after which the test is due every two years

If a vehicle has been involved in a serious accident, and undergone some repair work it should be retested to ensure that the work has been done correctly and that your vehicle is still road-worthy.

Taking the ITV Test

  • Find an authorised testing centre on the website of the DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico): There is a Test centre in most Major Towns

The vehicle's registration document (permiso de circulación) needs to be produced when you are taking your car to the testing centre.

The following Features are Tested:

  • tyre tread depth
  • lights
  • Exhaust Emissions
  • shock absorbers
  • brakes
  • wheel alignment
  • Mirrors & wipers
  • General Bodywork

If your vehicle Fails the test

If a vehicle fails the test, the owner is issued with an itemised notification of failure for you to present this to your local garage and get the necessary repairs done. Repairs must be done within 1 month of the date of this notification, and then the vehicle should be re-entered for a second examination.

However, Changes to the ITV/MOT legislation comes into effect on May 1 2010, which means that cars that have failed their MOT, or do not hold a valid certificate, will still be able to use the roads for a ten day period of grace. The driver will have to present the car for testing during the ten days, and will have to pay a 150 € fine.

Changes to ITV regulations from November 2017 also state that any vehicle to have failed the test can now take the re-test at a different ITV station.

Passing the Test

An ITV card details the results of each test undertaken, and then where appropriate a certificate is issued as proof of roadworthiness. The certificate (which is basically a sticker) must be displayed in the top right hand corner of the windscreen. It shows the month and year of the next test due.

Not displaying the ITV certificate, or driving without a valid ITV can result in severe fines and the Guardia often perform spot checks for this reason.

Foreign Vehicles

Vehicle roadworthiness is not transferable across the EU countries. A car imported into Spain must pass the Spanish ITV test before it can be registered in Spain; likewise, the ITV of an exported Spanish registered car will not be valid in another country. It is possible to get a Spanish ITV on a "Not Yet Imported "UK vehicle in the same manner, if and when your UK MOT expires.

How does this work in practice ?

So now you are at least aware of the theory behind the ITV and all that it entails, You may wish to click HERE to read a first hand personal account of taking a car for an ITV test.

Comment on this Article

What if my sister's Malaga-registered car will not be used for six months or so and be kept in her garage because she will be away from Spain for that lengthof time? Does she have to inform ITV in advance to avoid the fines? Thank you.
Susie Gavinio - Mon 28th May 2018
Hi David, You can upload a full list of all ITV Stations across Spain by opening the PDF Document via the link > HERE <
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 26th Apr 2018
I am trying to find an ITV station in Santander can you help please
David Rushton - Thu 26th Apr 2018
Hi, please is it possible to ITV a car a month earlier than when the last expires?
Dave Webster - Wed 31st Jan 2018
Hi ,I live in Manilva need to change address for car ITV form been told it was done but green form still going to old address any help would be appreciated getting the old run around ??? Malcolm. P.s Manilva town hall said they can't do it why? sent me to La-Linea they said it was done???
Malcolm Nall - Tue 24th Oct 2017
My car is now 10 years old, but in the month before it was,it had the ITV test and passed. However, it has to be retested in one years time, even though it was under the 10 years old rule. Why ?
Adrian - Sat 4th Mar 2017
Helene. Ask a friend to get the ITV test done. If you cannot do it (and the vehicle is not going to be driven)....wait until you come back....ask for an appointment in the ITV station....go and have it done. Driving a vehicle with the ITV not LEGAL. - Wed 1st Feb 2017 cannot legally drive a vehicle if ITV test is not done - Wed 1st Feb 2017
If I am unable to be in Spain when ITV is due what can I do about it ?
Helene Lennox - Tue 31st Jan 2017
My ITV on my truck ran out on the 06/01/2017 can I legally drive it till Monday 09/01/2017
Paul - Sat 7th Jan 2017
Richard. LHD deflectors are not ok for a Spanish ITV. You have to change the headlights in case you want get your Spanish plate....or get a valid ITV test done. - Mon 29th Aug 2016
To Christine. You can book the ITV even the same day, it depends on the number of people. Yes, they work in August.
Carcheckspain - Mon 29th Aug 2016
Are UK headlamps with LHD deflectors OK for ITV?
Richard Addenbrook - Mon 29th Aug 2016
How far in advance can you book an ITV and do they work during August?
Christine Gregory - Mon 18th Jul 2016
Thanks Louise for additional information. I will try that when I return to Spain in September as I have just a few days here before going to UK. Regards. Jim
Jim Gee - Tue 28th Jun 2016
Thanks Andy that's a great help. Where do I get the engineers report from? And do I have to get additional proof that vehicle is for private use only? Regards Jim
Jim Gee - Tue 28th Jun 2016
Reply to Jim Gee. i recently changed my Citroen Berlingo from "mixto" to "turismo". I went to my local Citroen, they photo copied my log book and said it had to go to head office. About a month a month later they called me to say they had the papers. It cost me €67. Then I had to make appointment at ITV station. There was quite a bit of paperwork and they wanted my NIE, passport wasn't enough. Had another ITV test (€64) , Tgen they gave me back my log book with added writing on saying it had been changed. I asked if I needed to go to traffico, and they said no, the new writing on my lig book is enough . By the way , I am in Almeria, Andalusia. Not sure if it vaeies by region as my answer is slightly diffferent to the last one
Louise - Mon 27th Jun 2016
Answer to Jim Gee. The procedure is the following: 1. You need an engineer report saying your vehicle is going to be changed onto private one. About 150 euros. 2. You have to pass a new ITV test with that report. 35 to 45 euros. 3. Inform your local Traffic Office of the change in order to avoid speed fines (commercial vehicles are limited on speed). I may send you the engineer report in 2 days. Regards. Andy.
Carcheckspain - Mon 27th Jun 2016
I have a Kango car which is over 15 years old which I bought 2nd hand and it passes the itv usually without problems. However it's regarded as a commercial vehicle by itv and has to be tested every 6 months. I have been told that I can apply to have it reclassified to private but no one seems to know the procedure for doing this. Can you help please? Thanks Jim
Jim Gee - Mon 27th Jun 2016
I am trying to get a Spanish to English translation for the back of the ITV document which shows the list of reasons for a fail. Can you help please. Bx
Barbara Booth - Thu 5th May 2016
Thank you so much
Clare - Wed 20th Apr 2016
Hello Clare. They may ask you why the kms are lower...and you just need to tell them the truth. They normally do write the kms on the clock. - Wed 20th Apr 2016
last year the mechanic put in the wrong kms on the green card, but signed it and stamped it and gave me the sticker, he said no problem, will i have a problem when I take the car back this year hope you can help
Clare - Wed 20th Apr 2016
Hello Peter. It is considered to be an importation and you need to get the Spanish plates law. You exported the car to the UK...and now you are bringing it here again: new "matriculation" of an European registered vehicle. If you need my help contact us - Will be glad to assist you. - Wed 27th Jan 2016
hi, I have a Spanish car which I re registered in the uk, but never de registerred it in Spain, I have now retuned it to Spain, however I have not got the original green documents, it has never been ITV'd in Spain as it was less than 4 years old. It is now 8 years old, should I expect problems with this now.
Peter - Wed 27th Jan 2016
Any day is will get a new ITV sticker valid for 1 year (commercial vehicles 6 months) from the date you take the vehicle. Regards
Andy - Wed 6th Jan 2016
How soon before your itv runs out, can you take your car to the test station ?
Catherine - Mon 4th Jan 2016
we have a uk car with spanish plates was originally registered in the uk and we want to take it back it has 12 months itv what would it be to take to get it back to the uk
Kaz - Wed 30th Sep 2015

Tony : If you can go back to the original issuing ITV test station with all the appropriate documentation you can request a replacement sticker. This is usually at no cost. We would recommend that you did this early morning (8.00 am) before the station becomes busy with more pressing issues.

Michelle : In theory, NO, in practice who knows ...?

Katy : As with Michelle's issue, in theory you can not use your car on the road (so offroad storage ok) but their may be an issue in getting it to your ITV station. You `could' take your can for test on a trailer, or you might decide to risk it by being able to provide your ITV booking confirmation in the unlikely event of being stopped.

We would be grateful of feedback for the benefit of other visitors !

Tumbit - Admin - Sun 5th Jan 2014
my ITV runs out in February 2014 but I can't go to Spain until April. The car is insured and kept off road in a private garage. Will I be breaking Spanish law if the car is not taken for ITV until April? Is there any paperwork I should complete in the meantime?
Katy - Sat 4th Jan 2014
My Itv ran out the 31st December 13. My itv test is booked for the 3rd Jan 14, can I still drive my car without risk of a fine?
Michelle - Thu 2th Jan 2014
Hi all, What happens if like me you have bought a car with a valid ITV and was given the new sticker but in the course of travelling back home lost it? how do I go about getting a replacement?
Tony - Thu 12th Dec 2013
@Jack - If you are referring to the blog "The Spanish ITV Test : A First-Hand Experience", it recommends taking cash in case the swipe card machine doesn't work... Experience has taught us that although most establishments in Spain accept cards, more often than not they do not actually work for a variety of reasons, therefore to avoid embarrassment, we always recommend you carry enough cash to cover your expense, at the very least to avoid cleaning the dishes after a meal!!
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 12th Jun 2013
Just for your information:- I read on one of your articles about the Spanish ITV that they would "only accept cash". Please note that this is not true. Yesterday 12th June 2013 I took my car to the ITV centre in Torrevieja and they accepted my Solbank credit card for the payment of €66.92. It always pays to ask first.
Jack Micklefield - Wed 12th Jun 2013

Donna : Yes, you have a 10 day period of grace, but keep a copy of your ITV appointment with you in your car.

Stephanie : You are required to hold vehicle insurance even though your vehicle is off the road click for more info here, however, you can still get an ITV even though the old one has expired. The licence you may or may not hold makes no difference.

Matt : No

Martin : In theory you can get fined for not displaying a valid ITV sticker and must take the test again. If you can find a friendly ITV station and provide evidence of having passsed the test you "might" fall lucky and get issued with a replacement.

Tumbit - Admin - Tue 30th Apr 2013
My Spanish ITV expires end of 31 April car getting new shock absorbers installed on 2nd May I have a ITV inspection booked for Tuesday 7th May. Will I get a fine if caught driving car by police? Is there a grace period? I have proof of ITV appointment which I made online. Please advise, and thank you.
Donna - Tue 30th Apr 2013
I'm in the process of getting a spanish license as my US license is not recognized in Spain. I bought a car while under the tourist time limit to drive with an international permit. However, after it expired I did not get the new license. Therefore the ITV has been expired a year and the car is not insured because I do not have the spanish license. Its sitting in the garage. Will i still be able to take it to ITV after getting the spanish license. And will they insure it after it has been sitting in the garage without insurance? thank you
Stephanie - Mon 25th Feb 2013
My Spanish ITV expired in November, and I am now in the UK with the car and plan to drive it to Spain in April. I will book a test at the first city when I cross into Spain. Will I have any problems getting the car re-tested because the cars ITV expired 4 months ago ?
Matt - Sun 17th Feb 2013
My ITV sticker has gone missing, how do you get a duplicate ? Thanks
Martin Charlesworth - Wed 19th Dec 2012
Andrew : Maybe the 10 year registration date of your car fell slightly short of the ITV date ? Either way, I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth and all that...
Mr Grumpy - Thu 29th Nov 2012
My car is nearly 10 years old and has just been for its ITV today. It did pass but I don't understand why it now expires July 2014. I thought it would be valid only for a year?
Andrew Wonnacott - Thu 29th Nov 2012
Thanks Robster. Its that the panel on the boot (with the light and boot latch) has been pulled off by a very ham fisted friend. We are about to drive from Ronda to Santander, for the ferry. Do you know if it still counts as roadworthy without the light on the reg plate? I suppose as they don't check it, it should be ok without? :-/
Sarah - Sat 17th Nov 2012
As far as I am aware they don't check the light above the number plate - or at least they never seem to have checked on previous ITV's on my car. I suppose that it could be down to interpretation between the various test stations though !
Robster - Sat 17th Nov 2012
Hi, when it says that they check the lights, does anyone know if that include the light over the rear reg plate? Or just the headlights/indicators etc? Thanks
Sarah - Sat 17th Nov 2012
lived in spain for 10 years ,,,,,,,,,,,,speak spanish .............above is totally wrong .......who wrote have 2 months to represent for 2nd test ..............sorry...get it right next time!!
Andres - Mon 25th Jun 2012
#Steve - Can you be a bit clearer in what you need? Do you need the technical details of a UK car translated into Spanish or the details of a Spanish car translated into English... If you require official certification of these documents you will need to find a certified 'Traductor Jurado' in your area. A notary, Asesor or Solicitor should be able to point you in the right direction. If not, then we know a very good Spanish lass that can do technical translation for you...
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 6th Jun 2012
I need to get my car technical data translated, the permiso de circulation or technica ficha where do I get this done could you point me in the right direction Im living in Valencia, I`ve tried every website to find this information. can you help?
Steve - Tue 5th Jun 2012
Sandy : Many ITV centers will offer a significant discount on same-day retests, but the exact amount circumstances vary depending on the station and region in question.
Mr Grumpy - Mon 28th May 2012
If your car fails its ITV on several things, do you have to pay another re-test fee or is it like UK in that if you take it back within a week then the test is free.
Sandy - Mon 28th May 2012
I think the best thing for you to do here Jane, is to pick an ITV station in the area that suits you best and contact them. Differences can and do take place between ITV Stations. Try looking at
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 23rd May 2012
Just had my car tested in Alicante...test due by 17th May and had it done on 16th test due by 24th May you need to check the date noted down in your fichas.
Sara - Wed 23rd May 2012
Just came on this site to ask exactly Barry's question; but not quite clear about the answer. I have my son's Spanish registered car here in France, due to be tested in July (last tested 18 July). Do I have to get it back to be tested by July 18 or do I have 10 days' grace? ie. July 28th. It will make quite a difference to me, so want to get it completely clear. Thanks, Jane.
Jane - Wed 23rd May 2012
Barry, the ITV expires on the anniversary (1, 2 or 4 years) of the date that you last had the car tested.
P Coulson - Thu 3rd May 2012
Is the ITV cert valid until the last day of the month shown ?
Barry Cook - Wed 2th May 2012
I'm confused. I've looked at the ITV and DGT websites and can't see any reason why this would be. Unless your fichas state that your vehicle is a people carrier or commercial vehicle it should be more than 6 months... ( But then again, your Fichas are hardly likely to have changed in the space of 6 months, so should be the same as last year ! )
Mr Grumpy - Sun 25th Mar 2012
spanish plates.
Sarah - Sat 24th Mar 2012
Sara : Is your car on UK or Spanish plates ?
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 24th Mar 2012
I took my renault megane (turismo) for its itv last week. its year is 2001. it passed favorable, but i was only issued 6 months??? last year i got 1 year. Anyone have any clue as to why its so short this time?
Sarah - Sat 24th Mar 2012
The date - whether 4 / 2 / 1 years - is dated from the anniversary of your previous test and NOT the date of registration. IE. If the date of expiry was Feb 1st, but you had to test the vehicle 1 week early for the sake of convenience, your ITV would expire on Jan 24th.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 6th Mar 2012
For a private car the first four years are exempt from ITV. From four to ten years it is every two years, once over 10 years then it is annually. Hope this helps.
Mjw31a - Tue 6th Mar 2012
Does anyone know the exact due date of the ITV for a car.....anniversary of the last test or of the date the car was registered....( last test was 17.05.2010, car was registered 23.05.02. Thanks.
Sara - Mon 5th Mar 2012
Joanna : Without seeing your Fichas, it sounds very much like the make and model of your car is registered as a commerical vehicle (like a pick-up) and as such a 6-Monthly ITV would be standard for this kind of vehicle.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 29th Feb 2012
Hi we took our 7 Seater for ITV last week the car is 13 years old. They only gave us a 6month disc not a year why?
Joanna - Wed 29th Feb 2012
Michael : Yes, that shouldn't be a problem - I ITV'd my own vehicle last week, one month early for convenience sake.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 10th Feb 2012
My car is due it's ITV in July - How long before it is due can I take it in to be done ? I am in Ireland at the moment and will be back in June - can I take it then ? - Thanks, found this article very informant!
Michael Brauders - Fri 10th Feb 2012
Jo : You can take an ITV test, but it will be regarded as nothing more than a voluntary safety check by most insurers and be void in the event of an accident.

Phil : What reasons did the Guardia give for fining you ? Did you present the ITV failure certificate to them at the time ?

P Coulson - Fri 13th Jan 2012
I understand then that my English Registered car, not yet registered in Spain can get its ITV done here even if I don't have an NIE Number yet?
Jo Nugent - Fri 13th Jan 2012
I took my car for an ITV as it was out of date by a couple of weeks. The car failed however the test centre said I have 2months to fix the minor problem. On the way home I was stopped by the Guardia Seville and they issued me with a ticket but no fine amount on the ticket. Does this ticket mean I will be fined?
Phil Haddock - Sat 19th Nov 2011
I have an english nissan xtrail 2003 which has electric height adjustment headlamps. I am changing to Spanish plates and LHD headlamps, will manual height adjustment headlamps pass the itv?
Pat Farmer - Mon 26th Sep 2011
Lyn : Road Tax in Spain does not work the same way as it does in the UK. It is NOT a responsibility of the Department of Transport to issue and collect the tax, instead it is the responsibility of the Town Hall where the vehicle is registered. Any unpaid taxes are simply attached to the vehicle in question, and will eventually need to be paid by the owner when they sell or scrap the car (with a small surcharge). As such, any taxes that go unpaid on cars are quite commonplace and not treated very seriously at all. By all means, you can get your friend to pay the tax, but there would be no real harm in waiting until you arrive and doing it yourself.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 25th Sep 2011
I have a spanish registered car here in Greece which i bought in Lanzarote. I want bring it back to Lanza soon but it needs road tax and insurance before that date. Can a friend in Lanza pay the road tax without the car being present and without producing the equivalent of the MOT so that I have the paperwork to drive over.
Lyn Phillips - Sun 25th Sep 2011
No fine as we took it to Orihuela which is part of the Alicante provence. Whether or not this is true, as it´s was something that was passed on to us, but I just wondered if anybody else knew about this. Anyway I´d rather get it right first time around.
Pat Trowman - Thu 9th Jun 2011
Yay ! - I take it that the 56-64 Euros fee did NOT include a fine of any sorts then ?
Ivor The Driver - Thu 9th Jun 2011
The car is 10 years old and it would seem that it is all down to which autonomous community the car was registered and is for older registered vehicles, but not all. The car is Spanish and was registered in 1998 in Alicante on the old plates. Apparently some one was fined here in Murcia for not taking his car back to Alicante for his ITV, as they do an extra emissions test. Thanks for your input, but we have sorted it this afternoon, 56.64 euros, passed for another year.
Pat Trowman - Thu 9th Jun 2011
That's the first I've heard of anything like that ! - How old a car exactly are we talking here ?
Ivor The Driver - Thu 9th Jun 2011
Hi Does anyone know if it is true about taking older cars back to their Region of first registering. I was told that the car we have which is A for Alicante has to go back there for its ITV, if you try to get it done say in Murcia you could incur a fine.........Help please anyone
Pat Trowman - Thu 9th Jun 2011
No, the only documentation that you need to take with you is the registration document (permiso de circulación) and technical papers (ficha technico)
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 24th Nov 2010
Is it a requirement to have a valid insurance certificate to present to the ITV station?
Patricia Simpson - Tue 23rd Nov 2010
Chris, no - you don't need a copy of the original ITV when you send your vehicle in for a new test .
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 9th Nov 2010
Chris, no - you don't need a copy of the original ITV when you send your vehicle in for a new test .
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 9th Nov 2010
Hi Does it matter if I don't have the last ITV certificate when going to get my Spanish car re-tested for its MOT? I have photocopies but have lost the original. I live in Andalucia. Many thanks Chris
Christina - Tue 9th Nov 2010
I have a spanish car that I keep off road at my holiday home.My itv expires 20/05/11.My next trip out is at the end of June 2011.Is there any way to put off the itv until then,or will I have to go to the expense of flying out in May?
J.richards - Tue 2th Nov 2010
I knew there were variations in the cost of an ITV but surely this is ridiculous ? The price of ITV tourism varies up to 169% in the regions Asturias and Extremadura are the cheapest . At the other extreme, are placed Valencia and Castilla y León. Motor & Transport - Spain - 12/08/2010 FACUA, Consumer Action has prepared a comparative study (see table) on the maximum rates of Vehicle Inspection (ITV) in the seventeen autonomous communities, amounts for which the difference reaches 169% in diesel powered passenger cars and up to 247% motorcycles and mopeds. The latest annual survey on ITV FACUA reveals that the price of inspections ranges from 24.26 EUR (including VAT) charged by firms in Asturias for any tourism to 65.20 euros it costs in the Valencia move review a vehicle with a diesel engine ...
Gardner8 - Sun 15th Aug 2010
I have just read in one of our local freebie papers that if your tyres are over 4 years old it is an automatic failure for your ITV . But even if they could, and did check date codes , construction details, load rateings , batch numbers , internal manufacturers codes etc.. ( all on the side walls of all tyres sold within the eu ) would they really bother ?
Stan Pogson - Thu 12th Aug 2010
Thanks for the reply. My problem is that I have a Uk car on Spanish plates. I live in portugal. Have ITV Portugal but it is illegal so have to get spanish ITV. So do not know if I require Spanish address to obtain ITV in Spain or can I just get a garage to carry vehicle to test station get ITV then I can insure?
D Travers - Mon 14th Jun 2010
The paperwork that you are required to produce is the 'Permiso de Circulation' for a Spanish vehicle, or the V5 Log book for a UK vehicle. Personally, I have never been asked to produce Insurance paperwork for the ITV for any UK or Spanish vehicles that I have tested. If testing a UK car on a V5 it will show a UK address on the paperwork anyway, and this has not caused me a problem in the past.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 14th Jun 2010
No mention if you need an address in Spain. Do you need insurance before or after obtaining ITV? What paper work must you take to the ITV when you have the test?
D Travers - Mon 14th Jun 2010